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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kreinik Iron-On Threads and the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker

Who was the Smarty Pants who came up with this idea?

Can you guess? was me....Mrs. Smarty Pants...."Oh Ah Dance in Smarty Pants" (if you don't know this here and scroll to the bottom of the post).

When I was in Houston for Quilt Market in October I got the business cards of Mimi Shimp, Product Manager at Simplicity Creative Group,  and of Doug Kreinik and told them they had to talk to one another.  I knew the Iron-On Threads by Kreinik would work in the Bias Tape Machine by Simplicity.    They spoke and then in November....wah lah....Kreinik puts this video on youtube.  I am thrilled to see the video.  The only thing I think they should add is at the end when it says....Go to Kreinik for Iron-On Thread and to Simplicity for the Bias Tape should also say....Go to for Mrs. Smarty Pants.  ROFL

What can you think of to do with the Bias Tape Maker?  I know it also works to iron ribbon.  Just make sure your temperature control is set for the proper heat for the ribbon you are ironing.  I just run mine through without a bias tip....and wah lah....ironed ribbon :)


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