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Showing posts with label MJE's Bag Tags. Show all posts

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Master At Work

More photos from my trip to PA

I just had to share these quilts with all of you.  I'm not sure I have words that even come close to describing this quilt (or many of the others made by the mystery woman-to be identified later :)

It is spread out on the bed to try to get some of the wrinkles out so you can see the designs better.

Impressive isn't it?  Now what would you say if I told you it is 100% needle turn applique?  Every one of those pieces cut out by hand?  Yep, I thought that is what you would think....I was thinking the same thing!  Do you think it will be machine or hand quilted?
And this is another one that just so happened to be finished of recent.  Yes, 100% needle turn applique and hand quilted.  Machine quilting would do no justice to  works of art like these.

Needle rocked hand....the entire quilt.

And here is the "Queen of Needle Turn Applique and Hand Quilting" my dear friend, MJ!!  If you are going to learn something, ya might just as well learn from the best ay?

Fortunate Smiles,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 31 of Giveaways - Clover Needlecraft

IHAN's 30 Days of Giveaways
Anniversary Celebration
Day 31

All from Clover Needlecraft 

Clover's new YO-YO Maker is Oval (I've heard it called fun) and there is an excellent video tutorial that I found at When Creativity Knocks.  If you are not a video person there is a written tutorial at Angies Bits and Pieces blog.    I found some really fun photos of Oval YO-YO's on the Sunshine's Creations blog.  I did not ask for permission to share their photos so I'm providing links and everyone can visit and see the cool Oval YO-YO's for yourselves.  My favorite is the photo of the Oval YO-YO's as flower petals coming out of a planter....oh so pretty and fresh looking.  I like the dimension they add.

Who does not love Pom-Poms?  I think at one time or another everyone has played with a Pom Pom or used one to embellish a project.  They are just plain fun and my co-workers think they are a hoot to play with. (I don't mind because they don't break anything when thrown!!!)

You can't tell me you would not smile if you saw these as a necklace, embellishments on kids clothes or hanging from their zippers.  I think they would be fun for wedding showers and sweet 16 parties too. 

These three gals are my East Coast Associates Eleanor, Lois and the one on the far right is the East Coast Operations Manager for IHAN, Mary Jane (MJE's Bag Tag Tutorial...yep she's the one :)  The gentleman in the middle is Jan Carr, COO for Clover Needlecraft.
We met in Pittsburgh for Spring Quilt Market last May.  This is the story of how I learned about the Protect and Grip Thimbles:
Mary Jane called on my cell phone telling me she had found a wonderful thimble and I needed to come right over to the Clover booth. I'm not a very good hand quilter so I was not very excited about a thimble. I might as well be going over to see a shoe box. However, to Mary Jane finding a great thimble is like seeing the red ruby slippers!! She owns at least two dozen thimbles, some of which she likes and others she doesn't. Mary Jane is my "Thimble Expert". She has so many blue ribbons for her hand quilting work that her son had to make special accommodations in her sewing studio for them..... so she knows her hand quilting and thimbles.

I arrive to find Mary Jane talking to Jan Carr about The Protect and Grip Thimble . Jan shakes my hand and gives me a pretty green Clover pin and a Clover Tape Measure. Not a bad way to say hello!! Mary Jane is very enthusiastic about this thimble and the way it fits. What does Jan do? He gives it to Mary Jane along with 4 others to use for her classes. In business, a hand shake usually is appropriate but this was no usual business transaction....I lost myself and gave him a big hug of appreciation. The other gals did too.         (copied from previous IHAN blog post)
You just never know when the IHAN team will just loose themselves give you a great big hug.  I highly recommend the Clover Protect and Grip Thimbles (and you can find them at IHAN too).

This giveaway includes the Large Oval YO-YO Maker, the Small Heart Shaped Pom- Pom Maker and the Large Protect and Grip Thimble.  The Small Heart Shaped Pom- Pom Maker and the Medium Protect and Grip Thimble will be included in the Grand Prize.  Please leave a comment on this post telling us what is the most cheerful or fun YO-YO or Pom-Pom  Project you have either made or have seen.  If you have used the Protect and Grip Thimble please leave us your reviews, I'd love to hear them too :)

Thank You Clover Needlecrafts!!!


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