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Showing posts with label Mark Dunn. Show all posts

Thursday, September 23, 2010

MODA - United Notions and Spring Quilt Market 2010

Mark Dunn, Owner and President of MODA Fabrics, is in IHAN's experience a WYSIWYG  person.   For those of you who don't know what WYSIWYG stands for, it means What You See Is What You Get and is pronounced Wizzy-Wig. 

Mark Dunn, Houston 2009

Please keep in mind that in the large world of Quilting and Needle Arts IHAN is a peanut , probably a half of a peanut....a tiny little company.  Although I purchase items from MODA and United Notions most certainly there is no reason for Mark Dunn to even take the time to talk to such a tiny entity as IHAN.  But you know what?  Mark Dunn never asked who I was when I asked if he would take a break from his work and autograph an insert for one of his products.  He promptly stopped what he was doing, smiled and pulled out his pen.  Warm and friendly each and every time I've had the pleasure of being in his presence.  I'm thinking that just might be part of the secret to his success.....being present, open and friendly. 

Did I mention generous?  Yes, Generosity just happens to be one of Mark Dunn's characteristics.  Again, I want to remind you I've done no real research on Mark Dunn.....I've never been to a MODA/United Notions warehouse ..... I'm just sharing what I know from my experiences at the last three Quilt Markets.

Mark Dunn hosts an MODA Dinner at Quilt Market.  This event is an opportunity for Mark and MODA to show their appreciation to their customers, designers, authors, etc.  People typically arrive early and all the tables are taken and there is standing room only.  The meals have been very good and the company excellent.
Mark is welcoming his guests in Minneapolis to the MODA Dinner. I thought he looked like he was at the Academy Awards and you know what, I feel like I've been invited to a red carpet event too. 
After Mark welcomed everyone I approached him to get some more photos and thank him personally for putting on such a lovely event.  He didn't brush me off or rush away to be with "more important people."  Mark stopped to chat with me.  He asked how the meal was and if I thought people were enjoying themselves.  If I knew him a little better I would have hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. 
Although the food was very good.....the best part of the entire event is having the opportunity to meet new people and see some Royalty too!!!
You know I was not going to miss taking these girls pictures. Look out comes Holly Hickman and Erin Lawler. They both work for MODA and I absolutely loved their dress and spunkiness.

Didn't take much to get these very fun girls to strike a pose. 

Dessert anyone?  You would have to be in a cave someplace to not know about the MODA Bakeshop.  Interestingly enough.....we did not eat MODA chocolate for dessert.....and to tell you the truth....I'm glad because at my age....I might have a tough time digesting this MODA chocolate :)
Oh and there were other very sweet things everywhere I looked......
Like this angel...she was so precious my camera jumped off of my chest and took a photo of her all by itself (wee bit of truth stretching here).

Rebekah Hache and her 3 month old daughter Shiloh having a ball at the MODA Dinner.
After dinner the DJ starts playing the music and believe it or not.....folks hit the dance floor.  Mind you, most of us have been on our feet non-stop for at least 2 days but when the music starts, everyone forgets their feet and heads out to the floor for some fun.


IHAN snapped this photo in Houston 2009 at the MODA Dinner.  Who do you think that is in the Red Sweater and Skirt?  None other than Lady Eleanor with  Prince Orion to the right.  That guy can really bust a move.   This was my first experience dancing with Royalty and I have to say, I sure could get used to it :) 

While chatting with folks at the MODA Dinner in Minneapolis I glanced over by a wall and could not believe my eyes.  An unattended bag.....there was not a person within 10 to 15 feet of this bag up against the wall.

IHAN was sooooooooo goooooooood, all I did was photograph the LOOT.  This was before EQ 7 was released and within my reach was not One but Two unattended Electric Quilt 7 Software.  My heart pounded rapidly.....I contemplated the heist.....then I remembered my lady-like manners and just took the photo and left the lovely Tutto on Wheels with the TWO packages of EQ Software sitting quietly against the wall.  Man if that does not get me into heaven.....nothin will!!

What a wonderful evening and a great opportunity to be with some impressive people.

Grateful Smiles,

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