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Showing posts with label Mary Jane Ehlich. Show all posts

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Working on Mary Jane's UFO's

Mary Jane Ehlich

When my dear friend was ill she assigned me the task of clearing out her sewing studio.  Between traveling back and forth and a surgery of my own, I was in PA as often as I possibly could be and doing my "job."  We managed to go through some things and assign them to new owners and the rest was generously stored at another friends home.  When I went back to PA for Mary Jane's funeral I had just a short time to go through the remainder of her things and rack my brain as to what projects I thought I could manage to finish for her and which would be better finished by the rest of her close knit quilting group.

I came across a bag of assembled squares and I thought....AH HAAAA....I can do that!!! LOL
When I opened the bag with the squares I noticed a page with instructions.  It became very clear that this was a group project (making the squares) and they were to be made into a charity quilt.  I assembled the blocks and finished this quilt top and it will be donated in her memory.

Do you think it needs a border?  There is some red fabric left and I was thinking about small dark border and red binding....what do you think?

You may have heard it is warming up here in Ohio.  From mounds of snow to giant puddles everywhere.....I will miss the snow greatly.  While dropping off Aaron this week I drove past a GIANT mountain of snow in a yard and my car came to an immediate stop and out came my cell phone.
This mountain of snow is over 7 feet tall and it has been melting....can you imagine?  Who ever piled the snow and then dug the tunnel is a super hero in my book.
This is a view just inside to the enclosed cave was dug in the side....blows my mind.
The view directly through the tunnel.  Sure makes the assembly of a quilt top look like a walk in the park doesn't it?

Before I go, keep in mind there are a few EXCELLENT Giveaways going on in the blogosphere:

Gene Black, Alabama Quilt Artist's is giving away two PDF copies of his  "Dance of the Japanese Lantern's" quilt pattern. CLICK HERE.

QuiltShopGal has a few giveaways on her informative blog.....she is one of the Quilting Industries Super Heros in my humble opinion.

Jack Dempsey Needle Arts Giveaway is  HERE.
A Modern Twist Giveaway is HERE.
Eco Plus Premium Felt Giveaway is HERE.

Best of luck in the giveaways!


Friday, September 5, 2014

The Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild's Show Opens Tonight

 The Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild Exhibit 2014 will be on display at the Gmeiner Art and Cultural Center in Wellsboro, PA -- September 6-28, 2014 (open 2:00-5:00PM daily, free admission). Gala opening reception, Friday September 5, 2014 7:00-9:00PM.

The show is being dedicated to the memory of Mary Jane Ehlich.  
 If you live close enough or even within 7 hours drive (like me) it is well worth the trip to see the beautiful quilts that the gals of the Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild Make.  

The "Color of Cancer" is a fundraiser that will be going on during the show as well.  You can read more about this on the MLQG website, click HERE.

The raffle quilt is amazingly beautiful.....

Kate Means, the current MLQG President was interviewed recently about the exhibit and you can see that interview by clicking HERE.

OK, I've got to run now....if I'm going to be on time.  I hope to see you there...if not...I'll take pix and share them soon.

Joyful Smiles,

Thursday, August 21, 2014

My New Guardian Angel

My very dear, sweet, strong, kind, generous, loving and truly mind blowing quilter and treasured friend/mentor Mary Jane Ehlich has left her human experience as of 8/20/14.   I am so very joyful to say I believe she is my guardian angel (not to say I'm the only one :) and that the bond that connects us can never be broken.

I will post more about Mary Jane and her Award Winning Quilts, but for now, I grieve and I will be going to PA for her Memorial Service. 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Quilt Show by the Founders of the Mountain Laural Quilt Guild

Warning: Get a Big Cup of Joe and prepare yourself for this wonderful adventure.  Because there are so many photos...I'm going to do this in a two part blog post.  I'll post about the first presenter and then I'll post about the second presenter.


The main reason I "went fishing" a few weeks ago was to be present of the presentation by the Co-Founders of the Mountain Laural Quilt Guild in Wellsboro, PA.  This was very exciting for me because I'm a member and I'm fortunate enough to have both of these gals as my friends. 

The meeting is held at the Gmeiner Art and Cultural Center.  We arrived very early that night to set up all the quilts.  Oh heck, before I go into that....let me tell you who the co-founders are...good idea ay? 

They were introduced as the "Founding Mothers" and their names are Mary Jane Ehlich and Madalene Murphy.    What I think is really cool about these two ladies is they have very different styles.  Mary Jane is a traditionalist and Madalene is an art quilter. 

Mary Jane presented first:

This is Mary Jane's first quilt, Churn Dash (1984).  It was made from stash fabric and Mary Jane said she didn't know about sashing back then.

Yes, of course it is hand quilted...they all are.  Mary Jane not only is a master hand quilter but also is a master at needle turn applique.  I don't know if you can see the stitches very well...I'm telling you they are beautifully even.
Also in 1984, Mary Jane made this "Ruffled Tulip." She had joined the Charlotte NC, Quilt Guild and took an applique class from Dot Brickman who designed the pattern. She used polyester fabric and poly batting.

This was just her second quilt and she began taking ribbons with it. How exciting is that? Your second quilt and you are getting ribbons. All I have to say is....IMPRESSIVE!

1986 rolled around and Mary Jane made this "Dutch Girl" quilt that she had copied the pattern from a quilt her mother had made for her when she was young
It hangs in the hallway upstairs, right next to the room I get to sleep in...and while I'm bragging a little...I sleep with as many quilts as I need to stay warm!  Ok, I'm done now...can you tell I adore Mary Jane?  Yep, I do!

The next one was made in 1988, "Grandma's Bridal Quilt" has a matching long pillow sham.  Mary Jane took a class from Sue Carter who designed this pattern.  The quilt was chosen to represent the state of North Carolina in an exhibit "America Makes Quilts" in the Houston Quilt Festival in 1988.  It was juried into the American Quilter's Society Show in Paducah KY in 1989 and it has received a number of awards throughout North Carolina. 

The second quilt takes a collection of ribbons and her 4th goes to Houston and Paducah....isn't that amazing?  And wonderful?  I sure think so :)

I should tell you, between the lighting and was difficult to get really good photos of all of the quilts that were shown.  I did my best to fill in a bit of light.  Ya' all know I'm not a professional photographer right? 

 Made in 1988, and titled, "Rings of Joy" also was a big hit.  The center block was from a pattern in Quilter's Newsletter then she choose other patterns that she liked to built this quilt by enlarging patterns the the size she wanted. "Rings of Joy" was juried into the Paducah show in 1989 and chosen to be featured in the 1991 Quilt Art Calendar for December. It received several awards as well.

I took the close up so you could see the beautiful hand quilting.

This "Doll Dresden Plate I" made in 1990, is one of my favorite quilts made by Mary Jane. I see it when I come down the stairs. Mary Jane had made several large Dresden Plate quilts and she used her scraps to make this little one for herself. She gave the larger ones to loved ones.

"President's Wreath" (1991) received the judge's choice award a the North Carolina Quilt Symposium in Raleigh, NC in 1994.  The border was Mary Jane's own design. 
This one has an interesting story.  "Needle in a Basket" (1995) was made from Liberty of London fabric while traveling to Australia. 
The day after finishing the quilting, Mary Jane felt pain in her arm.  While at the doctors office she asked him to look at her arm.  Guess what was in her arm?  Yep, you guessed it, a needle...yikes!  Hence the name, "Needle in a Basket."

"Mother's Frustration" was completed in 2001.  Mary Jane's mother had started this quilt over 35 years before and she never finished it.  Apparently it would not lay flat so it just went unfinished.  Mary Jane took it all apart except for the arcs and made a template to re0cut the arcs and replaced the white background fabric.  She hand quilted and finished this heirloom quilt.

It sure lays flat now doesn't it?

This photo does absolutely no justice to this quilt, "Cross Country Plates" (2004).  When it is on Mary Jane's bed it is absolutely breath taking.  She made it for her husband, Bill and collected the fabric while traveling to Oregon.  Bill is very patient when waiting for Mary Jane to stop at quilt shops.
Look at the quilting....the blows my mind that Mary Jane patiently marks her quilts and proceeds to hand quilt all of her quilts.  I can't even begin to imagine the amount of thread used.

In 2004, Mary Jane made her "Lynchburg Pineapple 3."  This is her own design. 

The light here doesn't show the colors as well as the photo below.  This is "Ponchatoula Oak Leaves" made in 2007.  Mary Jane bought the pattern in Ponchatoula Louiasiana and made some changes to the pattern.  She started the quilt in Jan. 2007 and finished in in Oct. 2007.  She used 790 yards of quilting thread.  So much for quilt in a day ay?
I think this photo shows the colors much better.

While in Texas, Mary Jane slept under a quilt just like this one.  She was so impressed she made one for herself and it was made with 100% hand stitching, including the binding.

Made in 2009, "Christmas Coxcomb & Currants" was a pattern Mary Jane took from Quilters Newsletter Dec. 2004.  She started in it Feb. 2008 and finished in in December 2008.  There is 640 yards of thread used to hand quilt this beauty.
Again, I think the colors are better in this photo.

"Trapunto Red Bird" was made in 2009.  Mary Jane fell in love with the fabric so she fussy cut the birds and trapuntoed behind them.  It is her own design.
I know you are probably tired of all these photos...but once again, the close up is better!
I had the good fortune to watch Mary Jane while she was making parts of this beautiful quilt.  "MJ's Flower Baskets" was made in 2010.  The baskets are hand pieced with needle turn applique.  The pattern is by Lori Smith.  It was a pattern for a wall hanging but Mary Jane had it re-sized for a bed quilt.

"Tuesday's Baltimore" was finished this year.  I remember when our Tuesday group said they wanted to make a Baltimore Album and Mary Jane politely suggested I not participate.  She knows me well!  I would still be working on the first or second block and be frustrated that it wasn't as beautiful as the other gals blocks.
This was the last quilt revealed and you should have heard the gals whispering.  People were saying how different it looked hanging on a quilt hanger.  We had all seen it (long time IHAN blog followers probably remember my posting these blocks in their early stages)....but on a wall it was stunning.

After 6 or 7 hours now...I'm taking a break.  I didn't proof read this if you see anything strange...just pretend it belongs there...I'll be sure to return the favor :)  I'll be back with Madalene's Quilts soon.   If you are still with me, thanks so much for spending your time with me...and my friends too!


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