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Showing posts with label Me and My Stitches. Show all posts

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Momma Moment, Stitcher Gift and Me & My Stitches

Just a quick post....I'm working on other posts...I just wanted to share a snippet of my "real" life.  Last night at 10:30 oldest co worker (who went to bed at 9:00pm) came down into the kitchen begging for food.  Of course my first thought was the same as it always is....this kid does not know the difference between exhaustion and hunger...he has them confused.  So, I tell him to get himself a quick snack and get back in bed.  I was working on the computer in the kitchen, not my office so I could hear him banging around in there.  I walk over and what do I see?  This.....

You know I had to grab my camera.....I had that little glowing Momma heart of those precious moments when a kid is being a kid and you just enjoy the moment.  I love those moments and store them up in my heart....I guess that is why I have such a big one....or so I've been told.
Last night was my Needle Arts Guild Meeting, The Toledo Needle Arts Guild.  There is something called a "Secret Stitcher" and you can sign up to be a Secret Stitcher if you like.  This was my first time of signing up....

I missed last months meeting so look what was left for me.....a lovely heart shaped candy dish full of those yummy heart candies a fun card AND a St. Patrick's Day Card too.   I can't even begin to tell you how it lifts my spirits to bring home a little gift to open....typically I am alone....and I just smile. If your guilds or groups don't have one of these might just want to start one.

Last....but Holey Sch-A-Mokin" not Least....check out these Miniature Teeny Tiny Quilts....they are so small you can wear them as a necklace, a pin or earrings.  I saw these for the first time today and flipped.
I saw these over at Me & My Stitches and could not believe my eyes.  So many of us talk about how hard it is to make a wall hanging or quilt....ok....this is like the Olympics in my book!!!

Gene Black asked me to tell folks how I find things when I found my son in the kitchen, my Secret Stitchers gift on a table at the Maumee Seniors Center...(LOL) and I happened to find Me & My Stitches because Julie Letvin who makes these amazing little Quilts left a comment on a post asking about scissors.  When I replied to her comment I clicked on her took me to her profile....then I clicked on website.  Good thing was it was just as Mr. McSteamy was coming home for lunch and I was able to show him....and remind him my birthday is coming up....and hey...I'm thinking my camera strap...the one I wear to Market....needs to have one of these pins...don't you agree?

So there you have it....I hope where ever you is either beautiful....or if you are in OH like find beauty in the soft gray skies.


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