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Showing posts with label Meijer Magazine Display. Show all posts

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On An Average Day

Yesterday was an "average" day in my life.  The co-workers and I had to go to get some groceries last evening.  We went to Meijer, a large, we have everything type of store.  The co-workers were begging to go to the electronic department first (and if you can believe it, they also ask if they can go there and be alone while I shop!!!  They are 9 & 10...NOT!)  I decided to get their mind off of the electronics department I'd haphazardly walk through the book and magazine section.

It worked too :)  It wasn't but a minute before they were looking at books and finding something interesting. When I turned my back to pretend I was interested in something....I found something interesting.  This is what I saw:
The magazine section at Meijer on Central Ave in Sylvania, OH.  There are titles above the magazines as you can see....."Men's Interest,"
"Special Interest," (I'm not being ignorant when I ask, what is special interest, am I?  Honestly, I didn't get that part.)....and then there is:
"Women's Interests."  Silently I asked myself, Really?  This is 2013....and there are still labels for people's interests?  And....who are the "Special Interest" people?

Typically I experience myself as a human being  first, before I think about weather I'm male or I "guess" I'm glad someone else it thinking about what I'd like given I'm a female.

While the co-workers were thumbing through things about Star Wars, I flipped open "Quilt Life" by Alex and Ricky to see what is going on since I've been away from my normal quilting world.

You know I cracked up laughing when I opened to this page, "The Perfect Play"...Fabric, Football....and Jerry Joins the Quilt Life. 

Perhaps Meijer's needs to know that there are men that love quilts and quilting, sewing, thread work and plenty of women who are body builders and those that really know about computers...or at least this has been my experience.

That is my average day....what is your's like?

Silly Smiles,

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