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Showing posts with label Mighty Bright Microclip Lights. Show all posts

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Quest For More Light

When I went to Quilt Market back in October, one thing I really wanted to research was table lights. I have 4 lights, all from the same company, and I'm not happy with any of them.  They are not bright enough for me and the hinges don't stay even after being tightened.  I'm not going to tell you the brand...but I will tell you they were not cheap.  (I bought two, won one and was given another)

I decided I was going to fiddle faddle with every single light I could find while at Quilt Market until I came across a table light I could not only use for myself, but also one that I could recommend to others with confidence.
The   LUX Bar Table Light and  LUX Bar Clamp Light were by far my favorites lights.  (The same light with two different bases essentially) 

I was impressed with the engineering and mechanics of the LUX Bar LED Light after it was put through the IHAN bump, smack, push test and passed with flying colors :)  I really like the LEDs is really bright.

The light area is 36 inches...I took their word for it...I didn't measure it!   The arm is 19 inches the head swivels 90 degrees.   The LUX Bar Light is advertised to have 50,000 hours of light.....1 year = 8765.81277 hours so you do the math (I'm not going to calculate the years....let's just say it's a very, very, very long time ay?
I gave the LUX Bar Clamp Light that was attached to their booth a few good bangs too, just  to see if it would droop and it didn't.  The next day I checked back and  and it was still in the same position, ummmm Very Good!
The clamp opens 2 1/2 inches and has pads where it comes into contact with the table, both on the round part and where it meet the top of your table.  No scratching the table on either side...that's very nice too.

The other lights I thought were nice are the Luxdome Task Lights and you can see them on the right above.  They would be nice for a desk or computer area but I was mainly interested in a table light for my sewing area. 

So...I bet you are wondering where's a photo of my LUX Light right?  It's on it's way and when it arrives I'll be sure to share more photos :)

I have something else that is Mighty Bright to share with you too.  It's the Mighty Bright Microclip Lights.
I've had a Microclip light for a few years and I keep it clipped to my bussom pad pin cushion.  I love this little light and I always forget to tell people about it. 
 It's really not such a strange place to keep it at wanna know why?
Because it is within reach when I need to check for threads hung up in my bobbin case.  Ever try to see up in there?  Not so easy is it? 
 When I'm at a retreat and I need to get up in the night and I can't turn on the lights...I cup my Mircoclip Light like this...and turn my hand over and it illuminates my path.  Here I'll show you...let me go turn off the lights.... doesn't shine all over and into people's faces...oh I'm so thoughtful...LOL. 

Another very cool thing is the little light swivels...I'm not kidding!
See the little acrylic head, you can adjust the position.  Handy little fellas they are! 

When you get to mid-life or start to appreciate the finer things in good shoes, a good bed and some decent light!!!


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