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Monday, January 30, 2012

Packing For Retreat

It's that time of year again!!  I'm heading to PA for the Lake House Retreat with my girlfriends and I have actually started packing....a first for me.  I typically pack the morning of or the night before...but not this time.  (I didn't say I've finished....I said I've started...big difference :)

I typically throw my clothes into a suitcase like the one above....and then pack every last thing I think I might need and typically several things I think others just might need too.  Yes...I'm nuts...but we already knew that!

How do you pack?  Are you a planner and think packing in advance is part of the fun of going to retreat or do you hate packing like I do? 
The main project I want to work on is my Hugs and Kisses Quilt that I started last year.  It is a quilt I am making for myself (can you believe I'm actually making something for myself?  That's only happened one other time...yikes!)  I love Julie Herman's pattern, Hugs and Kisses and I'm looking forward to getting back to that project.  You can see I have lots of squares finished but I need to finish them and then decide on how to put them together.

I'm wondering what everyone else packs when going to a 3 day retreat.  Of course I'll take my sewing machine in my Tutto Large Machine On Wheels bag...I love that bag for travel....but I also have the Omni Glide in Red and what I love about that case is it rolls either sideways or forward and it can go in a circle....that bag really rocks too. I am very blessed to have two bags...I use one for my machine and the other for all my supplies and notions.

I'll need a design wall of some you pack a portable design wall when you go to retreat with a large project like this?  Any tips or ideas on how to minimize what I'm taking even though I still need to visually lay out every one of my blocks?

I'll take my Scrap-Ma-Bob so I don't run the risk of spilling my water or drink on or near my work or anyone else's for that matter.  Under my pattern you can see I have my Omni Grid Cutting Mat and Ironing area....I love this for retreats....does anyone else have one and use it?  It keeps me from hopping up and down or moving between the cutting area and the pressing area.  When I get to retreat I just want to make progress on my project and not spend all my time waiting for an iron etc.

Of course my Beam N Read will go with me....that's a given.  I think I'm beginning to see why I hate packing.....I'm afraid I'll forget things.  This time I think I might get compulsive and make a retreat packing list.  Have you ever done that...or am I nuts for even thinking about making one.  There is a tab on the IHAN website that says Retreat Necessities.....but it doesn't have a quick tips list for packing. I need one of those things! If you have made one, would you be willing to share it with me?  I'm curious how other Quilters and Stitchers move about with their supplies and projects. 

You may be seeing this sign on my blog on Thursday until Monday....because I'll be off "Fishing"  LOL.  All orders received on the I Have A Notion website through tomorrow will be processed and shipped on Wednesday.  All other orders will resume shipping on Tuesday, February 7th.  I'm not sure if I'll get reception so my blog posts might have to wait until I return ....we'll see.  Just know I'll be happy as a clam and stitching up a storm!


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