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Showing posts with label Patsy Thompson Designs. Show all posts

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Be My Valentine?

What does "Be My Valentine" mean for you?
Is it about romantic love in your world?
Do you celebrate?
Send cards?
The stitching is perfection....and the fabrics....perfect harmony to achieve an energetic flow.
Do you feel the energy flowing from the thread?
The back stitching is a bit tough to see in this pix....but if you look closely you can see it...fine, delicate and echoing the time and attention given to this speaks volumes to me.

Who is included in your Valentine circle?

Do you celebrate as a family?

Yes, I really want to know.....what it means for you.....and I'll share what it means to me....

The love that was put into making the wall hanging Patsy made and sent to my mother while she was very ill.....that is the love I think about for Valentines Day.  Pure love and kindness....because as humans we are capable of such amazing opportunities to reach out and touch one another.... gently, kindly and with pure love.....and I believe the more we allow that gentle love to be expressed in our daily lives to everyone we come into contact with.....the more we can see that golden cord that connects us one to the next.

Now....ask Zach, the youngest co-worker and you'll hear all about  his experience:
Yes....he wore that hat to school yesterday.....oh my!
Valentines Day means getting little paper cards and sweet treats ....and of course a break from doing school work.

It's all about perspective and your vantage point.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More Patsy Thompson Designs-Guest Post by my friend, Diane

Hopefully you have visited Gene's Blog and Marjorie's Blog to see what amazing creations they have made with Patsy Thompson Designs.  Make sure to leave the appropriate comments so you can be eligible to win a downloadable design from Patsy's website.  If you are a no-reply blogger, you can't be contacted if you win so make sure to include your e-mail address.

Today I have a guest blogger who has used Patsy's design Tulip Quartet Block to make a Tulip Tote Bag.   To be clear, this post is not part of the Patsy Thompson Design Blog Hop....I just wanted to give Diane an opportunity to share her thoughts and project.

Hi, I'm Diane and I'm a Patsy Thompson fan!  Not long ago our embroidery guild scheduled a class with Patsy to learn her technique for multiple hooping.  We made a beautiful wreath design on our embroidery machines.  Patsy uses a 'crosshair' design for multiple hooping, and I can tell you that really works for perfect placement in multiple hoopings. And get this - the crosshair design is FREE on Patsy's website under 'Education' and then 'Machine Embroidery'.  I have used the crosshair design in other projects as well.  Patsy's tutorials on the website are so detailed and user friendly, and fun to watch!  Patsy is a natural and her love of all things sewing/quilting/embroidery is evident in all she does.

 "Tulip Tote Bag" by  Patsy Thompson Designs 
Front View
 "Tulip Tote Bag" by  Patsy Thompson Designs
Back View
 I've had the pleasure of making her tulip totebag as well.  Literally every time I take it out in public women admire it and ask me where I got it or how they can make one.  I love it for the beautiful embroidery work and the bright, happy colors.
 Close up photos of Tulip Quartet Block

Patsy has an eye for color that is enviable.  'Happy' just radiates from all she creates.  Besides being extremely talented and creative, she is wonderful as well.  If you have the opportunity, take a class from her!  If you want to create something you will really love, try her designs and projects.  Watching these designs stitch out is mesmerizing and the finished product is something you will love. I've also had the opportunity take a class with Patsy for her free motion quilting technique and I learned so much and had such a great time.  Patsy is a true pioneer in all she masters and her love of sharing her knowledge is present in all her videos and classes.

Thank you Diane for sharing your experience and insights with those of us who enjoy machine embroidery and quilting!

Be sure to stop by Jean Creates Blog tomorrow to see what she has made for the Patsy Thompson Designs Blog Hop.

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Jean Creates November 13
SewCalGal  November 14

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Patsy Thompson "meets" Kaffe Fassett- Fabric Combinations (A Story)

 (Story Post...kick back for a fun read)

If you have read "Jean Creates" past few blog posts ( here and here) you know what I've been up to.

A week ago Wed. I had the great fortune of heading up to Detroit Metro to pick up Jeannie W. for a week of FUN!!!  Jean and I met 3 or 4 years ago through our blogs and we have become dear friends.  I couldn't wait to see her again because she moved from Ohio to Washington State a year ago and I've really missed her.

We both have an affinity for Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably and Phillip Jacobs fabrics.  Jean decides we are going to stop petting our fabrics and actually use them.  What a mind blowing idea ay?

Jean pre-ships her fabrics and this is what arrived at my house:

A blown out box of some of the most fabulous fabrics I have ever seen.  YES, I did remind her that Possession IS 9/10ths of the LAW!
I had pulled all my Kaffe/Brandon/Jacob fabrics from my stash and had them waiting for Jean's arrival.  Mine were all neatly folded in piles...well...until Jean arrived and suggested it would be more fun to toss them all into one big pile and just start.  Another mind blowing idea :)

I've never, ever....ever started a project like this one.  Talk about excitement/anticipation/and drama (mainly the colors of the fabrics)....way too much fun.  How the plan was a book (un-named for sure!) Jean found and thought it would be an awesome way to begin and each of us could add to the others quilt.  After a few hours actually using the book the book (definitely not a recommended book) idea was abandoned and we were on our own creating. 
I grabbed some of my most favorite pieces (the blades to the star) and built around that fabric with others that made the fan blades pop.  Shall I mention that Jean had made her center block and was well into her first set of borders before I finished my center block?  No...OK...I won't mention it.
I wanted my block on point like Jean's I measured and added some fabric to each side of my block.  OOPS...came up pretty short so what to do???  Add some more fabric and hack off the rest naturally.
 You know what you get?  You get a block that finishes at 17 7/8.  Not 18"...nope...oh well...we had tossed the book by this time and I figured I'd just add more fabric and hack off the parts that didn't fit...FREEDOM!

I wanted a fabric that would allow a place to rest before seeing more exciting I went into my stash in search of just the perfect fabric.  Initially I hunted through my batiks...nope....then....WOWZERS....I came across a piece of Patsy Thompson hand dyed fabric that was perfect....absolutely perfect in my mind.
Ooooohhhhhhh AAAAAhhhhhhhhhh!
Talk about feeling good....I was on top of the world at that point.  (I won't mention that Jean had already finished the inside of her quilt by this time and was working on a pieced border....or will I?)

Working from intiution is a odd feeling/experience....I've not done that before.  I set this block up on the design wall and waited until something came to me for the next border.  I knew I didn't want a square quilt so I would have to elongate the and bottom borders to move from a square to a rectangle.  Hmmmm.....Incubation Time.....

I saw my Magic Stack N Wack book on my bookshelf...hey...I've never done that...I'm going to make some of those fun kaleidoscopes for my quilt.  Might I suggest you actually read the book before "Wacking" into your fabric?  I did not cut enough repeats so I ended up with 1/2 kaleidoscopes that I combined for my design. 

 I liked this one the best.
Ok....well.....hmmmm....I think I'll add these to the outside borders and not next to my main center block...back to the drawing board.

My block now measures 24 1/2 x 24 1/2.   Then it occurred to me....3.5 x 7 = 24.5 PERFECT...I just need seven 3/12 inch somethings to add to each end of the square.  I cut up several pieces of white paper that were 3/12 inches wide by various lengths and began drawing different shapes to see what I thought would look good.  The one I loved the most I couldn't use because I couldn't figure out how to paper piece it.  Jean pointed out that I had only spent a day and a half trying to figure it out and if it were her...she'd move on and choose another block.  What an  epiphany!

By this time it was Tuesday...Jean was leaving Wednesday so I had better get my butt in gear ay?  Hmmmm...I like the blocks I made but I've decided I want some piping around the center square before I move on.  I've purchased many of my  Westminster fabrics from Patsy Thompson Designs but I needed one she didn't have so I ordered from  Glorious Color website.  I was very pleased and will order from Glorious Color again. (No, I don't get kickbacks from either site)

Jean's progress? is her quilt:
 Yes...she is faster to move on (her perception is that I have more patience...perhaps I do...but she sure has the speed down.).  She is going to add one last border and be finished with the top and I'm sure I'll finish mine sometime in the next month or so....I hope :)
Then again...Jean shows up with these very FUN shoes..maybe if I had cool shoes like her's I'd be able to go faster?

Very Happy Big Smiles,

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Free-Motion Quilting, with Patsy Thompson

SewCalGal is delighted to be back as  a guest blogger at IHAN today.   

Kelly introduced me to Patsy Thompson, Free-Motion Quilting Expert, Quilt Designer, Teacher, Author, Doctor and all around amazing woman.  A few years back, Kelly knew I was interested in learning/improving my free-motion quilting skills.  She recommended Patsy's videos for free-motion quilting to me and needless to say, I was I've been delighted with all of Patsy's DVDs ever since.

I enjoy watching Patsy's DVD again and again, and even take them with me when I travel.  My attitude is "If I can't take my sewing machine with me, when I travel, I want to feel like I'm working on my quilting skills by watching Patsy's DVDs".  

Patsy's free-motion quilting  (FMQ) videos are high quality, easy to follow, well organized and will take you thru the steps to help you create spectacular free-motion quilting.  She has a well rounded collection that are grouped into excellent categories with corresponding titles:


SewCalGal recommends the Fast and Free DVDs for those new to FMQ. Patsy goes thru the basics and will help a beginner gain confidence, learn great habits, and trouble shooting skills.  You'll soon be doing FMQ on your own projects, after watching these DVDs and be amazed how beautiful "your" FMQ looks!

DVDFastandFreeVolume.5 FastandFreeVolume2 

SewCalGal recommends the Vines and Leaves DVD to those interested in FMQ, from all skill levels, interested in creating a variety of styles using vine and leaf motifs.   Patsy covers basic vines and leafs, as well as many signature motifs that are easy to create and really look great on your projects too!  


SewCalGal recommends the Fun with Feathers and Feather Adventure DVDs for confident beginners and those with advanced levels of FMQ experience that are interested in learning a variety of styles for creating spectacular feathers using FMQ.   Patsy does an excellent job covering basic feathers, but she also has many signature styles of feathers that you can easily apply to your projects, as well as make into your own style.  Her techniques for creating feathers have been one of the easiest for me to learn and I'm sure you can master them too, with her DVDs.

FreeMotionFun1 productimage-picture-free-motion-fun-with-feathers-volume-2-24_t280 FreeMotionFunWithFeathersVol3 PatsyThompsonFMFwithFeathers4 FeatherAdventuresVolume1

SewCalGal recommends the Hyperquilting manual to those that are confident with FMQ and want to learn Patsy's two step technique that creates amazing visual impact on your projects.  There are various FMQ Experts that teach a two step (two different threads) style of FMQ, but Patsy's "Hyperquilting" is one of the best I've ever seen.  You can apply this technique to your projects for every day quilts, art quilts, as well as heirloom quilts, but I'd highly recommend you gain expertise on this technique' if you want to "dazzle" quilt judges and have fun stitching award winning quilts!


I hope you can tell why I trust Kelly when she recommends product to me, as well as why, like Kelly, SewCalGal can happily recommend Patsy's wonderful FMQ DVDs and Hyperquilting manual.    Don't forget you can find all of these wonderful products at IHAN.  You may want to start with buying one, but you'll soon find you'll want another for a Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift, Christmas Gift, or some other gift.  So be'll want them all.  Of course, I've recommended to Kelly that she come up with a special bundle collection of Patsy's DVDs (after all Patsy's DVDs are better than the James Bond DVD collection)!  

And, while Kelly is currently with her mom in the hospital, IHAN is continuing to ship customer orders on a weekly basis.  The IHAN team is helping to fulfill orders.  So, don't hesitate placing your order with IHAN.  

If you would like to learn more about Patsy and her designs, you can find her at: 

 Post  written by SewCalGal

THANK YOU SewCalGal....excellent review of Patsy Thompson's work!!!

For those of you who are local to the Toledo, OH area, Patsy also hosts classes at her studio CLICK HERE for more information about her classes and studio.   I hope you don't miss Patsy's free tutorials on her website....they are excellent.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Swimming as fast as you can?

Me too!  Yet, the faster I swim the farther it seems to be to that relaxing beautiful reef where they have everything under control and you can take a deep breath and let out a gust of air that lets every other fish in the school know you've doing just fine.

If you are like me....then you have lots to do and you need it done fast.  I thought I'd share some excellent gift ideas with you....and I'd love to hear about your excellent gift ideas too :)

In no particular order....these are some of my best gift ideas:

I can't think of a person over the age of 35 who doesn't appreciate getting a hand written note or letter....and I recently bought these beautiful note cards from Gene Black, Alabama Artist and Quilter.

 You can find them HERE at Gene's Etsy Shop

Gene's art is beautiful and his cards would make a lovely gift for anyone....and everyone.  The other thing that makes giving Gene's note cards as gifts is that it supports an artist to continue doing what he loves to do....create, sew and quilt.  A gift that keeps giving....that's what I call a win/win :)

Giving that continues to give....that is what is important to me.  I'm very blessed to have meet and know many talented artists in the past three years.  I'm so intensely grateful for all that they have added to the beauty of my life and their work makes the best my opinion. 
Here are more of my favorite artists that sell their work.  Buying from them....from their websites or stores....helps them pay for the expenses of their they can continue to create.  I know you have others whom you would love to support and I'm always open to hearing about them...just leave a comment after this post.

If you click on the persons name, you'll be taken directly to their website :)

 I have all of Susan's DVD's and would highly recommend them.  Her book is excellent as well.
She also sells her work....sadly for all of you....ya can't buy this one....Mr. McSteamy got this for me for Christmas already ....sorry!  (A total bold face lie...I'm not sorry....I'm tickled beyond all tickled)

I've known Kathy for several years and her work is excellent...down to the finest detail.  I've purchased several of her purses and given them as gifts over the years.  I can promise you the quality will be impressive! (I know this will embarrass her....that's ok....cuz I'm telling the truth)
Wildflower Shoulder Bag
Time to whip up a beautiful quilt?  Me either....Kathy has some ready to ship :)

Patsy and Ernie are both very talented artists.  I've purchased several of Patsy's DVD's and books and have learned so much from her.  Earnie, her husband and partner, does the work behind the quilting, machine embroidery and thread painting scenes.  He is the amazing artist who does the video work.  Earnie is also a wood worker and a skilled artist himself. 

Patsy has added many new Digitized Embroidery Designs to her website.  This Bird Block is just one example of her beautiful designs.

Hyperquilting is so much fun Patsy has done a wonderful job of  illustrating how you can add some pizazz to your projects by adding some Hyperquilting.

Patsy is very generous with her free videos as well....don't miss the opportunity to see some of them HERE.

Clyde's Workshop offers absolutely beautiful wood crafted Quilt Ruler Holders and Wall Mounted Quilt Ruler Holders that are made from a variety of beautiful woods.
I am fortunate enough to have one of these Wall Mounted Quilt Ruler Holders and if you missed my blog post about HERE.

Only a person who absolutely loved working with wood would make and sell these heirloom pieces for such an affordable price. You'll be so surprised to see the quality and the price....I know I was!

Pat absolutely loves being a quilt designer and teacher.  One of her greatest joys is traveling and teaching others to quilt.  She is definitely a people person and someone who exudes the true spirit of a quilter.

Spotlight on Neutrals is Pat's most recent book.  If you missed my blog review, you can read it HERE.

 Strawberry Pie is one of Pat's "Go-To" patterns when you need an excellent pattern and you need to get your quilt done quick.  Click HERE to see several of her other lovely patterns.

Pat also has some very fun cards :)
This one makes me smile and to see all of the other great know what to do....just click HERE.

SewCalGal's desire to share all of the insights and lessons she has learned about in the world of quilting and machine embroidery is what makes her extraordinary.   Not only has she hosted a Free Motion Quilt Challenge for the last 12 months, she has also hosted the following events:

Maintains an ongoing list of Quilt and Machine Embroidery Events

SewCalGal  is an excellent teacher and mentor and has recently taught at Quilt In A Day!!!

Did I mention the Contests and Giveaways that SewCalGal keeps the rest of us updated about?   I have such respect and admiration for her great work and have always respected the fact that she has done all of this work to promote others, teach others and share her enthusiasm for quilting and machine embroidery. 

Did you know you can now SHOP SewCalGal?  Yes you can!!!  Click HERE to see all of her favorites available from Amazon.   She receives a portion of each purchase and that money is used to subsidize the expenses of shipping prizes for giveaways.

Oh yes, and there is always I Have A Notion!!!  You will need to order very soon to guarantee your gift arrives in time for the holidays.  Don't like to wrap or ship?  Let me do that for you.  Just send me an e-mail with your list and the addresses, I'll do the rest. 

Stay tuned for more of my favorites soon!!!


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