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Showing posts with label Project Runway Hospital Style a la IHAN® Style. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Project Runway Hospital Style a la IHAN® Style. Show all posts

Friday, April 5, 2013

Project Runway Hospital Edition and Party a la IHAN® Style

If you have ever been in a hospital for any length of time than you know what "hospital brain" means.  It is extremely boring here and the only fun is the fun you make or bring.  If you have been following along you know that my mother has been in the hospital since Feb. also know that there are times I'll do what ever I can to make life a little more fun or manageable.

Last evening I hosted a PARTY here in room P651 and the staff were invited to attend.   Since it was a "Party" we definitely needed some "Party" attire....right?  Right!!!  That is when I decided the theme of the party would be "Project Runway Hospital  Edition a la IHAN® Style (not to be confused with Gangnam Style) .  To get our mojo workin' I searched the room for some materials to make an appropriate party dress.

I found one of those blue disposable gowns:
And started to work......
I cut the "skirt" off of the blue dress and took a running stitch along the waistband so I would have a lovely gathered waist band.
I was meticulous in spacing the stitches so the skirt would drape elegantly over the waistline of  the finest models who would be wearing this Haute Couture Frock.

Notice this lovely skirt has some fabric draped in front that adds just that special touch of class?  Since I'm always up to date with the latest in Haute Couture I decided our party frock needed something interesting and exciting that would draw the
I looked around the room and found these lavish embellishments.  You know that fashion model would be so green with envy....poor girl....thinking she has it all....but notice she doesn't have the lavish purple embellishments?  Bummer!

 The Party Dress was coming along, but what it really needed was some enrichment, that special touch that adds pizzazz to the ensemble.

7:00pm rolled around and the RN put the Official Party Banner in place and we were ready to ROCK this House Hospital.
Oh yeah baby.....this party ensemble was complete with a turban-embellished toilet paper bow.  I was feeling way too sexy for my shoes...and was in desperate need of some real  knock your socks off shoes.....

I looked high and low but apparently I forgot to pack these sexy things.....bummer ay?
I was still able to get-down without those diamond-esque kickers... know it baby!
Mom rocked out too!  My momma isn't new to the Harlem Shake....she invented it!  She was just a shimming and shaking to some Motown music.  Here in D-Tr-oit, we know how to get-it-on-down....I grew up here so I know of what I speak.
(photo credit)
 The only person we were missing was Don Cornelius ....and he would have loved this party!

We caught the RN Floating, Gliding and Sliding...Bruno would have given her a 10 for sure!
Popping and Locking was none other than the Chief Resident....oh yeah baby....movin' and a groovin'.  
 The Doctor was not going to be out done by his Chief Resident or the RN, so he let loose with a few street moves of his own.
After composing himself, there was a photo with "The Designer."

No party is complete without Hors d'oeuvres.
The Doc provided  Hors d'oeuvres included a  Chocolate Carmel Ice Cream one can say we don't know how to Part'ay!

Disclaimer: There may have been some embellishments added to this post....not confirming nor denying....just saying there is that possibility.

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