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Friday, April 23, 2010

Run Don't Walk to visit John at Quilt Dad

Seriously, who could not want to see what this guy has to say?  If you don't know John from Quilt is time you meet him.  He is a father who quilts and his work is wonderful.  John has been featured in the Moda Bake Shop. Way cool!  He has lots of creative and talented friends and he seams to be in every swap group group going.  I'd love to swap with him....I'm just not sure he would want to swap with me....LOL!!!

If you visit soon you will be tickled to read that he is having a giveaway Prizeapalooza celebrating his Second Blog Anniversary.  I've been living under a pile of packages lately so if this is old news to's your fault I didn't know until now because you knew I was stuck under a pile of packages and should have called or written!!!

Happy Second Anniversary John!!! You are the best Quilt Dad ever :)


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