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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Increase Your E-Notion IQ - Velocity 50 by Reliable product review

Mr. McSteamy got the video camera to talk to the computer which in turned spoke to the software who allowed the upload to the Internet......Hurray!!!!

On to the grand finale:  This is a co-hosted post today.  A great friend and customer, Jean from Jean Creates Blog,  purchased the Reliable V50 Compact Vapor Generator after visiting at my house and using my iron.  I wasn't surprised one little bit when she said, "I gotta have one of those."  

I purposefully didn't include my voice because I was going to use some new technology to do a voice over...then I remembered the reason I did the video is so you would hear the steam shooting out of this baby.
I'll narrate here:
Here is the Reliable V50 from Reliable.  It comes with the clear water container you see on the right.  It sure makes filling the iron much easier.   The best water to use in the V50 is Distilled Water.  Here is a list of other choices after Distilled Water:   Softened Water, Filtered water with a low mineral content, Tap Water (if your water is hard it is not recommended at all).  I keep bottle of distilled water in my sewing area for quick refills.
There are 4 heat settings and you see me pushing the heat regulator button on the front of the iron.  Once the iron has heated to the temp you have selected (1-4 being Max) then you add the water from the jug. 
To turn the steam on there are white pads on either side of the iron (so it is great for right and left handed folks) and the steam will begin generating.  When I touch the pad turns off the steam. 
The rest of the video is me ironing a baby quilt for my niece Lola.  I wanted you to see how well it gets wrinkles out.  You'll be able to hear the steam generating so you know it's really true....this baby puts out loads of wonderful steam.
Oh yeah does everything it says it will do!  I personally guarantee it.

All of the irons we previously owned have leaked or broken in 3 or 4 months.  Yes, even the expensive ones...I won't mention their name...I'll just tell you their name ends in an A.  You know I was fit to be tied because that company and the stores where I purchased them from would not do a thing for me. 
Then I went to a Checker Distributor Open House in 2009 and met Art from the Reliable Company

Art seemed to understand that I was looking for quality and I was going to go over everything he brought to Quilt Market with a fine tooth comb.  I'm  not one who wants any trouble with a product and if by chance there is an issue....I want to know the company will reply promptly and correct the issue fast.  Art didn't shy away from my direct manner....he openly showed me everything about Reliable Irons and Ironing Boards. 
Oh, something else before I go....a quick note about the V50 auto shut off feature.  It shuts off after 8 minutes but if you want to over-ride that feature, you keep a finger on one of the two steam activation buttons (right or left side) for 8 seconds and it won't shut off...very helpful tip ay?
I have also reviewed the Reliable V100 and if you have not read that can see it here.
I've type/talked long enough...head over and read Jean's post at Jean Creates Blog about her Reliable V50....while you are there...tell her I said howdy :)

Hot Steamy Smiles...LOL,
PS...did you know that it was Rick's review of this iron that got him the name, Mr. McSteamy? 

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