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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine Gift and Snow

I made a small wall hanging recently to give to Zach's teacher. She is one of those "special" teachers that a child never forgets.

I stitched out the heart design ( Urban Threads) on white fabric and then added the borders.  A wise person might have quilted the background first.  I started quilting and decided to take the borders off.
Unfortunately I used a very small stitch length and it was very difficult to remove the stitches so I opted for cutting off the border.  You can see in the photo above a bit of the fabric remained.  Good thing I own all the best tools because I was able to get that line of fabric off with the tip of my Seam Fix and Famore Micro Fine Tweezers.  All I did was pull a bit at the fabric with the tweezers and then rub with the tip of the Seam Fix and all of that fabric came off.  If you can believe this....the white Kona fabric didn't fray :)

Nice to be able to get all those threads out.  I didn't bother with those that would be beyond the border.
The wrinkles in the fabric will come out with  a bit of steam.  I put a extra layer of wool batting just behind the heart so it would pop and then I used my regular sewing machine to go over some of the stitch lines to give extra dimension.  A bit difficult to see in the photo but I think it came out nice. 
You might be able to see the dimension a bit better in this photo.

The Seam Fix and Famore Micro Fine Tweezers are available at I Have A Notion, Inc (IHAN)and below are the links if you are interested.

Famore Micro Fine Tweezers-
Seam Fix Mini-
Seam Fix Pink
Seam Fix Teal

How about all that snow we are getting here in Ohio?  I'm a snow lover so you won't hear me complain.  The boys have been out of school and today had a two hour delay.
All 4 of us shoveled our driveway and front walk 4 times on Sunday....yep.....4 times.  It was a ball!  The neighbors all use snow blowers and the boys always ask why we don't have one.  I say the same thing every time....until we can no longer use our arms and legs we'll continue to use a shovel to remove our snow....they roll their eyes....giggles.

Yesterday I took them and a friend sledding at a local hill.  The wind was so cold it was burning our faces but the kids didn't seem to mind very much.
Good thing I remembered our thermos of hot chocolate.....oh what a good time we had.

Cold Smiles,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Is it a Trick? NO! It's Always a Treat at IHAN®

I found a new "Treat" that I think is sort of dandy.  It is called the Seam Fix.  I can't vouch for who ever gave this tool it's name because I just don't see how it "fixes" a seam.  However, what it does very will is help you un-sew and the "grabber" on the end is fantastic at moving those extra threads off your work so you can start again.

 When the top of the Seam Fix is removed, the seam rip is revealed. 
Everyone who knows me knows my best loved tool for un-sewing (which by the way I hold a few PHD's in that subject) is the Famore Seam Ripper in the center.  There are times however, that I do use a regular seam rip and I've taking a real liking to the Seam Fix.
The Seam Fix glides under the threads very nicely.

When you've cut several threads, you just use the other end to rub off the "dangling chads."  Sorry, I couldn't help myself...with this time of year and all.

There is a fancy You Tube Video if you want to see it in action:

Now....for the "other" Treat...

Our oldest daughter sent this to us yesterday.  I have not stopped laughing since I saw it.  You'll recognize her...she has the beautiful blue eyes and dances sort of funny....well...come to think about it....we all do ...sort of!  LOL

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Smiles, Kelly

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