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Showing posts with label Simple Pleasures and Joys. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Simple Pleasures and Joys. Show all posts

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Simple Pleasures and Joys

Getting a hug and kiss from my Mom as I left the hospital on Friday to come home. 
Having kind and loving people in our lives to send cards when the journey gets rough.  (I bet many of you recognize those cards on that wall.)
Getting back to my family in Ohio!!!  Rick's parents came and helped with the boys for 10 or so days.  When I got home, not only were my boys well....but my house was clean and all the laundry was done and put away.  Even my fridge had been cleaned about Pleasures and know I was absolutely thrilled and grateful.
Oh wait, that's right....I did have one stop to make before arriving home.....I had to see Waldo.   She had to have her gallbladder removed and had been very ill this last week while I was gone.
Mrs. Rosemary looked tired but not too tired to get a smooch from Mr. Charlie!!!  I saw her today and she had much more color in her face and was up and walking, albeit slowly.  (Mr. Charlie was following close was the sweetest thing I think I've ever seen.)
Then home to Mr. McSteamy and the co-workers.  Yes, this is one of my co-workers....ya just never know what you're going to see around here.
The sun was shining today....the simple pleasure of having the sun in my face and fresh air after being indoors for the past week....ahhhhh.
You can see the co-workers were very creative today.  I rested mostly.....except for a quick trip tonight...

... a trip around the neighborhood on roller-blades....what a gift!

Speaking of gifts....I also returned home after being away for my birthday and I had some surprises waiting for me.....
One very sweet and dear friend of mine made this lovely table runner and sent it to me for my birthday.  This isn't the first time she has assisted in decorating my kitchen either....check this out:
I see this every day as it hangs next to my kitchen sink.  I am one very spoiled gal I have to say :)
Check this out....someone sent me a video of a person doing a machine embroidery demo....I thought it was the craziest thing I'd ever seen so I forwarded it to a few friends....and then  I arrive home to....
Yes, my very own machine embroidered roll of toilet paper!!!!  ROFL   That's what the ME demo was...can you believe that?
I fell in love with this little ant at the hospital gift shop and later in the week my sister gave it to me for my birthday.  Sometimes, ya just have to kick back and take stock of the wonderful things in your life...and that is what I did today :)

PS....I have not selected a winner yet for the IHAN® Machine Embroidery Hop sponsored by Anita Goodesign.  If you have not stopped to leave a comment, I suggest you high-tail it over there and leave a comment so you can have a chance to win a Special Edition Design Collection from Anita Goodesign.

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