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Showing posts with label Soil Moist. Show all posts

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hot Weather? Hot Flashes? Find Your King Size Solution Here

Hopefully you'll forgive this photo....but I wasn't getting dressed up (out of my pj's) to share this fun information.  I made this neck wrap on Saturday afternoon and I'm telling is the best thing since sliced bread.  Between hot flashes and hot weather....I am in need of an immediate cooling on occasion (frequent

I took a strip of fabric 62in x 5 1/2" and made tube....flipped it stitched straight lines about every 1 3/4 inches to make long pockets.  In each pocket I put some Soil Moist.  You can get this or something like it at your local garden supply.
How much did I add...I didn't measure.  I found this little cap sitting on my sewing table so I used it.  I'd say error on the side of caution and use only a teaspoon or so in each compartment.

I had divided the fabric tube into four sections and marked the sections with a pin.  After putting in a little bit of the Soil Moist, I stitched across the fabric to seal that section closed.  Repeat and close :)

After soaking it in water it swelled and swelled and swelled.  That is why it is important not to over-do the Soil Moist....that stuff really takes on the water!!!  Then I put it in the fridge and I've been running back and forth to the fridge all weekend.

I didn't invent this is used by many folks and I learned about it from a friend who was making them for the folks in our Armed Forces.  Previously I had only made a single section flatter version....this time I made the "King Kooler" because it has been very hot here in OH and also in my personal experience as well (you know what I'm talking about).

I have heard that you should not put these in the freezer....just thought you might want to know.

Today I"m going to make a few more, another for myself and a few for the boys.  They are at Cub Scout Camp all week and I know they'll love having one of these to pull out of their lunch sacks when they get hot.

Stay Kool!

Smiles and Silly Giggles,

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