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Showing posts with label SpaceX. Show all posts

Friday, August 24, 2012

Oops...Where in the 6

Oops...I missed a day!   I guess that can happen when ya fill your days with so many activities.

Soooo...Day 6.....

Lunch at Nick's favorite Mexican Restaurant, La Villa in Gardina, CA.

 Nick & Krista
An un-named Movie Star had apparently joined us for lunch.  I suppose he was worried he'd be recognized and mobbed?!?  Lunch was a 10, the food was authentic and delicious (not that we are professional restaurant reviewers :)

After  lunch, Nick took us for a tour of  SpaceX  (Space Exploration Technologies) , his place of employment.  For those of you who don't know, SpaceX is the first privately owned company that designs, manufactures and launches rockets and space crafts into space. 

We were all extremely excited about the tour and felt quite honored and privileged to be stepping past the front door.  It is really worth your time to check out their web page HERE.  Just scan the page and you'll be very impressed with what these folks do. (It blows my mind!)

Photos are only permitted in the lobby and in front of the building....this is a prototype of the SpaceX  Merlin Engine that is in their lobby.  You know I was very well behaved and never once even considered taking out my camera...I can be be so well behaved when the occasion necessitates such things :)

The only way I can describe my experience at complete and total AWE!  I think my mouth was partially open the entire time and my eyes were sparkling (I had tears in my eyes often and goose bumps too).  There are only a few other times in my life that I've been in AWE of the things that humans have made/ Kennedy Space Center ( NASA)  in Florida, and my visit to the Louvre in Paris. 

We stood right next to the Dragon Spacecraft, the first privately owned vehicle to return from space.  The Dragon docked at the International Space Station.   The experience of just seeing it was "out of this world."
I feel incredibly lucky that we have a family member who has the privilege of working on these rockets. 

The only down side to our tour is that Elon Musk, the owner, was not there during our visit (click on his name and you'll be blown away by what this 41 year old man has achieved  :)
Since Elon was one of the a co-founder of PayPal,  I assume he has some friends that are still with PayPal..  You know if I ran into him I would have most certainly asked to have an Executive PayPal account with all fees waved for my lifetime :) :) :)  (Yes....I'm just so my rocker....LOL)  Here is a link to Elon Musk's Facebook page...don't you think a ton of quilters should Like hime?  I fun would that be?

OK...on to the Fabric I prommised.....

Krista wants a table runner and I wanted her to show me some fabrics that she would like.  SewCalGal told me there is a store in Anaheim that has a very large selection, M & L Fabrics. 
After our SpaceX tour, we headed to M & L. 
 Everywhere you look, fabric....I mean lots and lots and lots of fabric of all types and varieties.  I think there was enough quilt quality cotton fabrics to make thousands of quilts....honestly.

I was especially tickled to see all the different types of fabrics....I loved the ones above!  How fun would some of these fabrics be added to a wall hanging or added to home decor?  I think there is something for everyone in that store!

Thanks for traveling along with us.


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