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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spotlight on Neutrals by Pat Wys- Book Review & Giveaway

Winter brings out the book worm in me....and since my computer has been so ill (Geek Squad has had it for over a week now...hence my absence) I have brightened my days by reading the stack of books I got in Houston at Fall Quilt Market. While I know I'm 100% responsible for myself 100% of the time....I don't understand why on earth this book as not been put on my blog sooner.  "Pat....why didn't you kick me hard?"

Pat Wys is a lovely woman and the author of Spotlight on Neutrals and an IHAN blog I'm thinking I owe Pat a big apology for waiting until January to post my review.  I'm 100% sorry Pat....and to everyone else....waiting will certainly pay off....because I'm giving away some Neutral Fabric along with the book to make up for the delay  :) 
 Pat with her book, Spotlight on Neutrals
 With a new book about neutrals out, one might think Pat's booth is a bit....well...lets just say...not neutral!  :)  Once you know a little more about Pat Wys you'll completely understand.

"I love quilting, quilts, and most of all quilters.  Big shock!  I love every single color, including all the shades, tings, and hues within the color spectrum.  I love prints large and small, from vintage to whimsical.  My taste in color and fabric changes regularly.  Many thanks to the fabulous fabric industry for keeping it coming!  I guess you can say I'm all over the board; I don't specialize in any one area or genre, and I don't have too much trouble stepping outside the box."   Excerpt  from Spotlight on Neutrals posted with permission of the author.

Any wonder why Pat and I get along?  I feel the same way....she just put it in better words than I have :)
These quilts here are both in Pat's book and oddly enough....they are both my favorites from the book too. 
Before I move into my book review, I thought I share one more pix from Pat's Quilt Market Booth.
Pat Wys, Kelly Jackson ( and Becky Rabalais
One of the best things about going to Market is being able to spend face time with folks that I otherwise just exchange e-mails with....face to face is soooo much nicer!!

Knowing that Pat loves all colors and hues I was surprised to see a book about neutrals.  Neutrals are definitely not my favorite and I don't know why....honestly.  After reading Spotlight on Neutrals I honestly feel differently....I have a deeper appreciation for Neutrals that I didn't have before....which is a great shift for me and my way of thinking. 
"Baby It's Cold Outside" is one of the quilts featured in Pat's book.  There are so many different things I like about this pattern.  The gray fabric of the background really gives life to the snowflakes, it grounds them and speaks of quiet cold snowflakes in a way that wouldn't be communicated on a brighter fabric.  Looking at this quilt calms me...centers me as I am in this winter season here in Ohio.  The buttons add a lot of interest as does the wide rickrack on the border. 
"Scrappy Nines" is another quilt in Spotlight on Neutrals that really grabbed me.  Adding the black fabrics with the neutrals makes this quilt visually interesting for me.  Without the black, I don't think I'd like it very much.  One of Pat's friends used this pattern to make a quilt as a wedding gift.  What an excellent idea...I would have never thought of doing that.  How many times do people get quilts as wedding gifts and never use them or their tastes change and the quilt no longer is used.  A quilt made from neutrals is timeless....genius idea

 I realize this is a photo of the back Pat's "Woven Pillow Sham" but I don't want to show a photo of everything....that would ruin the joy when you get your own copy.  The reason I'm including this photo in my post is because my mother sews like this....with attention to finishing details when she makes pillow shams and other home decorator items. 

Pat does an excellent job with directions and explanation in "Spotlight on Neutrals"and she also included little stories that I found interesting.  I think if we all followed Pat's instructions in the beginning of this book....we'd all be much better off....and I'm even including seasoned quilters in this generalization. 

What does Pat say? 

You'll just have to purchase a copy HERE  or  leave a comment for a chance to win an autographed copy of Spotlight on Neutrals on this blog post!!!  ( IHAN Blog Readers receive discount with coupon code: Pat Wys used at check out)

Because I waited way to long to write this post....I'm including 5 Moda Bella Solid Neutral Fat Quarters to the giveaway! 

Leave a comment on this post before Thursday February 2nd telling me what peaks your interest in this book and I'll let the mean and nasty Mr. Random Number Generator choose a winner!!

On a personal note, I think the timing of this review came at a perfect time in my life and awareness.  Neutrals and timelessness is what makes the brights so much brighter provides a restful space that is equally as beautiful and energizing in its own way.  Thank you Pat for inspiring my awareness and giving me a deeper appreciation in a Neutral way :)  LOL


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