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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happiest and Healthiest of Thanksgivings to Everyone

And to those who don't celebrate Thanksgiving today, Happiest and Healthiest of Days to you!

Maddy, our youngest daughter, James and Abbey, Maddy's significant others, were here visiting and have headed off to celebrate Thanksgiving with James' family.  I'm thinking they are going to be having a ball today.  I just love their costumes....very apropos!

There are so many things to be thankful for, health, being with family and friends, having food to share and enjoy, a warm house and of course pumpkin pie!  LOL

 Waldo aka Miss Rosemary
I had something happen to me yesterday that makes today every so much sweeter.   Most of you know Waldo...aka Miss. Rosemary, my girlfriend or heard me speak of her. 

 Let me digress, just for a sentence.  Last week Waldo was in the hospital with some blood clots in her legs and one on her lung.  She came home last Thursday and had been doing just fine.  I've seen her several times and as recently as a day and a half ago when she phoned to say she was out of black thread.  She popped in to borrow mine and she looked great.  Back to her normal sweet self.

Yesterday afternoon, I was getting out of my van in the driveway and another neighbor approached me and told me, " Rosemary has been taken by ambulance to the hospital, she had a pulmonary embolism, the family had been called in and decisions were going to need to be made."  She also suggested I wait until the family calls me and not to rush up to the hospital.

I felt the air being sucked out of me and all I could do is cry.   The grief was overwhelming and heavy as you can imagine.  I waited until 6pm and called her daughter.  I was told of course it is fine to come up to the hospital so up I went.

Do you know what I saw?  My girlfriend was sitting up in the bed and looked tired....but just like the Rosemary I know and love.  I climbed up in the bed next to her and hugged her and cried.....the relief of knowing she was fine was so joyous.  Apparently the neighbor didn't have the correct information and I"m soooo very glad she was wrong.

The doctor thinks it might be her gallbladder.  Well shoot....ya can live just fine without one of those.....hooray!!!!

I spent the night with her at the hospital and this morning, Rosemary showered, got dressed and is now home for Thanksgiving Dinner with her family.

Gratitude!!!! I'm feeling it deeply today.  Extreamly greatful for all those poeple in my life that are so near and dear to me.

Gigantic Smiles,

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