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Showing posts with label The Quick Ripper Demonstration and Product Review. Show all posts
Showing posts with label The Quick Ripper Demonstration and Product Review. Show all posts

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Quick Ripper Saves Time

Over the last few days I've been reviewing a variety of colors of fabric to border some of my favorite fabrics.  Prior to this, I hastily selected a fabric and put all the borders on my blocks.  After putting them up on my design wall I noticed the dark borders take the focus away from the fabric I want to showcase. 

Oops....that happens sometimes!  I've been telling myself that if it felt good to sew the borders on the first time it will also feel good when I do it again.   Apparently I really like to feel good and sew and sew and sew...ROFL.

School was canceled again today so I was fortunate enough to have an IHAN Elf available to do a quick video demonstrating how I make un-sewing as quick as I sew with The Quick Ripper

You can cut your fabric if you are not holding your fabric properly but I've only had this happen once, thankfully!  The Quick Ripper comes with 2 AA batteries and I have not had to change them very often.  I use mine to trim threads on the back of my machine embroidery, trim threads when making fabric coil baskets, take out seams, and trim the edges of fabric that has frayed...a very useful tool.

While viewing this video I hope you kept in mind that I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal and I did not prepare the background, get a manicure or edit the video....what you see is what you get...that's how I roll.



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