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Friday, March 18, 2016

International Quilting Weekend on The Quilt Show and Birthday Wishes

Not that I inspired Ricky and Alex to host a weekend of viewing episodes of The Quilt Show...FREE.   I'm just saying today is my birthday and also the first day of free episodes!  Coincidence?  I could take it personally and tell myself they love and adore me so much....but for this once...I'll act normal.

It is true....both events...separately....
 Click HERE or go on over to The Quilt Show dot com and check out the fun weekend they have put together.  Prizes....oh yes...they have amazing connections and have lots of great prizes including a Bernina sewing machine.  God knows I don't need a 4th Bernina so I'll pray one of you win it :)

I have had the great fortune of meeting both Alex and Ricky and they are as delightful in person as they seem to be on TV and in their head on over and take a look at the wonderful weekend they have planned for everyone in the quilting world and best of luck in winning some truly excellent gifts.

Did someone say birthday?  Yep....I turned 52 today.  The day started out perfectly....Rick let me sleep in and he drove the boys to school.  Then I got up and got a cup of coffee and had to sort through the loaf of bread to find 2 slices that hopefully didn't have mold (why does bread mold so quickly these days?) and I made some peanut butter toast and had a cup of joe.....ahhhhhh.

Oh but it gets better....much better!!!  I'm letting you in... way behind the curtain here....getting very vulnerable....a bit scary and emotionally naked  .... here goes:

I watched last nights episode of Grey's Anatomy.  To most people this is just a television program.  To me....this is an altered reality in which I live and these are my friends.  I will not ever hear otherwise....sorry if they are real people in real life....I choose to live in a conversation bubble that includes all of them during the episodes. 

Sitting on my sofa with my laptop, having a great cup of coffee and eating toast with lots of my great "in my own bubble friends" screaming and fighting kids in the back one to ask if I'm going to get dressed for the day or help them find their phone cord....the freedom to enjoy my bubble that is fun in my 52 year old book!!!

 A cheerfull gift.

Typically I have little ability to delay gratification....when I get a card in the mail...I open it.  Not this year.  I saved every card I received on the kitchen counter and during my show I began opening cards and a gift too :)  I am very touched by the number of people who remembered it was my birthday and took the time to either make or send a card.  For some reason I must forget that there are folks who love me because I'm very surprised when I get cards in the mail.  Am I alone here or do you sometimes forget that you are loved and important to people outside your immediate family?  If ya tell me I'm alone here I'm checking into the closest nut ward.

 I absolutely love every card....and wanted to share a close up of this one:

This touched my heart came from my oldest daughter.  We are a blended family...the girls came by Northwest Airlines (via Rick's first marriage) and the boys came from the stork....but we are all one big family.  I guess I have not felt very important lately and these cards really really really reminded me that indeed I do matter to others...THANK YOU!  And to all who regurarly read my blog and have sent Happy Birthday comments and e-mails....THANK YOU too!!!
 Another fun gift....feeling the love :)

It has been all the stress of the past few years that has worn me down and my thinking can get is nice to have come through all of that and get back to what is the most important things in my life.   I want all the rest of my years to be connected to this type of love and appreciation....just like it was before the do-do hit the fan a few years back.

AND....guess what the last words of Grey's Anatomy were....

"Affection, acceptance and unconditional love...that is what people want."

Another coincidence....or perhaps just serendipity!

Feeling Loved Smiles,


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