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Showing posts with label Toy Sewing Machine. Show all posts

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Little Things Make Me Smile

Frequently I find myself marveling at the little things in life and my heart begins to  sing.  The little  thing I found recently is a toy sewing machine.
I found it at a resale shop while burning 15 minutes before an appointment.  It was cheap and I thought it would go nicely with this little toy iron I found at a garage sale a few years ago.  I need to find a place to put my "little" toys because I also have...
a little wooden ironing board with a cloth cover and a wooden iron.  Awe...miniatures can be so cute.  Too many little things that catch dust isn't a good thing...guess I better keep this collection small.

Then there are those "Big Things" that also make me smile...this time it is my oldest co-worker receiving his Arrow of Light, the highest honor in Cub Scouts.
Aaron is no longer a Cub Scout, he is a Boy Scout...booo baby is growing up way too fast.  Mr. McSteamy looks very proud of our big Boy Scout in this photo and I was smiling big behind the camera. 

Having so much snow and now rain...can you believe it?  It is pouring outside right now all over our snow...and you know what that means...slush and muddy brown stuff where our beautiful snow used to rest.  YUCK!!  I'm forced to find inside things to focus on ....and one of those things  is my new quilt project.

When I was in PA for my retreat I was gifted a big bag of blocks from a block swap that I was not able to participate in.  My girlfriend, Eleanor (not Lady Eleanor...but PA Eleanor) has already made two quilts using her blocks and she didn't want to make another so she gave these to me.  I just love this project and I'm using my Featherweight because its so fun to sew on.
There are about 36 little blocks assembled so far and I know it will look great when I'm finished.  I think I'll even hand quilt this one.

YES, I do look at other things each morning coffee, my breakfast plate, my lunch plate and my dinner plate...oh yeah...and then those late night snack plates too.  Way too many late night snack plates around here this winter I"m telling ya.  Oh yeah...and I also marvel at icicles since we have so many these days...
This was a huge collection that hung outside my guild meeting last Thursday.  If I could have, I would have climbed into the snow bank and took close up pictures because it was so pretty.

Snow sculptures in my front yard also catch my eye....
Last night the boys all went out to sculpt a big alligator head in the show...he looks menacing doesn't he?  I wouldn't mess with anyone living in house with a huge alligator in the front yard would you?

Still smiling,


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