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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Increase Your E-Notion IQ - Tutto Machine on Wheels Product Review

You already know I'm on a plane today so how did this post get here?  I asked Jean from Jean Creates to review something for me and she agreed.  I'm so glad!!!  Take it away Jean :)

Hi, I'm Jean of Jean Creates. Kelly's traveling to the quilt market in Houston and she asked me to do a review for her. We thought it would be a natural for me to review my most recent purchase from I Have a Notion --  the Tutto Machine on Wheels case.
Let me start off by saying I'm just doing this review to cover for a friend who's traveling and I really like this case. I'm not getting any payment or special discounts for this or any product. I'll let you know when I do a paid review. Now that we got that out of the way...

I travel a lot with my machine, "Heywould Janome", and he is one heavy guy. Not being a weight lifter, I wanted a way to transport Heywould (my machine) and his entourage (my tools) when I go on a road trip. Believe me when I say lugging a 30+ pound machine around is not fun. Rolling was the best option for me.  That's why I chose a Tutto Machine on Wheels XL case.

Tutto Machine on Wheels are heavy duty, yet light weight. The foundation of their design is their patented luggage frame -- a sturdy four-wheeled collapsible base for stability. And those four wheels keep it from wobbling while you're wheeling it about. The weight of the machine is evenly distributed with the four wheeled construction, lessening strain on my arms.

Tutto's Machine on Wheels cases are made to protect your machine for vehicle travel. The sturdy frame ensures your beloved machine is protected for vehicle travel*. As you can see, My Tutto Machine on Wheels XL case has cushioning and a seat belt for Heywould. This way he won't jostle about. And a seat belt for your machine is just as important as it is for you!

I love how I can access my machine two ways with my Tutto Machine on Wheels XL case -- I can lift it up out of the case, or pull it out from the front of the case.
This Tutto case is chock full of handy pockets/storage. I love how I can virtually pack everything I need for a class or retreat. See? Go ahead and click on the photos to see all the storage possibilities!
The side pockets are roomy enough to hold your foot pedal, extension cords, machine cords, knee lift, plus a few cones of thread plus a bottle of wine and four large bags of chocolate... Hahahaah! Seriously, those side pockets are HUGE! The front and back pockets will fit all the sewing tools you can imagine. I just put a few items here for suggestion. The back pocket is what I use for my oversize acrylic quilting bed (if I let it hang out as shown) and my class-size cutting mat. That pocket will also fit some of my fabric as well.

The handle is foldable and removable so it will fit in your trunk easily. And it assembles right on in a snap. Just stick one end in the slot, pull the other side back so it will clear, and insert the tab into the slot. That easy! It was sprinkling outside when I did my field testing. Try carrying your machine around in that kind of weather.

When my machine is out for home use, my Tutto Machine on Wheels XL case collapses and folds up for easy storage. I love how it doesn't take up a lot of space. I know this is an un-sexy shot, but you get the idea.

With all these features I didn't even think twice about purchasing a Tutto Machine on Wheels case. It's all I need wrapped up in a sturdy, durable case! And my baby Heywould deserves the very best
 * Small Print: When flying, I do not recommend checking your machine as baggage using this case. it was created specifically for vehicle transport. FYI, this size case does not satisfy airline carry-on requirements. 

THANK YOU Jean...I really appreciate your help and being the first guest blogger for IHAN.

Stay tuned for some Market pictures.


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