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Showing posts with label Vintage Sewing Notions. Show all posts

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vintage Sewing Notions and My Gift

Are you as crazy about vintage sewing notions as I am?  I found this mini ironing board in a shop in PA recently that just tickles me.
I believe it is a sleeve board and I don't really iron many sleeves....but does that matter?  NOPE

The sewing machine you see in the back ground belonged to my girlfriend, Mary Jane (you may recall she passed away Aug. 20th).  I remember when she got it brand new from Leon at Hoovers Bernina Sew in Mifflinburg, PA.   Mary Jane really enjoyed this machine and was always saying great things about Leon at Hoovers....which means there is a lot of positive energy in this beauty!  She insisted I learn to use her new machine even though I was very intimidated by the size and the fancy buttons.  We were sewing together one day and she said to me, "when I die, you are going to have this machine."  Naturally I burst into tears and told her I didn't want that sewing machine, I wanted her so she could just take that thought right out of her mind.  Thankfully several years went by before her pride and joy was passed along to me.  I only wish it had been 30 more years before her 820 came to live with me.

Mary Jane's sewing machine has been sitting where my machine used to be.   My mind was telling me..... turning on her sewing machine would mean she is really gone.   I know that thought makes no sense....but grief in my experience isn't rational or's just a process.  I can't seem to get used to seeing her things at my house.....this new reality will take time to embrace.  Today I turned on Mary Jane's sewing machine and began to sew.  The tears streaming down my face made it difficult to see to wind the bobbin....but I managed.  What an amazing, beautiful and life changing lovely girlfriend Mary Jane....not her sewing machine. I miss her every day.

Irrational and Appreciative Smiles!

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