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Showing posts with label Web Bond Temporary Spray Adhesive by Mettler. Show all posts

Friday, February 15, 2013

Reliable's New V200 Iron and Web Bond Adhesive Spray by Mettler @ VDTA/SDTA

Reliable Irons are my absolute favorite Irons and if you are a regular reader here at the IHAN® blog you already know that.  I've told you all about the Reliable V50, Reliable V100 and now....YES...the Reliable V200 Iron.

Jean had a chance to use the V200 and you know I was polite in waiting my turn :)
I really liked the grip on the Reliable V200.  The handle senses your  grip and it automatically starts steaming. The steam/water in the V200 is heated internally before it reaches the heated Anodized Aluminum soleplate so no matter what temperature you have the iron set for you still get steam.  
The sole plate was made to glade across a variety of different fabrics and the inner core is Magnesium to increase the strength and durability. 

I already have 3 Reliable Irons, 2 of the V50 (one upstairs for clothing and one downstairs for quilting and sewing)  and one of the V100 (I keep this one in my retreat bag)....I guess it's time I make room for a V200 in my iron collection!

The other thing I love about Reliable is Art Grabedian.  It was so good to see Art again and we had a few good laughs.  He is so tolerant of me....and my "market behavior."   I want my hard earned money going to great people and great products....guess that's why I buy Reliable Irons.

You can find my Reliable Iron Reviews  HERE and you'll find my nephews review HERE.  
For those of you who love free shipping, there is now free shipping from IHAN®  for the Reliable V50 and Reliable V200 Irons :)

Web Bond is temporary adhesive spray new from Mettler.  

I've used many spray adhesives over the years when I needed a quick way to sandwich a quilt or adhere an applique.  The part I hate about using spray adhesives is the smell and the over spray that gets on any surface in the near vicinity.  When I saw the Web Bond being demonstrated I was pleasantly surprised to notice there was no strong odor. 
There was not very much over spray with the Web Bond which I thought was a good thing. 
The spray sort of fluffs up....kind of like a light webbing....after is it sprayed.  There is a You Tube Video if you'd like to see it demonstrated....just click HERE.

There is still lots more to share from the VDTA/SDTA so stay tuned.


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