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Showing posts with label Where in the 5. Show all posts

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where in the World...Day 5

I didn't have the heart to change the title of these posts....even though everyone knows where we I silly or what?

Before I tell you what we did yesterday, I want to tell you where I wasn't this past Sunday and Monday. 
Checker Distributor 64th Annual Open House.  Typically I'm there...both days and having a ball.  This year Mr. McSteamy scheduled a trip to see our daughter in Long Beach so I sent a spy into Checker Distributor on my behalf!!!  As soon as I return to "headquarters" I'll get the scoop and share all the fun details with all of you :)

Yesterday was spent in Santa Monica and we walked through the 3rd St. Promenade.
 I got a kick out of this shop window....look closely to see what they have made the American Flag out of....
Sneakers...apparently Shoes are Boring (I guess I'm behind the times....again!)

It seems like I'm always trailing behind....usually because I stop to take photos and also because I stop to speak to people.
This time I had stopped to tell this lovely woman how beautiful she was and that she was courageous to do what she is doing (she dresses up and goes down to the Promenade to entertain visitors and supports herself with the donations she receives).  Look at her eyes...I  knew there was an amazingly beautiful person...with and without all that pretty makeup.  She allowed her friend to take our photo and I was honored...she even gave me a hug :)  Can you imagine how foolish I would look doing that?  But not her...she looked like she belonged in that beautiful outfit and makeup.


We headed for the Pier and then to the beach.
Jonathan Livingston Segul stopped by for a visit with the IHAN® clan...LOL

I looked over and thought I saw a tired Captain Jack Sparrow....then I put my  glasses on and noticed it wasn't him after all....darn.

We left Santa Monica at 5pm....and we didn't arrive to our next destination until 7:15pm.  (we traveled 13 miles in 2 hours and 15 minutes).  After the first hour of being trapped in the back seat with my squirrley co-workers I needed a break.  So, I opened the door and got out....much to the surprise of Mr. McSteamy and Krista.  "What are you doing???" came from the car.  I just stood next to the car stretching my legs and replied, "what difference does it make...we aren't going anywhere!"  I thought I'd flip my wig....there is no way on this earth I'd ever have that trip be part of my daily routine...not for a million tax free dollars!!!

 Our destination?  It was the Observatory but when we got here I had enough and insisted we park the car and get out.
As we approached Hollywood Blvd. from the parking structure I went into the street asking, "What's your dream?" to everyone I met....for a few minutes....don't recognize that line?

It was the opening line in Pretty Woman :)

I could not help myself...I was out of my mind after being in that traffic....anyone would have gotten out of the car and just did the first fun thing that came to mind.

We had not walked too far down the Walk of  Fame before I recognized one of those "famous" people....My son Aaron has a star on the Walk of Fame.  Don't believe me?  Here is the pix for proof!

We also saw.....

You can imagine my surprise when I saw the following "star"....
 I could not believe my I got out a magnifying glass....
Sure enough....there was my name.....ROFL (I'm sure I'm not the only goof ball to do this)

But look.....there my name was yet again....darn camera malfunctioned and I only captured my last name.  Next time I'll get a better pix for you :)

We had a ball walking up and down the street...I had the opportunity to give an autograph too.  Yep, I wrote my name on a napkin at dinner and handed it to my daughter.  It's a good thing my family is used to my odd nature :)


PS...tomorrows post actually has something to do with fabric....

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