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Showing posts with label Wildflowers by Smith Street Designs. Show all posts

Monday, June 11, 2012


Who knew these Flamingos would be so famous?  LOL  This photo is a bit dark because it was after 8 last evening when I snapped this shot.  Do you think I should get these folks address and all of us could send letters to the Flamingos?  It might be funny.

Saturday morning was my Machine Embroidery Guild Meeting.  Show and tell is always fun.  This is Annie's Wild Flowers Quilt.  

The first time I attended a Machine Embroidery Guild Workshop several members were working their Wildflower blocks.  I remember seeing all the beautiful batik fabrics Annie had and the beautiful blocks.  I was tickled pink to see Annie's quilt almost finished on Saturday.  Isn't it just beautiful?  

I need a ME fix.  I was using a friends Babylock Embroidery Machine .....oh talk about a wonderful Embroidery Machine.  After returning it....and I only returned it because it was far more difficult to have my house moved to an undisclosed I'm in the market for a used Babylock.

I am looking to purchase a used Babylock Ellismo or Ellegante Embroidery Machine with a USB.  If you have one or know someone who may be interested in selling their machine...please e-mail me at

I have been watching Craigs List, E-Bay and some of the Yahoo groups.  There are a few I'm checking into further....but I thought I'd let all of my friends know just in case you all know someone.  Buying from a friend, or a friend of a friend, would be my preferance.

If I don't get my fix soon....I don't know what will happen.  I've heard things could get really ugly....the first signs of Machine Embroidery withdrawal are painful blisters...don't believe me? 
See for yourself.....and those ugly things popped up after only 2 weeks without an Embroidery Machine.
Then the skin begins to dry and peel.....and that is before.....OH NO.....This is getting really bad now!!!

Can you even begin to imagine?  I'm so scared this will happen to me if I don't find a good used machine soon....please help me avoid the evil eyes.


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