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Showing posts with label WonderFil Thread. Show all posts

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WonderFil....Lots and Lots of WonderFil in Cincinnati

So much WonderFil in fact that I had a difficult time choosing.  I wanted to say, I'll take 10 of everything but that's not such a good inventory strategy. 
I had to come back to get the rest of the photos because there were so many people in the WonderfFil Booth in Cincinnati.  Every since Pastsy Thompson introduced me to InvisiFil I can't seem to keep it in stock. 
The samples hanging in the WonderFil booth really showed off the many uses of the variety of threads they carry.
Just look at the detail of the thread on this rooster.  Even the chicken wire is thread.
I wish I had taken more close ups of this was really neat.  The feathers below is Machine Embroidery using WonderFil  Metallic threads.

I loved this green feather and the multi-color one below.  I'm not this good at thread painting so I guess if I were to use Machine Embroidery on some of my things....I could appear to be faking it a little anyway :)

This may have been my favorite sample.

Vikki Pignatelli was in the WonderFil booth and I was so happy to meet her.  Crazy About Curves is Vikki's new DVD and she was promoting it during the festival.  If you are not familiar with Vikki's work, click on the links and check out her fantastic work.  Vickki made the lilly pad wall hanging on the wall behind her.  It is a great curvy piece and in her DVD she teaches her basic curves technbique.  My friend, Lois, bought the DVD so I got to enjoy it on Saturday night. 

You can't see that these boxes are stacked on top of one another.....I purchased all this thread for my  inventory.  The InvisiFil thread is 100 wt and I have used it for machine quilting, piecing (perfect for low bulk in seams), hand applique and machine applique.  Five new collections were introduced in Cincinnati .... you know I jumped at the opportunity to stock up too.  The new collections include: Luscious and Lovely, Bold n' Brights, Deepest Delectable Darks, Must Have Mediums and Tones That Meld.

I'm curious to know what WonderFil threads you have worked with.  Leave a comment on this post telling me about your experience.  I think it is a WonderFil idea to do a giveaway so leave a comment and you might be the lucky winner of some WonderFil thread on Friday, April 15th.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Embellishing With Thread

I only wish I could claim this project as is not.  This is Jean's project and she is a friend and guild member.  She loves thread, quite possibly more than I do.  Jean came over on Sunday afternoon to look at some thread for her wall hanging below.  This is her original design, isn't it cool? 

She is couching some Dazzle (WonderFil Threads) around these feathers.  But....she doesn't just choose one thread....nope....Jean is excellent at choosing a variety of threads to work into her designs.

Look at the Razzle Dazzle (Superior Threads)* she has used to outline some of these feathers.
I had loaned Jean some of my threads and look at the sampler she made
 before putting the thread into her design.  I think this is a great idea and I'm going to take some time to do the same for myself.  I like the way Jean has tested them and then written down the weight and brand.  I know it will be time consuming....but I know for myself that there are plenty of times I'm brain dead and don't feel like doing much....but this I could do.

While I'm on the subject of may or may not have noticed that I have added another brand of thread to the IHAN shop....WonderFil Threads.  Why?  As with everything...there is a story.  It involves a panicked woman and a great person, Patsy Thompson.  I was panicked when I was attempting to quilt "Passing the Sacred Orb" so I e-mailed Patsy begging for suggestions (thank God she likes me :)  I did not want the quilting to stand out because I did not want it to interfere with the fabrics designs.  I know, I know...use invisible thread.  Been there, done that.  Every invisible thread I used had a shine to it and looked misplaced on the matte fabrics.

Patsy to the rescue....she said she has used Invisifil by Wonderfil Threads.  To make along story is wonderful for quilting (I also use it for hand applique).  The Invisifil is so fine that it lays quietly on the fabric.

IHAN now carries the Invisifil ...great assortments too.

Check out how fine it is.....

This is Invisifil, right,  next to 50 wt cotton, left.  Doesn't the cotton look like rope next to the Invisifil

Thank you Patsy for introducing me to another great product!  You can regularly check to see what has been added to IHAN by clicking on the New Items tab on the IHAN website.

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