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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Calling all Quilters : Fellow Quilter Needs Some Cheering UP

(re-enactment generously provided by you-tube)

Karen over at Sew Many Ways Blog had a washing machine accident at her house. It rained in her workshop onto her sewing machine, serger and over all of her books and patterns. She has given me so many great tips with Tool Time Tuesdays and has offered to organize the ISpy swap....this is my way of showing her some appreciation.

I say Media Mail is dirt cheap so I invite anyone who would like to participate to send her a book or two? The packages in the mail will cheer her up and the rest of us can do a good deed for the day as well as lighten our overburdened loads. Our kids will appreciate it too....cuz they'll have less to get rid of when we ....lets say....make our transition....take a dirt nap.....head for the clouds....pass.....or just plain drop dead...LOL. If ya can't laugh....I'll just have to do it for ya :)

Send me an e-mail at and I'll let folks know where to send their media mail envelopes.


Fall Quilt Market Houston 2009 & Dale Chihuly Light at Hilton, Houston

Dale Chihuly's Work....unmistakable

They look like the same picture....but they aren' just have to sit back and take it in.
This is the light on the ceiling at the Hilton in Houston. I got the privilege of enjoying this site for 5 days.

I love Dale Chihuly's work. I have since the first time I saw it. Dale was at a glass gallery in Pontiac, MI years ago and I got invited to go and meet him. He was very interesting and I had a great time looking at his work. I could not imagine it was traveling show. His pieces sell for well over 50,000 so how does one pack and carry those around? Being the simpleton that I am, I asked him if he was afraid one would get broke. His response, "I'd just make another one." So there you have it....make another one.
If you go to the Bellagio in Las Vegas there is an entire ceiling of his glass work there. I laid on the floor and just stared at the ceiling for quite some time. The security guard asked me if I was ok....I said.....I'm more than fine. He walked away and left me alone. I seems odd to lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling in public. But I did not want to miss the feeling and image I have stored in my heart and mind for the rest of my life. It was magic and I can risk embarrassment for a lifetime of magic.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Edyta Sitar's "Friendship Triangles" has a new home

The new owner of this autographed book is:
Happy Cottage Quilter.

Thank you for entering this giveaway. It is truly my pleasure to be able to offer this book. This book was provided by Landauer Publishing free of charge and signed by Edyta Sitar the author and quilt designer. Please know they made this giveaway possible.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

International Fall Quilt Market Houston 2009 More Photos

Here are some photos of more wonderful people I met, places I went and some other stuff too!!

Meet Devotte Sabiraguha. She was our maid at the Hilton. I peaked my head out the door on the first morning to tell her we only needed shampoo and towels so don't bother cleaning our room. Devotte had the most wonderful smile and accent. I asked where she was from. Tanzania is her home and she has been in the US for 9 months. Devotte has three daughters. I asked her how she liked it here and she said, "I love it. I have a job and I am now the head of my family." I asked if I could take her photo and she nearly danced around. I loved her spirit and the immediate joy she expressed. I want to be more like Devotte.

You can see the carpet I walked on each morning when I was walking to the Convention center. Isn't it absolutely beautiful? The kaleidoscope design is by Paula Nadelstern from what I hear. Apparently someone took her work without her permission and made carpeting. Yikes...not a good idea.

I just loved seeing these bright beautiful patterns every morning. That is one great way to start the day.

This may seem mundane to you, but I was impressed. There were hand sanitizers in the hallways at the Convention Center. I thought this was an excellent idea and a nice convenience.
This is a photo of the snacks my roommate brought. I brought power bars and she brought all of this and some stuff in a fridge. Enough for both of wonderful is that? You know I loved it. A bit light on the chocolate however :)

Meet Caroline Weber Pyne. She is from New Zealand and I met her on Thursday evening. She owns "The Power Quilter" in Bay of Islands. Caroline was so refreshing and down to earth. I wanted to have coffee with her in her kitchen and maybe someday if I'm lucky enough, that will happen.

Caroline Weber Pyne from "The Power Quilter"

These are photo's of a lady's wallet. When Khris (SewPrimKhris) sees these owls....she is going to flip. I thought of her instantly. I thought of her several times because I saw many owls while at Market.

This is a note book cover a woman was carrying. She said a customer made it for her. I thought it was beautiful.

Bet you can't guess who these beautiful people are? Ok....Orion and Eleanor Burns. Orion was working so hard at Sample Spree he was sweating. They had so many great things for sale that he could not keep up. They were kind enough to pose for this beautiful photo. What lovely and beautiful people.
I actually got outside once or twice. These globes were fun to see. One grabbed my head.

Conference Center at night from the Hilton Hotel.
I got to bogey down at the MODA Customer Appreciation dinner. After being on my feet for two full days I still found some gumption to dance with some very fun ladies. Thanks to MODA I actually sat down for a meal!! They should change the D to an M since they fed us so well.

Look how truly happy Eleanor is to see me. I'm so glad I have this effect on people. (Robert Redford must have been standing behind me*** warning...clicking on the blue name could cause heart palpitations and possible heart failure)
Guess who else was bogeying down? You can really tell how old we all were compared to Orion. He had the moves down and the rest of us were just doing the same moves we've all done for the past 20-40 years.

Mark Lipinski begged me to have his picture taken with me. Can you believe it? I didn't think you would. I think I was the only person tall enough that he could actually hide behind and appear thinner. I think he needs to wear black if he wants to look thinner....that's what I do. Another good trick for looking thinner is putting dark blush on your jawline....Mark....just call me if you need more "appearing thinner tips" cuz it is easier to appear thinner than to become thinner...I know.

Pokey Bolton didn't want to be out done by Mark so she got in line for a photo with me too. I told her it might not be good for her career. The folks over at the TV station might just call me for an interview....we don't want this young lady to loose her job. Guess they would have to change the name of their show to the BS Hour....wear tall boots for this hour of entertainment/journey into insanity!! Quilted tall boots....and for all of you who don't know what BS stands for ..... it stands for Back Stitch. (Oprah's hair dresser was off the clock...hence my bad hair)

Where was I supposed to sleep? Look at all this stuff. Poor me...I had to sort through all this stuff and try to make sense of everything. I was so good not to take brochures from people I knew I would not contact later. I saved a few hundred trees....but I took several hundred too.

All of that had to go into this? It was a all fit.

I actually took this photo for my husband. I left a box in the room. I'm the one always scouting a good box and here I am leaving one. He would never believe me without this photo.

I liked this sticker being sold at the concession stand. It needs to come with an eye roll and not a spool of thread.

This is a photo of a group of us that boarded the plane in Houston headed for Detroit. Everyone but me seemed to know Fred Mikesell. Fred has been in the business for 30 years. He used to be one of the owners of Checker Distributors and currently is with EE SCHENCK CO.

I had just met him during lunch at the airport. He has one really amazing story to tell. I understand why these ladies like Fred. He is very personable. Someone said we should gather for a picture and call it "Fred's Harem." I like my title better...."If Elvis is the King of Motion then Fred is the King of Notion." I think Fred liked that one too....and I'm pretty sure his wife will like it better too!!!
Call me won't be the first. But I loved this hand dryer at the DTW airport. It is a Dyson Airblade and it dried my hands toot sweet. No paper to throw away....just nice warm air.

This was an advertisement in the window at a store at DTW. I walked past and thought to myself....why is that OK? If I were to stand there nude I would be arrested. Somehow it is OK to post photos of nude people...but not be nude in public. What is the difference?
Perhaps it is time to stage a stand in....a group of us quilters should head down there and just stand there in front of that window in the same poses. Not only would we gather a crowd....mainly because of the neat purple lines on our legs...but I bet the police would arrest every single one of us. Am I the only person who thinks it might be considered strange to put nude folks on the front of a public store? I'm so glad my boys were not with me. I'm always telling them, cover your privates....privates are for being private." I may have gone in the store and faked a gran mal seizure and just happen to flip into the photos and rip them down. I couldn't be arrested for a seizure could I?

These are the two wonderful women who made my trip possible. My Mother, Olivia is on the left. My sister, Tracy is on the right. Tracy came to stay with the boys and my Mom went to stay with her teenage boys. Rick was traveling in NY and I would have had to cancel if it were not for these two. They don't read the blog so they'll never know I published this photo. But I have thanked them over and over and over again.

Last in the file of "interesting pix from Houston trip" is our wall calendar. How does one explain to a 5 and 6 year old that Mom and Dad will be traveling on different days and Aunt Tracy is coming to stay with them? They can't possible comprehend the dates and Rick and I made a photo calendar. We put pictures of the people who would be home on each of the days so they would know when we would return. Our trips overlapped so this helped. We also put our cell phone numbers in bold ink so they could call us anytime. (Are you wondering if they called us? They didn't. All they knew was Mommy and Daddy were not there to moniter the Wii)
Feel free to borrow/boldly steal my idea to communicate with small children, the elderly or anyone who might benefit from visual aids to communicate.
Ok...that is the end of my file. I still have a ton of stories and photos from Market so stay blog needs a blog I have so many stories!
Quilting Nude Smiles at DTW,
(Most of the names were not changed to protect the innocent. I'm guilty and I know it....but not of public nudity....I know those photos in the window actually look like me....but I got a body double so I wouldn't feel so naked)

Care Packages Are Needed In American Samoa

Barb from Bejewled Quilts posted this picture yesterday. Isn't it beautiful. That beauty has power though....and that lovely water washed ashore and took lives and homes. Who wants to show those people that beauty and power can also be healing and bring hope?

The beauty of love and compassion and the power of a package. Send a package to Barb for the people who have thankfully survived this Tsunami and I'll put your name into a drawing for a gift package worth over 100.00....all sewing, stitching and quilting items. You have two weeks to get the packages in the mail and then they only recieve mail twice a week I'll add a week for that. November 10th I will announce the winner of the gift package.

If Barb receives 10 packages ....I'll make it worth 125.00, over 20 and I'll make it worth 150.00 and over 30 I'll make it worth 200.00 and if she recieves over 40 packages....I'll make it worth 300.00.

How does that sound. I don't even know yet what I'll put in that wonderful box. Guaranteed to be a great prize....and the real prize will be the difference you make in the lives of those less fortunate than we are today.

Barb posted the following:
"Lee over at Quilts by Lee, she is offering 16 fat quarters for anyone who sends a care package to me here in Amerika Samoa for the tsunami victims. I thought I would sweeten the pot with two 1/2 yards of my Samoan Fabrics..... She is also including all those that have sent packages into her giveaway. What a great idea....thanks Lee"

So you have a chance to get your name in that one too.....all before the cool is that? Way cool :) right?

Items they need are as follows:
School supplies-pens, pencils, paper, crayons, folders, erasers, paints, etc.
hygene products-toothpaste, toothbrushes, deoderant, soap, disposable razors sanitary products, (everything someone needs to clean up and feel fresh)
shoes - flip flops and sandles are best
clothes -it is warm there so send your summer clothes and your kids summer clothes
pillowcases, towels, sheets

The flat rate boxes are the best and cheapest way to go. Send your packages to: ( read...Andrew Gaddy....but change it to Barbara please)

Barbara Gaddy
P. O. Box 6544
Pago Pago 96799
American Samoa

Smiles, Kelly

Monday, October 19, 2009

Giveaway Alert: Kati Cupcake!!! Oh yea baby

Run don't walk over and sign up to win your eyes have not failed you....SEVEN Kati Cupcake patterns at V and Co. Who among us could resist that? If you can....enter your name and give them to me :)


International Fall Quilt Market Houston 2009 & One VERY Talented Family

As I was telling you...Susan Brubaker Knapp educated me on the details of this family. All I knew is I was captivated by each of them individually and I had no idea they were related.

Meet elinor peace bailey. I met elinor walking into a schoolhouse class in Houston. Instantly I knew I liked her. I knew she was not wearing a costume....these are her clothing and she loves dolls. Her earrings were dolls too. This is the kind of lady who is not waiting to wear purple. Her genuine smile was wonderful. She let me take her picture and said I could post it to my blog too. She didn't even know me!! People all around her smiled when they saw her. I think it is an amazing gift to make people smile by just walking into a room....especially when you are over 3 years old.

The next day, I met Heather Bailey.

She is holding one of the stuffies from her pattern. These are photos of her booth.

Yes...did you see that too...bottom right of photo...Dove!! This girl has taste :)

These are her shopping bags...the pattern is due out...but I don't remember when. You know I'll be making these beauties.

The unfold like this and then you have a bag to carry all your doo dah groceries, books, etc.

These are her "Trash Ties" hair ties. How smart is she? Don't answer that....she's got it goin on!!!

Ok....back to the beginning.... I go walking by and I see this really neat gal standing there having her photo taken with fun folks from AU. She smiles and lets them take her photo. I'm from OH and don't think I didn't jump right in and ask for one of me with Heather too. You know I did.

I was so taken with this young lady. Look at everything in this booth....everything from baby toys, shopping bags, stuffed fruit, clothing, pin cushions to stuffies....and "trash ties" for your hair.

Have you ever spent time with someone and walked away feeling great and a little of their energy stays with you? That is how I felt....I admire her ability to allow her creativity to flow so naturally into what ever she wants to do....doesn't seem like she edits herself creatively ....she just lets it out....and here it is...can you imagine what else is inside this gal? I want to see more :)

Then later I walk by another booth....I get that same Wow was Laura Gunn's booth. Laura is an artist and her fabric line, "Lantern Bloom" with Michael Miller is coming out soon.

Come to find out, Laura is elinor's daughter and Heather is her daughter in law. Wow....I can't imagine what elinor's son does....surrounded by these amazing ladies. All I have to say is he better be able to cut and paste and color a little anyway.
No wonder I was feeling so good....these gals sure could chase away the winter blues. Instead of Dr's prescribing antidepressants they need to prescribe a few days away with elinor, Laura and Heather....that would make even the darkest of people feel much lighter and happier.
Big Grateful Smiles,

International Fall Quilt Market Houston 2009 & Meeting Susan Brubaker Knapp

Susan Brubaker Knapp has a new book, "applique petal party" and I was fortunate enough to meet Susan. We were sitting next to one another at the Hilton working on our blogs. She has wonderful photos from Market and she also stayed for the festival....don't miss her posts over at Blue Moon River Blog.

Tell me you could avoid buying this book? If you can....your nuts...plain and simple. Someone has to have the nerve to tell you the truth :)

I was sharing some of my experiences with Susan and she helped me to put some puzzle pieces together. I was telling her about a woman I met and I called her, "The Doll Lady" and about my experience meeting Heather Bailey. I had no idea these ladies were related nor that they are all related to Laura Gunn. No wonder I had such great experiences with all of these ladies....they are all in the same family and all have this tremendous creative and energetic aura about them.

I would not be surprised one bit if someone said they were also related to Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably, Luella Doss and Drew Berrymore(the actress). I think the seven of those folks need to go away together for a week holiday someplace and have a ball. Some TV people could go and video the entire experience and show us some "much more interesting" reality TV. What do you think? Get someone to do that for me/us....I would be in heaven :)

More about all of those folks later....but I wanted to say THANK YOU to Susan and tell everyone about her wonderful book, "applique petal party."

If you ever get the chance to hear Susan speak or do a workshop, don't miss it!!! Tell her Kelly sent you over and send her a hug for me too :)


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