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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Little Birdie Secrets....Shhhh it's a Secret! or is It?

The real problem with Little Birdie not too many of us can keep a secret.  I know I can't....especially when it comes to creative tools.  Take a deep breath and get yourself a box of Kleenex.  You are going to need it because although I'm tempting you to enter for this giveaway.....all my psychic energy is vibrating at high intensity right now and I'm drawing this SILHOUTTE Digital Cutting Tool to me.....via energy waves.  I feel the vibes.....there is no penetrable source that could keep me away from this prize....not even KRYPTONITE!!!

I'm not even going to post any photos of the incredible things this baby'll have to click here to see what the Little Birdie Says about this.....and besides.....I really don't want to call the National Weather Service and announce the flash flood that will be arriving with all those tears.  Sorry know when I want something....NOTHING gets in my way :)

My true spirit shinith through :)
Evil and Wicked Smiles,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Carrie Nelson, author of SCHNIBBLES times two was at Spring Quilt Market 2010

IHAN blogifers meet Carrie Nelson, Carrie I'm pleased to introduce you to the IHAN blogifers.
 (IHAN stands for I Have A Notion and blogifers are those who read this blog...some folks have asked :)

Carrie is the author of SCHNIBBLES times two (published by Martingale & Company) and the owner of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.   As you can see here she had a large stack of books to autograph and I certainly was not going to miss meeting her and getting an autographed  book to offer to a lucky IHAN blogifer either.   She was more than happy to autograph a book and asked each person a bit about themselves.  I have to say she was very friendly and full of life, a pleasure to meet and visit with.  My friend, Jocelyn, Happy Cottage Quilter blog, loves Schnibbles.  I already knew she had the book so I asked Carrie to autograph a Brewer Sewing and Quilting gift booklet and she nice is that?  Very!  She even knew about Jocelyn's blog.  Cool isn't it?  Such a small world. 

I was going to write a review of Carrie's book, SCHNNIBLES times two, but I don't have to.  Darlene, SewCalGal blog has done all the work for me.  She did such a nice job....
See what I mean?  She does such a nice job reviewing books and products that I get lazy :)  Darlene's post is a complete review with lots more information so you need to click on her link (or here) to check it out.

While reading Meet and Greet on Carries website I read this:
In trying to think about what I would tell you about "Carrie the Quilter", it would be this – I don't know any more about making quilts than you do. I have never made a perfect quilt, although I definitely aspire to do so one day. I have my preferred methods to do things but I don't think they are the "best way" – the method I use is simply the "way that works best for me". Nor am I an "expert" quilter, I have just managed to figure out how to work around my bad habits.
I have a great deal of respect for Carrie and others who are "real" when they share what they know.  "Real People Rock"!!!

If you would like the opportunity to own an autographed copy of SCHNIBBLES times two please leave a comment on this post telling us why you would like to own this book.  Remember to leave your e-mail address on your post if you are unsure if you are a no-reply blogger.  I skip over those comments and many people have lost their opportunity to win a great gift because there was no way to contact them.  Comments for this giveaway will close on Friday July 9, 2010 at the end of the day.

Thanks to everyone who made this giveaway and post possible : Carrie Nelson, Brewer Sewing and Quilting Supplies, Martingale & Company, Darlene Simmons and last but not fingers for typing the post :)


Monday, July 5, 2010

Quilt Poetry at Spring Quilt Market 2010

IHAN blogifers meet Jane Spolar of Quilt Poetry.  After you see these photos below you will know why I was so drawn to Quilt Poetry.  "Quilts are poetry in fabric" according to Jane.....and I just so happen to agree with her:)
I really enjoyed meeting Jane.  She is a soft spoken woman who is amazingly talented. 
Can you believe this is a panel?  I could not either.  These are perfect for those who don't want to do the A word (applique).  What a great wall hanging!

Jane has a new fabric line, Bliss,  created for Northcott Silks!!!   I'm not is so beautiful you must click on the link to see it.  I don't have time to get permission right now to gently borrow their photos so you'll have to click on the highlighted text and that will take you right to the fabric line.

Quilt Poetry also offers a line of Patterns.  So if Applique is not for must check these out!!!


Quilt Blocks on American Barns by Eleanor Burns Giveaway Winner

Quilt Blocks on American Barns Gift Package Giveaway

Thank you Lady Eleanor and Prince Orion (Quilt In A Day) for giving me this lovely gift package!!! 

One lucky person won this Gift Package which includes:

an Autographed copy of Quilt Blocks on American Barns, a very fun tote bag and project bag, , a package of "On Eleanor's Farm" pre-printed fusible web that includes 6 Chickens and 6 Roosters, and a package of "Quilt Blocks on American Barns" fusible web, non-woven fusible interfacing and templates that includes Windmills, Chickens and Roosters, Gambrel Barn Silos, Gothic Barn Roofs, "American Barns" text and half rectangle template.

And who is that lucky IHAN blog reader?

 Quiltingnana is the winner.  Please e-mail me with your name and address and I'll ship your prize to you tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment!!!  I appreciate your reading and commenting on the IHAN blog.  Stay tuned for more giveaways coming your way very soon :)


Sunday, July 4, 2010

This Is My Brain

This is my brain......

This is my brain on fireworks.....

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Oh how this brain loves fireworks......

I'll leave you with one of my favorite 4th of July stories.....a few years ago when Aaron was probably just 3 we went to the fireworks here in town....sat on top of the big hill behind the elementary school with lots of other families......and when the grand finale ended.....there was complete silence.....Aaron jumps up and screams as loudly has he could...."Happy Birthday Jesus"
I almost rolled down that big hill laughing.  All he knew was this was one really big event and for it to be this big it must be someones  birthday.....I'll never for get it.

May you be with those you enjoy the most and appreciating the things you love today.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tutto - Machine on Wheels - Spring Quilt Market 2010

I am frequently surprised when I say Tutto Bag in a conversation and the person asks what a Tutto bag is.  For some reason I think everyone who sews or quilts and has ever taken their machine on a retreat or on a trip knows about  Tutto bags.  I'm not exactly sure why that is, I think because when I first started taking quilt classes it seemed like everyone had one.  When you go to Quilt Market , Shows, and Seminars many of the folks use them to carry the brochures they gather, purchases, and their extra shoes in them.  So, for those of you who don't know what a Tutto bag they are:

They are Sewing Machine, Serger, and Machine Embroidery travel bags.  They come a variety of fun colors and they are very sturdy yet light weight.  They have 4 wheels on the bottom, open from the top or side, have a variety of pockets on the inside and outside and they fold to 3" so they can be easily stored.
These are the Machine Embroidery Bags.  They are padded and have inside straps to keep your embroidery modules secure.  There is a front compartment that has built-in organizer pockets for your supplies.  They can be carried by their strap or they stack on top of Tutto Machine On Wheels or Tutto Serger On Wheels bags.
This is a Serger bag stacked on a Machine on Wheels Tutto bag
Posted by Picasa
You can see here some are wider than others.  The come in Medium, Large, XL and XXL for those new Bernina 830's.  To see all the measurements, sizes, and colors available click here.
These are so popular right now they are on back order most everywhere.  Everyone who has bought the new Bernina 830 that I know has bought one and some have had to wait a few months to get them (some colors are just that popular).

So, now you know what a Tutto Bag is!!!  Unfortunately I was not given one to give away on my blog...LOL.    But I was aloud to touch, photograph, and drool on them!!  All Tutto Bags are available at IHAN at a very nice savings.  If you don't see one listed and you want to order it, just e-mail me at and I'll get it for you.  Being a one person shop makes it tough to juggle all the sometimes I just let them fall and rely on the good ole e-mail system :)


Winner of "Oodles of Doodles" Wall Hanging Fabric Kit

The winner of the giveaway gets the kit below to make the wall hanging above made from Ricky Tims new fabric line, "Oodles of Doodles" with Red Rooster Fabrics.  "Oodles of Doodles" does not ship to stores until September/ the winner is one VERY LUCKY IHAN BLOG READER!! :)

Without further ado......STORMY ARE the winner :) 

Please e-mail me at with your complete name and address. My sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment and tolerate the mystery of the loss of photos the first day. No worries for those who did not win today.....because my box of goodies is still overflowing....stay tuned :)

Just a reminder, have you gotten your comment posted for the "Quilt Blocks on American Barns" giveaway?  See the upper right hand side of my blog and click on it to enter to win this incredible gift package compliments of Lady Eleanor Burns and Quilt In A Day.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ricky Tims' "Oodles of Doodles" at Spring Quilt Market 2010

I think the photo problem is fixed!  Thanks for your patience.

Red Rooster Fabrics hosted Ricky Tims for a Schoolhouse presentation at Spring Quilt Market 2010
(Music for this presentation provided by MC Hammer thanks to IHAN's creative staff?)

You know IHAN was not going to miss this presentation!! I can't say I got the best photographs but I did have a great time and enjoyed hearing Ricky Tims speak.

Oodles of Doodles is Ricky's new fabric line with Red Rooster Fabrics.  It will be in stores by September/October 2010.  "Circles spinning with bands of color that swirl and twirl create the ultimate in contemporary design!" is the description I copied from Red Roosters Site.  I think I would have called it, "Way too much fun" and  the song "Can't Touch This" would be playing in the background. - IHAN's creative staff managed to add it just for this post....cuz.....I felt like it :)
Can you tell IHAN really, really, really likes this fabric?  I love the energy....and it does not even have caffeine or just the effects without the shock to my internal organs....just the beauty in my eyes.  I bet if you hooked me up to one of those brain scans my pleasure centers would go bonkers when these fabrics were shown to me.  What about you?  No, then close your eyes and those who say Yes....DEFINITELY YES....keep reading :)

Obviously I did not get to meet Ricky while he was giving his presentation for Schoolhouse.  The next day I was able to meet him at the American Quilter's Society booth.  I know why Alex Anderson likes him now.....he seems to have a kind, gentle, creative, fun-loving and sincere spirit.  He posed for a photo with me but since I don't know how to Photoshop the pix I'm not posting it today.  I look like Casper and I'm having one of those days (you know what I mean).

Ricky gave everyone who attended his Schoolhouse presentation a kit to make the wall hanging that is pictured above.  How cool is that!!!  Extremely cool indeed :)  I know the gift was intended to be used by folks to make Samplers for their shops.  Since IHAN is virtual.....and I already posted a photo of it (above) then why not pass this lovely gift alone to one very lucky IHAN blog reader right?  RIGHT!!
All you have to do to win this "Oodles of Doodles" Wall Quilt Kit is leave a comment on this post and tell me where you will hang it or who you will give it to.  Easy enough?  Make sure you leave your e-mail address if you are going to leave an anonymous comment or you are a no-reply blogger.  This giveaway will end on Friday July 2, 2010 at Midnight.

Smiles, Kelly
All of these Ricky Tims Items are
NOW Available at IHAN (at a nice savings too!!!)


Superior Threads - Ricky Tim's Art Studio Colors

Rhapsodie Fantastique Embroidery CD

Grand Finale DVD

Harmonic Convergence

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