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Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Reveal-My Patt Blair Class Project Including Grip & Stitch™ for Free Motion Quilting Giveaway

I could not help but hold my piece for this post because I also wanted to share with you a new tool I've learned about that I really like... the Grip & Stitch™ Quilting Disks for Free Motion Quilting.  I knew Free Motion Quilting would come into play while taking my class at Alisomar so it was the first opportunity I had to give them a test drive.  The ole two birds with one stone trick :)  On with the post.....

You may recall this post, when I shared my project inspiration....

I immediately fell in love with Corina's art and wrote to ask her permission to use her piece for my class.  Much to my delight she granted me permission and included words of encouragement as I embarked on my first art project.  Keep in mind I had great trepidation and came close to backing out of the class because I can only draw stick figures and have no other art training since kindergarten. 

With the assistance of a great teacher, Patt Blair, this is what my piece looks like......

For my very first time, I think it looks pretty good.  Thankfully Patt was there to keep encouraging me...Thank You Patt!  The dribbles next to my piece were stains on the mat board my piece was pinned to...not on my design.  (I didn't scribble....just needed to clarify...giggles.)

While on the subject of artists, all of their work, including what you see here on my blog is copy written and you can not copy it...that includes using your snipping tool...without Corina or Patt's permission.  It is so very important to get permission before use.

 I was contacted by Ellen Holder from Clever Craft Tools and she asked if I would be willing to review the Grip & Stitch™ Free Motion Quilting Disks.  I agreed and asked if she would also include a  set to be given away on my blog....I'm so tickled she said yes.  Those of you who follow my blog will have extra opportunities to win a set of the Grip &Stitch™ Free Motion Quilting Disks so keep reading :)
I was practicing on a scrap, shown above, that I used for ink blotting before I went to quilting on my elephant.  I used the Grip & Stitch™  was surprised that using the disks were so much easier on my hands and wrists.  Typically I grip the fabric with my hands and they will cramp and my wrists get a bit sore.  I know many people use their hands flat, but I'm not comfortable unless I can hold on to the fabric.  The disks do the "holding" so my hands don't have to.
As you can see here,  I'm holding the disks and keeping the fabric taunt so there are no ripples.  Since I'm not hanging on to the fabric my hands are much more relaxed and my wrists are straight, not bent.  Sometimes it takes encouragement to try something new and teach this gal a new trick!

I don't know about you but I can get a bit tense when "trying" to do a good job when Free Motion quilting.  My shoulders can get tight too.  With the Grip & Stitch Disks I was not pulling or pushing the fabric through because the Disks were holding the fabric for me and I could glide the fabric instead of pushing and pulling.  It was an overall very positive experience and I would highly recommend you give them a try if you have not already tired them.
I hope you take the time to look at this you tube video showing how the Grip & Stitch Disks are used.  I didn't have a video camera with me so I could show you myself.  You'll get the idea.

One very lucky IHAN® blog reader will have the opportunity to win a set of the Grip & Stitch™ Disks compliments of   Ellen at Clever Craft Tools.   All of the details are below in the Rafflecopter widget.  Best of luck to everyone!!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Simply Sensational Square-Agonals Quilts - Book Review and Giveaway

Sandi Blackwell is such a lovely woman.  I could not attend Quilt Market this past year so Sandi brought Market to me :)  She sent me her newest book and several patterns to review and give away on my blog.  Can I get a loud Woooo Hooooo for Sandi!!!  She just ROCKS!!!

From the moment I watched Sandi demonstrate how she sews squares together and then turns them into complicated quilt patterns I was blown away.  She uses science to make beautiful quilt pattern designs. 

 I have to be honest and tell you that I would not be willing to cut my fabric on a diagonal and sew the bias edges back together again.  I have enough trouble keeping everything square and I don't want headaches.  I'm sure that is why I was so tickled to see Sandi's method.

The diagram on the back of Simply Sensational Square-Agonals Quilts is an excellent visual description of how Sandi manages to turn a bunch of squares into a beautiful on-point quilt.  First you sew all the squares together and then you cut them on a diagonal and re-sew those pieces together.  Yes, you do have bias edges and I did say I don't like bias edges.  Sandi demonstrates how she keeps those edges stable by using her tape.  It isn't required to use it, but for folks like me...I'd use it.

As I said, you don't have to use the additional Guide Tapes but they are helpful if you are like me and gets things mixed up and wonky.  Sandi also provides templates in her book for the Arrow's that you can print and use as well.

I assure you that with the visual guides and very well written instructions you can make a beautiful quilt like Strawberry Fields without having to cut all those small bias edges.
Strawberry Fields Quilt pattern from Simply Sensational Square-Agonals Quilts

 I just love the  Strawberry Fields pattern.  It is bright, cheerful and can be made with a huge variety of fun fabrics.  There isn't a pattern in this book that I don't like which is a real compliment coming from me.  Typically there are only a few quilts in a book that I am drawn to and I'm drawn to every one of Sandi's quilts.  Just look at the cover of the book....isn't that just a stunning quilt?

Did I mention a giveaway?  I sure did :)
I will be giving away an autographed copy of Simply Sensational Square-Agonals Quilts this Friday to one very lucky person AND 4 other very lucky people will be given one of Sandi's patterns.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sandi has Free Pattern Downloads, you don't want to miss those!!!

Jack Blackwell wrote an article that was published in Quiltposium Magazine that you may enjoy reading.
 CLICK HERE and scroll down to read the article


Friday, September 13, 2013

Is it really "Easy Peazy"?

Remember the beautiful placemats I saw at Checker Open House a few weeks ago?
 I thought they were just beautiful and an excellent idea for a quality gift this holiday season.  Fortunately for me, Margaret Travis from Easy Peazy Sew So Easy sent me a few of her patterns to review. 
When I started to make my placemats.... well....I did what any messy person does....I pulled out all my batik fabrics and started to see what I had that would go together nicely.   Did I read the pattern through first?  Nope!  I went straight for the mess making event.  LOL....terrible I know...but I do love playing in the fabrics.

Once I decided what colors I was going to go with, I then opened the pattern and read it thoroughly.  I decided to start with Stripy Stripey Placemats

Oh....I just love hexagons so deciding which pattern to start with was Eazy Peazy ...corny I know...but I couldn't help myself :)
I love, love, love these placemats!!! 

I used the Bosal Double Sided Fusable Craft Tex 16" circles as the base.   The cool part is once you've sewn your top layer all you have to do is fuse it to the 16" circle.  Very fast indeed!   I was surprised by was how the binding is done on this pattern.  When I first saw the pattern I thought it would be like traditional quilt binding and I would have to hand stitch down the binding.  NOPE!  That binding was the easiest binding I have ever done.  The Stripy Stripey Placemat pattern is written so well I believe even a newbie can be successful in making wonderful placemats.  
LOOK at all the fun placemat patterns by Easy Peazy.  I'm just guessing I'm not the only one who thinks these are fun.  Would you like a chance to win two Easy Peazy Palcemat Patterns of your choice?  Here are some Easy Peazy ways to have several opportunities.  Do any or all of these things for your chance to win and leave a comment on this post telling me that you have done it.  You will get one chance for each thing you have done.

  • Follow I Have A Notion®  Blog
  • Like Easy Peazy Sew So Easy on Facebook for ONE chance to win and leave a comment on this post that you have done this.
  • Leave a comment telling me which two patterns you would choose.

You must have a US or Canadian mailing address to participate.  If you don't have one and are from outside these two countries, have them shipped to a friend in one of those countries and have the friend send them to you!!!

I will do the drawing by random number generator (is there any other way to do it?) and I will choose 3 winners on Friday, September 20th.

Best of luck to all of you and I know you will have a ball making these lovely placemats for yourselves and for friends and family.

THANK YOU Margaret for turning me on to your lovely patterns!!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I love it when I ask for help and people take the time to stop and send me a note.  I appreciate all the feedback I got from this post yesterday.  This morning when I got up, I had a thought.  Yes...a thought if you can believe it :)  If there existed such a database then how would all the designers make the money from their patterns?  Hmmmmm....ya'all know I would not take a dime from any of them as I know just how difficult it is to write a pattern and many also write wonderful books as well.  So, I doubt anyone will be coming up with any databases anytime soon....and you can be sure it wouldn't be me to develop a database anyway!

To show my appreciation....I'm giving a few fun things away to those that left a comment yesterday.  This is what I'll be giving away:
This is my favorite fusible...Mistyfuse and I'm going to give away my sample package from Quilt Market of both Mistyfuse and Transdoodle. 

A charm pack from RJR fabrics, the fabric is Giselle by Marianne Elizabeth.  When the winner receives it it won't be all pretty in that neat pile since I made a fan out of it first.

And a beautiful pattern from Golden Thyme Designs, Sunset in the Sierras.  I adore Lacy Hill....she is a lovely woman and a great designer too.

Today is the last day of school for my co-workers so I've got to run back up to the school now.  When I get back I'll do some random number generating and give these fun things away.

I'll leave you some updated Flamingo pix.  Apparently with all the work they did yesterday....they are have a day off:


Monday, November 29, 2010

Square-agonals - A New Angle On Quilting

I had the very good fortune of meeting Sandi Blackwell in Houston for Quilt Market 2010.  Sandi's first book is Very Impressive!!!  Each time I go to Market I typically find one book or tool that I've never seen before and I think is innovative and truly new.  This time it was Sandi's book entitled, " Square-agonals." 


Square-agonals is a New Angle on Quilting
No Math!
No Cutting or Setting Triangles!
Turn Easy-Stitched Blocks and Rows into Stunning Diagonal Designs

I know many quilters who cringe when they see the word triangle. Sandi has developed a method where you sew blocks together in rows and no triangles!!  I won't give away all the magic of the book but I will show you a few photos I took that gives you a little glimpse into how it is done.....just so you know you can do it too :)
Although Sandi explains the mathematics behind Square-agonlas you don't need to understand the method in order to make any of the 14 patterns in the book. 
The blocks are sewn together in rows and then the quilt gets cut into three sections and reassembled ....that is what gives you the diagonal set design. 

You are looking at how the fabric was cut and the tape is "Arrow Guide Tape."  The tape makes a great visual guide for cutting as well as stabilizes the bias fabric that you cut.  You don't have to purchase the "Arrow Guide Tape" to use her method either....she told us we could use our own tape but that she has developed the tape just to keep things simple.  I like that!!
When it is sewn back together this is what you have....a diagonal set design without having to ever sew one of those little triangles!!!  Now you know why I was impressed right? 
Isn't it amazing that Sandi has figured out how to go from the blocks on the left to the beautiful table runner on the right?  (not to scale of course...I know someone was thinking....miracle grow for fabric right?)
You have to click here and see all of the quilts that have been made using Sandi's Square-agonals method.  You'll be really surprised to see how incredible they are and no one had to sew a triangle. 

I made certain  I was in line to get an autographed copy of Sandi's book, Square-agonals,  for one very lucky IHAN blog reader.  I was not going to miss this one!!!  So if you would like to have a chance to own an autographed copy of Square-agonals please leave a comment on this post telling me why you would like to own this book.  I will choose a winner by random on Friday night December, 3rd. 


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Susan Brubaker Knapp in Houston for Quilt Market 2010

Susan Brubaker Knapp
Blue Moon River

Susan gave a great Schoolhouse presentation during Quilt Market in Houston this year.  Her presentation included a slide show which made it difficult to take photos.  I love this photo....except for the crease in the wall!! 
"Vanity" is the name of  this piece.  It is 11 x 11 and was on the cover of Quilting Arts Magazine for April/May 2010.  Check out Susan's blog.  When you get there make sure you scroll down and look along the right side of the page.  Many of her pieces are on the cover of Quilting Arts Magazine.  Her work is absolutely beautiful and it is no surprise that she is featured on the cover of  these magazines. 

Here is Susan in my sewing area!!  No she does not live next door.....I bought her Master Machine Quilting - Free Motion Quilting and Thread Sketching DVD.  I have admired Susan's creations and having a personal class with Susan (via my laptop) is the only way to go - with my schedule.   I buy DVD's because I'm a visual learner and really appreciate the flexibility of being able to watch over and over again.  This is a little snippet from Susan's DVD.

I have never done any thread sketching in my life.  I have been struggling with finishing a backpack that I made.  I want a beautiful embellishment on the back of it and I finally found a pattern I like.  Below is a photo of some practicing I did yesterday morning.  I did some free motion quilting with invisible thread and then on one of them I used some small cording to make the veins pop up.  It looked ok, but nothing special.  I thought about doing some hand embroidery and beading but then I remembered Susan's DVD. 
Look how much different the leaf looks with some thread sketching on it.  Now I know Susan sketches on top of applique that she has done herself.  But I did not find it written anywhere in the quilting police policies that says you can't sketch on top of patterns that someone else has already given you on the fabric!!!  It was so much fun I was actually ticked off royal when I had to stop and go to an appointment.  No joke.


Keep in mind this is my very first piece.  It is intended only for practice and I have the one I will use on my backpack set aside until I feel like I've practiced with the colors of thread that I will end up using.  I think there is a huge difference between this one and the one with quilting only. 

Susan is an excellent teacher and the free motion quilting and thread sketching is tons of fun.  Her DVD, Free-motion Stitching and Thread Sketching is an wonderful resource if you are wanting to learn either of these techniques or would like to build on your current skills.  Susan was very clear in her explanations and the video captures each step Susan was teaching.  She encourages exploration and gives her students lots of permission to "just do it."  Typically I would be afraid to try something new and tell myself I can't do it-because I've seen so many incredible works of art and I know mine would look nothing near that quality.  But....oh contraire....look how cool the veins on that leaf looks.  They really pop and that was my first attempt. 

Oh, what do we have here? Hmmmm...would that be Susan Brubaker Knapp's latest DVD? Why yes it is. Hmmm...wonder what I should do with it.....(contemplating now).....

I've decided to give it to one extremely lucky IHAN blog reader. I know, I can't believe I'm giving it away either. Thank you Susan for the pleasure of allowing me to give away a copy of your latest DVD, Master Machine Stitching- Thread Sketching Beyond the Basics, here on the IHAN blog!!

Lets see....something different this time.....hmmmmm....ok I got it.....go over to Susan's Website and look at the Art Quilts she has in her Gallery.  Come back and leave a comment about the Quilt you like best and why.

Oh, one more thing, I forgot to mention Susan's Note Cards......

These note cards make great gifts.  I love giving and receiving gifts that support quilt artists.  I know you've been wracking your brain trying to find something that you know I will love....and feel free to buy me one or 6 sets of these beautiful Note Cards.   It's like giving two gifts at one time - you give to Susan and you give to me.  Let the giving begin!!! :)

OK...back to the Giveaway

A winner will be drawn by random on Sunday Evening,  November 21st.  Feel free to tell your friends or post about this giveaway on your blog or facebook.  You might want to become a follower of the IHAN blog so you will see the post about the winner, if you are not already.  I am a follower of Susan's blog and I think you should strongly consider becoming a follower on her blog as well.  She is a wonderful writer and I have always enjoyed her posts...I know you will too.

Sketching with Smiles,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spring Quilt Market 2010 - X Blocks by Quilt Queen Designs

Counting down the hours now....before Fall Quilt Market 2010 in Houston, TX.  However, we still have some things to discuss before I go....namely...X-Blocks!!!

This is Patricia Pepe from Quilt Queen Designs.  Patricia has designed the X-Block Patterns and Templates.  I took some photos of the beautiful quilts that were hanging in her booth during Spring Quilt Market.

The quilt behind Patricia is Venetian Tiles.  It is hard for me to see that all of these quilts were made with the X-Block Templates.  They are all so very different aren't they? 
"Bright Eyes" is a fun pattern that would be great for a teen as well as a baby.  Of course, it would be great for me and I'm not a teen or a baby....anyone want to make me one?  LOL

Patchouli is the name of this pattern.  Strong yet sensitive - here I go again- like the Patchouli Essential Oil. 
This is the wall banner that comes along with the Patchouli Pattern.  Two great patterns for the price of one :)
Blueprints Pattern also comes with a "Bonus X-tra Quilt Pattern". 
Patricia also has a book, Once Upon A Time in X-Blocks Land.  "Discover the exciting quilting adventure of X-Blocks!  Not just another quilt book, it's a fabric fairytale come true! Use the X-Blocks rotary tool to turn simple blocks into exciting new designs - no more "ho hum" quilts! 9 magical quilt designs included. "

I like that the X-Block patterns are pleasing to the eye and many come with two patterns for the price of one.  That is great when you want to make a lap quilt for someone and have left overs to make a smaller quilt too!!

This is what the X-Block Templates look like.  They come in 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 inch as well as a Mini and the X-Block Tool Belly Buttons that go along with Once Upon A Time In X-Block Land

"With the X-Blocks® rotary cutting tool, you can create dozens of spectacular designs that look complex but are incredibly quick & easy! They can be created from strips or easy-to-piece blocks and the fabulous borders are created as you make your X-Blocks® so there is virtually no waste! "

I've had the good fortune of having the Bright Eyes Pattern (Autographed) and the 6 1/2 inch X-Block Template in my possession since May.  The best news of all is that I did not open and use either of them....I saved them to give away to a very lucky IHAN blog reader!!!  Patricia was kind enough give both autographed items to me!!!  THANK YOU Patricia!!!!

If you would like to be the lucky new owner of the Bright Eyes Pattern and the 6 1/2 inch X-Block Template leave a comment on this post telling me why you would like to own it.  I know what you are thinking...."why does she ask that all the time?"  Right?  I ask because I really do want to know why you are interested in a particular giveaway.  You must have a reason and it is fun to read those comments.  But if you are tired of that question....make up an interesting one of your own....write it in the comment box....and then answer it!!!  IHAN is a kinder and gentler sort of place.....:)  LOL  How about we choose a winner on Thursday Night?  I"ll ask Gene to remind me....because he is great at that sort of stuff!!!  Gene, will you please remind me on Thursday that I need to do a number generator for a winner?


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Giveaways Going On - You don't want to miss this one :)

I know you will not want to miss this giveaway!!  You can't win if you don't enter so I've entered three times.  Jen Eskridge, ReannaLilly Designs,  is hosting her Second Blog Birthday and she is celebrating by giving away some wonderful gifts.  (Aren't we supposed to bring the gifts to a party?....We get gifts at someone else's birthday party?  I'm really liking this...LOL)

Head over to ReannaLilly Designs Blog.  Her giveaways are open until Monday and this is only Thursday so you still have lots of time to enter.

Today you can enter to win 8 1/2 yard cuts of Jackie Clark Designs and two patterns.  That's all I'm telling you because you need to head over and check it out. 


Friday, July 16, 2010

Winner of the Double Diamond Ruler and Patterns

And the winner of the Double Diamond Ruler and Patterns is lucky # 40

AnnieO said... 40 Annie please send me your address and I will put your ruler in the mail to you.  Thank you to everyone who left a comment.  Of course there are lots more giveaways coming....what else am I going to do with all these incredible things from Quilt Market?  Share them with my blog readers of course :)

I'd love to win this because I love new tools and especially those that are timesavers, seeing as I have two jobs! Thanks for the chance for the ruler.

July 14, 2010 10:07 PM

Monday, July 12, 2010

Win Blooming Possibilities - Another Giveaway

I'm sorry I was not parting with my Blooming Possibilities that I blogged about on July 9th....I know there were lots of comments on how cool the flowers, hat and bag was/is.

So I thought I would tip you off to a big Giveaway on the Abbey Lane Blog for a chance to win  Blooming Possibilities, the hat pictured below and a flower!!! 

Posted by Picasa
Click here to hop over to their blog for an opportunity to win :)


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