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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winner of the Pre-Holiday Beam N Read 6 LED Hands Free Light

(If I were a graphic artist...I'd have a Beam N Read 6 LED light hanging around this little fellas neck....but I'm not.  You'll just have to visualize one being there :)

AND the Winner of the Pre-Holiday Beam N Read Light Giveaway is:

Izzy said...

I would definitely get one for my daughter - she loves to read in the car and is constantly complaining when it's too dark to read!
November 14, 2011 2:35 PM

Thank You all 105 of you who stopped by to leave a comment AND for the remaining 104 of you...I'll offer free shipping through midnight tonight if you want to get yourself a Beam N Read 6 LED Hands Free Light...for no other reason than just because :) 


Make your shopping a Beam N Read for everyone on your gift list and I'll ship them for free and include a is that for easy?  (Free shipping for contiguous 48 US States only)
Congratulations Izzy!!!  And a big Thank You to Bob from Beam N Read Lights for sponsoring this giveaway!

Izzy, please send your full name and address to so I can let Bob know where to send your light :)
Bright Smiles,

"Quick Look Quilt Show" Houston 2011 Quilts

I was able to go back into Photobucket and make the slide show larger...I know it is a bit fast, I could not find how to slow it down.  You've heard of speed dating?  Quilt In A Day?  Now you have "Quick Look Quilt Show" Houston 2011 ...what next...brief stitch? 
As soon as I get the co-workers on the bus, I'll be back to tell you who won the Beam N Read 6 Led Light :)

Early Smiles,
Just discovered if you click on "view all images" will take you to Photobucket and then you can click "Next" upper right and you can see them individually.  Quit acting like you knew that all along...I know I'm not alone in this technological maze of mirrors :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Today Is The Last Day to Win a Beam N Read 6 LED Light

Beam N Read Pre-Holiday Gift Giveaway Nov. 14-21, 2011


Today is your last day to leave a comment - not here...on the original IHAN blog post "Beam N Read Pre-Holiday Giveaway" win a Beam N Read 6 LED light...either for yourself or for someone on your gift list. 

I have read the comments and there sure are a lot of people who want a Beam N Read Light...either for themselves or for a loved one.  I promise you the Beam N Read Light is not another gizmo or gadget that you or a loved one won't use....guaranteed!!  Since I'm offering free might want to take advantage of buying that special person a Beam N Read 6 LED Light and let me ship it to them.  I'd be happy to enclose a holiday note if you like..( I can also write don't open date...because you know how some people (Me) can be...they get a package...they open it immediately :)

Free Shipping Ends tonight at Midnight

Make the  holidays very easy for at IHAN and I'll enclose all your Holiday notes for all your gifts and ship them shipping is for the US only...sorry my dear overseas friends...I love you too...I just don't want to go to debtors prison  :)

I've spent my morning trying to get a slide show of all the quilts I saw in Houston...a whole hours worth...when I can get it to work I'll upload it :) 


Friday, November 18, 2011

Susan Brubaker Knapp in Houston for Fall Quilt Market 2011

Quilt Market Houston 2011

Susan Brubaker Knapp, Blue Moon River, gave an incredible School House presentation this year.  She shared her new book, Point Click Quilt! with us and talked about thread painting and using photos as her inspiration. 
I feel like a photographer when I'm at Market.  I do my best to get folks to look at the camera so I can bring back photos to share with IHAN blog readers.  So Susan's just for you (and I got to enjoy it too!)

Susan's School House Presentation was very well attended and you know I loved every minute of it...especially at the end when we got to look and touch her beautiful art work.
This is what you would not have been able to see in the photo above....Susan had painted and stitched on her shoes can't enjoy them with her behind that table....see...I'm taking good care of get all the skinny here...LOL.

 Susan's work was passed around and I took the opportunity to take photos and I also took some close-ups so you can see the thread painting in detail.

If you click on any of these photos they will enlarge....and the thread work is so beautiful you'll definitely be clicking away today.
As you can see above, Susan has taken a photo of a simple fence with a shadow in the back ground and transformed the ordinary into something extraordinary.   Many of these pieces are also included in her book, Point, Click, Quilt!
 I would have probably walked right past that fence and thought nothing of it....and then when I see how beautifully it has been translated....I just marvel.

The quilts were on tables or chairs when the photos were taken.....I hope I have captured the sense of awe I felt that day... in these photos...especially when you look up close and see how Susan has outlined with thread or sketched with thread over fabric to make the bird appear dimensional...really awesome.

 Check out the photo below....don't you feel like you are right there looking down at these pumpkins?

 Below in the can see Susan has done some fabric painting as well as thread painting.
It just blows me away.  I so badly want to take a class with Susan but so far the closest I've come is to watching her DVD's.
These cars are very cool....look at the texture in the road...and the depth of the brown on the car...from here it looks to me like an oil painting doesn't it?   


When you look close-up, you see the thread has created what can't be captured with paint on canvas...for those of us who love textiles....this type of art just knocks your socks off.  

 In the first photo of the see a butterfly and it jumps with color...then in the close up...I see a character in the butterfly...a friendly intelligent you see it too?  Or am I just projecting?

A few days later, Susan was autographing Point, Click, Quilt and the line was wrapped around the corner...

 All of the books were spoken for when I arrived....and I arrived I wasn't going to walk away empty handed....I took this photo :)

I know by now it seems like I was stalking Susan....but honestly I wasn't.  There is a schedule of events and when I'm interested in learning more about a persons work...I circle it and try to make it to their events.  Between events I have a list of must see people to learn about new notions or to test new notions (I'm sort of known as the person who wants to see if she can actually get the notion to work or see if I can break it...before I buy

Armed with at least 2 cameras at all times I take photos of everything and anything that interests me. 
This peacock grabbed my I took a photo and then I zoomed in on the name of the artist...surprise was Susan's.  I had seen "Psychedelic Peacock"kon the Blue Moon River blog, but for some reason I had not put 2 and 2 together.  So when I caught up with her again...I asked her to stand with it so I could take a photo.

Susan told me she used 30 spools of thread ...yes...30...that is THIRTY spools of thread to make this beauty. (I bet she is wishes she lived here now...with all this thread...she'd be in heaven :)
When you see these close-up can see how she used 30 spools of thread to turn a peacock into a symphony of color and texture.
I love the swirls and curves...they really move....this Peacock is Alive!
Do you know how very glad I am that Susan didn't ask my advise on thread colors...and which thread to put where? EXTREMELY GLAD :)

Do you want to learn more about Susan's process?  You can check out her schedule by clicking here and take a class with Susan, follow her blog here .  If you want to explore more while at can find Point, Click, Quilt here...and if you like DVD's (my favorites) you can find them here!

I just clicked over to get the link and you know what I saw?  A Giveaway....SewCalGal has reviewed Susan's latest DVD, Dynamic Quilt Design: Paint Meets Stitch.  Talk about serendipity...the universe is aligning today...( this was not planned...honest truth...I don't decide until I sit down at the computer what I'm going to blog about)

Might I suggest you hop over to SewCalGal's Blog and leave a comment for your chance to may notice I've only invited you after I've already visited and left my comment!!! least I told ya about it :)

Selfish Smiles,
Good Luck in winning Dynamic Quilt Design....sort of!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Increase Your E-Notion IQ - Wash-Away Applique Sheets

Ok, Wednesdays post on Thursday....I don't think any satellites will fall out of the sky do you?
Beth Ferrier, Apple Wood Farm Publications, was doing a demo at Quilt Market in Houston for her Wash-Away Applique Sheets.   More Hand Applique by Machine, is a great technique and applique pattern book that Beth wrote and it was published a few years ago.   (Not much for Carol Merrill's but I don't recall there ever being a Carol Merrill in the world of you?)

Beth makes me laugh...she says she is a recovering perfectionist.  I'm not sure I've even entered the first phase of recovery so she is further ahead than I am!  Did you know you, even though she is in recovery you can still eat off her kitchen  floor?  That's because there is plenty of food on it....that's recovery for ya!   (Beth's words...not mine...but I also can eat off my floor :)

Having projects that are  portable  are appealing to Beth.  She has come up with some very manageable ways to do applique without getting poked with pins, loosing your pieces or fraying your small pieces of fabric.

This is an example of Beth's work and because it has not been washed, the fruit looks three dimensional doesn't it?
This one has been washed and the Wash-Away Applique Sheet has no three dimensional appearance.
Beth has been working on this applique border....good thing she is doing it...because I'd be the rest of my life attempting to keep all those pieces in one place.
This is the other end....isn't it beautiful?  I just love the layers and how neat and nice they lay.
We noticed some little black things on her flowers...I thought it was part of the design.  Silly me...nope....those are micro basting tags.  Yep, that's how Beth keeps all her pieces in place on her back ground fabric.  She uses Avery Dennison's Micro Tack Basting Gun.  It makes great sense to use the black Micro Tacks because they make it easier to see on bright fabrics. 
Look how tiny they are.  Beth said she has tried several basting guns and the Avery Dennison Micro Tack has the smallest needle and it doesn't leave holes in her fabric. 

If you decide to use the Micro Tack Gun, you need to put the needle through the fabric and back up you would a pin...and it will hold your pieces of fabric tightly.  The best part don't get picked by the end of the pins you would have used otherwise :)
To transfer your design, you can put the Wash-Away Applique Sheet into your ink-jet printer and the design transfers beautifully to the Applique Sheet.  You cut it out on the line and fuse it to your heard me is also fusible.  Oh yeah baby :)  Cut 1/4 inch around your paper template that you have just fused to your fabric. 
Here, Beth is demonstrating how she uses a glue stick around the edge of the template.
She then uses her thumb to press the fabric around the template.  I should probably tell you the Wash-Away Applique Sheets have some body to them so they aren't real flimsy....I think that is important...I wouldn't want the fabric to be so flimsy that I would have a hard time tacking the fabric around the template.

After she gets the fabric around the template, Beth goes back and smooths out the fabric around the template with her "magic wand."  For those of you without a "magic wand" you can use your Applique Pressing Tool or a cuticle stick from the beauty supply store. 

Another tool Beth recommends is this portable light box.  It is a Light Box Globox and you put your pattern on top of the box so you can get perfect placement for your applique pieces.

It is just 5 x 9 and it is lightweight so it is handy while working on airplanes, sewcials, workshops and classes.  The light box I use is gigantic so there is no way I could sit on the sofa or take it this was a great lesson for me too.
 You can see it lay your pattern on top and turn on the box and you can see where to put your applique pieces.  (Can you see me sitting in a plane trying to use the window?  That is just like me to do something like that....and then drop my damxx applique piece on the floor and have to bother the person sitting behind me to find it for me...LOL)

Since there was no electricity at the booth, she improvised....and it worked.  You can see how she laid the applique pieces on the pattern.
Being a visual learner, I wanted to stay and watch her do more pieces.  Here she had finished a part of the pear and then was adding the next piece.
Beth has numbered her pieces and many patterns have the pieces numbered so you can just print them onto the Wash-Away Applique Sheet and be able to find where each one goes in the pattern.
Then she joined one piece to the top of the next you can see here...that is how she gets them to lay so nicely and they appear perfect from the front side.  Then Beth puts it under her machine and stitches around each piece. 

Afterwards, I was thinking about wall hangings.  I don't wash mine, I just shake the dust out.  If I wanted to do a wall hanging and have parts of it look dimensional without doing trapunto...but flat dimensional....I could just wash the background pieces and after it dries, I could sew another layer and keep the Wash-Away Applique Sheet in the fabric so it would look like the pieces were popping.  Either way...I really like Beth's is right up my alley.

Here you can see Beth has printed some hexagons on the Wash-Away Applique Sheet and has fused them to fabric and she is using the sheets for paper piecing.  No need to remove the just washes away :)

I found it interesting that Beth had to samples of paper piecing.  She did a whip stitch on the first one and the second one she did a running stitch.  The running stitched one looked so much nicer from the front.  (e-mail me if you need pix for proof :)
Check out what else Beth has done....
Foundation paper Piecing too!
I'm sure there will be more uses for the Wash-Away Applique Sheets.   There are always new uses for products that we don't think of until we are in the middle of a project wondering how we can accomplish something and we need just the right tool.

A quick recap for ya...Wash-Away Applique Sheets
  • Can be used with an ink-jet printer for applique templates or foundation piecing patterns
  • Transparent enough to trace your applique designs onto
  • Washes out for a soft end result or can be left in and it gives a dimensional look (it does soften over time)
  • Can be used in paper piecing-you just fuse the first piece on and then you don't have to rip the paper off...just wash it away :)
  • It gives a crisp clean edge for applique stitching

Now you know why it takes me so long to get all my posts up!!  I download all the pix...organizing them...watermarking them...uploading them...and then writing the post...spell checking...a tiny bit of editing I'd appreciate it if you'd not talk behind my back about how I claim to do a Wednesday post and then post it on Thursday....:)

Giggling and Smiles,
Now it's back to all that Floriani thread!!!  Oh yeah....Don't forget the Pre-Holiday Beam N Read Light Giveaway going on now...leave your comment Here for your chance to win :)

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