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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coin Purse Blog Hop Winner Announced and more

Congratulations to are the lucky winner!  Please e-mail me with your full name and address and I'll get your prize in the mail to you :)

For those of you who are wondering how those Flamingos are is today's update..."not quite live" from Perrysburg, OH...LOL
The Flamingo Flock are having a birthday for Josie.

If you have not stopped by to leave a comment to win the Beam N Read 6 Led Hands Free Light.. click HERE and leave a comment before Sunday.
I didn't mention in my post  that the Beam N Read Light has been changed a bit.  It is still the wonderful hands free light with adjustable neck strap but now you can choose to use 6 LEDs or just 3 decide depending on how much light you want and need. Here are some more details taken directly from the Beam N Read website so I didn't mess up describing the benefits of the light filters :)
  • The only hands free light that comes with clip on filters (2) and a clip on magnifier
    • Orange filter to soften and warm the light and reduce blue light
    • Red filter to reduce ambient light for an ultra sensitive bed companion
      and to help avoid night blindness when switching between lighted and dark conditions
    • Large 4 x 5 inch, lightweight, acrylic, Fresnel magnifier for detail work
      Hinged clip allows magnifier to be adjusted in vertical or horizontal position
      The magnifier is designed for short periods of work for those with normal vision
      The magnifier is not intended as a low vision aid
  • Includes adjustable reflector and elastic neck strap for optimum positioning
I think the Orange Filter is an excellent addition to the Beam N Read Hands Free Lights because there are times when the bright light is too much and the filter softens the light. 

Make sure you leave your comment on the correct post in order to be counted for the giveaway :)


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beam N Read Still Rockin' at IHAN®- Pre-Holiday Giveaway!!

 Welcome to the Beam N Read Pre-Holiday Giveaway going on this week at  IHAN®.
 ( Event sponsored by Reading

I'm still extremely pleased with my Beam N Read Light. So pleased in fact,  I take it with me frequently.   I had it with me this past weekend in PA.  The IHAN® clan went sneaking out of town on Friday to visit an ailing friend in PA..  I was naughty and didn't get my post up yesterday.  I'm really sorry about that.  I could tell you why....but....lets just dah happens :)

I used my Beam N Read in the car because it gets dark around 6pm now and I wanted to keep working while Mr. McSteamy was driving.  The boys needed it to locate some things they dropped on the floor of the car.  While in PA, I used it to search my purse for a pair of nail clippers and to help the boys find their toys in the yard after dark.  Yes, I also use my Beam N Read to stitch...LOL.  I am always finding new uses for the Hands Free Beam N Read Light and it has become the "MUST HAVE" item whether I'm at home, traveling or stitching.  I took it with me to Quilt Market and used it as an extra source of light for taking my photos.....ya just never know when you may need to add a bit of light to your day!

This is a photo of Lady Eleanor and I (incognito).  You can see, I had embellished my Beam N Read with the IHAN® logo.  I thought embellishing my light was a great idea until people started wanting to buy them from me.  Quilt Market is a wholesale event and I'm not the manufacturer, yikes.  .I started to wonder if I had made a mistake.  As much as I'd like to say the Beam N Read Hands Free Lights were my invention....they are not!  I'm just the gal who loves to share all the excellent  things that I find with all my friends.  So I found myself taking those shop owners at Market over to the distributors to show them where they could purchase them for their stores.  Luckily for all of can buy a Beam N Read  from me....:)

While these are all wonderful sources of light.....they are not always convenient or available....that's why we all need a Beam N Read!  (Remember when I was telling folks about the Reliable V50 Iron?  Then Oprah Winfrey adds it to her O-List?  I'm just saying....don't wait for Oprah to tell ya when I really do know of what I speak :)

I  know all of those without power in storm that hit the East Coast would have loved having a Hands Free Beam N Read for each one of their family members affected by the power outages.  Why wait?

Share the gift of Light with a Beam N Read Hands Free Light .....perfect for any gift giving situation and just because you know it will be very useful to a loved one or friend.


Yes, our sponsor, Reading is giving one Beam N Read 6 LED Hands Free Light to one lucky person.   To be eligible to win you must be a member of one of these groups:
**** Stipulation by Reading is that the Beam N Read light will only be shipped to US and Canadian addresses.

If you belong to all three of these categories you will get 3 chances to win!!!!  One chance per group.  All you have to do for each opportunity,  is leave a separate comment for each group and identify the group below telling me who you would give the gift of a Beam N Read 6LED Hands Free Light to and how it would benefit that person or group/organization.  The prize is yours to do with as you please after you win.....we just want to know who you think would benefit and how :)

(Feel free to Bling your own Beam N Read :)

Why do you think I'm offering so many opportunities to win?  Because I sincerely believe the Beam N Read Hands Free Light is truly one of those items you don't realize you need until you have one (I know that is true of me and everyone I've given one to.).  I give them as gifts to family members and friends because I never want them to to be without lighting if their power should happen to go out.

You know what?  Each one of them have thanked me several times for introducing them to the Beam N Read because they didn't know how great they are.  If you don't have one, you don't know, YET, just how great they are.  I believe there isn't a person on your gift giving list that would not be grateful to have one and I'll even back that up with a 100% refund guarantee ...shipping too...if you or you or the recipient is not 100% satisfied.  That is a huge think for a peanut size business like IHAN®!

OK then....Get to commenting and I'll select a winner on Sunday, November 18, 2012.  You have three opportunities and if you have any questions at all, please e-mail me at

Here are other Pre-Holiday opportunities to win a Beam N Read Hands Free Light:
PS: Please note that in order to have three opportunities to win you must leave three comments...example:
I'm an IHAN® blog follower and I'd give it to X because of Y.
I'm an IHAN®  Newsletter Subscriber and I'd give it to X because of Y.
I'm a IHAN® Creative Group Member and I'd give it to X because of Y
There are three opportunities :)  I will be removing all other non-qualifying comments in order to have the correct total count of comments.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Today Is The Last Day to Win a Beam N Read 6 LED Light

Beam N Read Pre-Holiday Gift Giveaway Nov. 14-21, 2011


Today is your last day to leave a comment - not here...on the original IHAN blog post "Beam N Read Pre-Holiday Giveaway" win a Beam N Read 6 LED light...either for yourself or for someone on your gift list. 

I have read the comments and there sure are a lot of people who want a Beam N Read Light...either for themselves or for a loved one.  I promise you the Beam N Read Light is not another gizmo or gadget that you or a loved one won't use....guaranteed!!  Since I'm offering free might want to take advantage of buying that special person a Beam N Read 6 LED Light and let me ship it to them.  I'd be happy to enclose a holiday note if you like..( I can also write don't open date...because you know how some people (Me) can be...they get a package...they open it immediately :)

Free Shipping Ends tonight at Midnight

Make the  holidays very easy for at IHAN and I'll enclose all your Holiday notes for all your gifts and ship them shipping is for the US only...sorry my dear overseas friends...I love you too...I just don't want to go to debtors prison  :)

I've spent my morning trying to get a slide show of all the quilts I saw in Houston...a whole hours worth...when I can get it to work I'll upload it :) 


Monday, November 14, 2011

Beam N Read Pre-Holiday Gift Giveaway Nov. 14-21, 2011

Who is on your gift list this holiday season....I really do want to know.  Who would you want to receive the gift of a fantastic portable light?
That portable light just so happens to be a Beam N Read 6 LED Light
(the older I get the more light I need)
I don't know what I did before I had my Beam N Read 6 LED Light (the IHAN clan now has four in our emergency bag)  Who would have ever thought that a portable light would come in handy for so many things.  Certainly not me....but all of that has changed.
The Beam N Read Lights are indispensable during bad weather.  Our electricity went out and I grabbed our emergency bag and took out our Beam N Read Lights and each one of us put one on.  Our hands were free because the lights are on an adjustable strap around our necks.  It is tough to use your hands while holding a flash light...our Beam N Read Lights just hang around our necks.
Ok...on to the much more fun ways to use a Beam N Read Light......
They are wonderful for counting all that money you just stole from your local bank (where else are we going to get the money we need for all the fabric we desire?).  You're gonna be hiding under that bed for a very long time ya know.
And ya can't exactly use a lighter while hiding under a bed in the dark now can ya? 

(Me disguised as a man hiding in my closet....I'm getting ready to increase my stash big time :)

I know many of you are not prepared for robbing banks so I thought I'd let you know the Beam N Read Lights are  perfect for all hand needle work, sewing, reading, taking evening walks, and camping.  I use mine while we travel too. 
Now you have some great ideas for using a Beam N Read Light....
Who would you give one to this holiday season?  Leave a comment on this post  telling me who  you want to give a Beam N Read Light to to enter the giveaway.  You don't need to leave a person's name...My Dad, Sister, Quilting Buddy....etc. will do just fine.  You do need to be an IHAN blog follower to qualify and leave your comment before Nov. 21, 2011.

Can't wait?  Order your Beam N Read Lights NOW at I Have A Notion (IHAN)  and I'll pay your shipping...yep...Free Shipping in the US only ...hurry because I'm only feeling generous until midnight Nov. 21, 2011  :)  Coupon Code for Free Shipping on Beam N Read Lights Only is:
Free BNR Shipping
If you have not checked out Patsy Thompson's blog post about how she uses her Beam N Read, you better head over and check out how she uses her light.




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