Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where in the 4

Since I was out carousing late last night...I didn't get a chance to tell you the rest of the story about Day goes :)

As SewCalGal was driving about,  we spotted some quilt blocks on a the car came to a halt and it would not start.  She got out to check the alternator....and I laid down on the curb.
Ya just never know where you'll find my baggy woman self...laying on curbs in Southern California :)

A person can't be in Southern California and not stop at Quilt In A Day....that would be sacrilege!!  I was hoping to find Lady Eleanor and congratulate her on her recent induction in the the Quilters Hall of Fame.  It was a good thing we didn't stop for the flowers I was planning to give her as she was out and about.

I didn't waste any time crying....I figured while the boss was away....a very large mouse would play :)

 This equipment looked impressive ....I don't have anything like that in my sewing area : (
 I figured this must be the Lady Eleanor Studio.....where lots of wonderful films have been made. 
The chances of me ever being invited to speak on any Quilting Program is slim to absolutely none.  Therefore, I wasn't letting any grass grow under my feet.  I sat right down and pretended, just for a moment, that I was there watching Lady Eleanor taping a program.  ( I was on my best behavior too!!!  See me sitting like a good girl?)

Returning to the Quilt In A Day store I saw this bookshelf....and entire book shelf filled with Quilt in a Day books....can you even imagine?  I had goose bumps.

Check out these quilts.......

 I hope that building is insured for a bazillion dollars...that's all I have to say!

I did sneak into Lady Eleanor's classroom too.....

This is the most impressive class room that I have ever seen.  Check out the wonderful tables and chairs.  If I lived anywhere within a few hundred miles of here, I'd be taking classes there for sure.  I might even be one of those annoying people who would never leave...LOL.

Oh...and look what I saw sitting on a table...Julie Herman's (Jaybird Quilts) new book, Skip the Borders.  If I had been anywhere other than Lady Eleanor's store....I would have definitely stolen that book to give away :)  The jury of my peers would have allowed my prosecution because you never take anything from a Lady.

Besides...this was hanging on the wall and every time I moved around...the eyes looked like they were following me.  (Impressive security at QIAD!)

When I get back to IHAN® Headquarters I'm sure I'll find a fun Quilt In A Day prize to give away for those who leave a comment on this post.

Very Happy Smiles,

PS....I almost forgot to tell you....while at Quilt In A Day I saw lots of beautiful fabrics (yes I bought some) and there is also a great sale going just in case you are looking to purchase some lovely fabric from a lovely woman...I suggest you CLICK HERE :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where in the World....Day 3

Much to my amazement...I read comment number eleven on day 1 and thought to myself..holey smokes...this is a small world!
Robin recognized one the of  Hawaiian dancers and my charade was over....LOL.  That' why I posted the photo of Visions Museum  in yesterday's post....I know several of you would make the effort to Google and know immediately where I was.

After lunch at Souplantaion (one of my favorite spots) ...I got very sleepy and decided to lay down for a short nap.  

Where would be a great place to take a nap?  Why not in this lovely pile of batik fabric?  Better yet.....

sleeping in yardage seemed so much more inviting :)  I know all of you who love batik fabric as much as I do are turning dark green about now....

I bet you are wondering how I found such a plush place to sleep.....I happened to be with a very "insightful" blogger....SewCalGal and she arranged a tour of  Island Batik in Carlsbad, CA..  SewCalGal was talking with Caleb and Katie and I slipped off for a little nap.  When I woke up...they were still talking (chatty bunch) and that's when I made my move.

As I crept through the isles I looked up and noticed some suspicious looking storage bins....hmmmmm what treasures are hidden????  Inquiring minds wanted to know....soooo

I was wishing I had worn a vest with many pockets under my shirt.....what a bad day to be unprepared!!!

 JACKPOT!!!!  I can see these panels embellished...oh the my heart beat became more and more palms began to sweat....I thought for sure I was having a "Batik Seizure Party" in my brain.

I was not on top of my game because I forgot to look for security cameras.  As the "Batik Seizure Party"  took over the frontal cortex of my brain I lost all control and headed for the exit....who could blame me right?

I was thinking SewCalGal caught on to my dilemma and she continued distracting Caleb.  That's what I call an amazing will will be the accomplice to the crime :)  Much to my dismay, SewCalGal doused me in ice cold water to "snap me out of it" and I didn't even get out the door.  (Nasty expletives where floating about)

Thankfully Caleb and Katie were very forgiving and allowed me to remain in the warehouse under the close supervision of SewCalGal.

Look what I found.....

Then I spotted this....
Shazam....a bolt of lighting struck....that's when I made my move....I scooped up 4 little Island Batik bundles and they fit perfectly into my pockets.  I just know that I would not be prosecuted if I were to face a jury of my wants to be on the jury?

As "payment/bribery" I'm offering anyone willing to be on my jury a chance to own one of those beautiful bundles of  Island Batik Fabrics :)  Leave a comment on this post committing to be on the "jury" and if you want to increase your chances of'll get an extra entry if you go to Island Batik on Facebook and "Like" them...make sure you leave a separate comment here that you did do that.  . (Click Here to be transported to Island Batik Facebook page)

Will I find 4 peers?  Time will tell...

Oh more thing...there was more fun after that...and I'll be back from the beach later to tell you about the adventures.


Disclaimer:  portions of this "story" may have been changed to protect the innocent...but I won't confirm nor deny which parts...LOL

Where in the World...Day 2....:)

I'm going to keep this charade going....just for today.
 Yes...I did crop the photo to remove the license plate....being menopausal is one thing...being stupid is another...LOL.

 After seeing this amazing view....I went here ...

 And it was closed today.  Sometimes it is important to check the hours of operation.  Then....there are those days/times when it doesn't matter that I traveled a long distance to see a place that is closed......because of the time spent with a special person along the way.   Have you ever had one of those days/experiences?
After noticing the Museum was closed.... I enjoyed a wonderful lunch with the lovely person who's reflection is in the Museum photo above this one.  Hmmmmm....can you guess who it was?  

Those are the only clues for today.  Tomorrow I'll reveal where I am ( I know I said on Sat...but trust me...there will be even more giveaways and it will be more fun this way :)

Giggles, Snickers, and Smiles,

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where in the world....

Is Carmen Sandiego?  Matt Lauer?  Nope....Where in the world is.... the IHAN ® clan? 

That's what I'm going to title this week's posts.   Each day I'll post a few photos and you can leave a comment guessing where we are.  Oh yeah...there is a "small" disclaimer...only a few close friends and family actually know where we are...and you folks can't participate....sorry :)

Let the clues begin .....

 These are your clues for today.  Leave your guess by leaving a comment below.  What fun would it be if there wasn't a great prize right?  Right! 

You can leave only one comment per day ....and you can guess each day until Aug. 25th.  You don't have to be right to be entered into the drawing to win these  great batik fabrics and pattern.  You don't necessarily have to make the "Spirit of the Bear" pattern....the fabrics in and of themselves are decide.

Warm Smiles,

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bowls with Borders Blog Hop and A Giveaway

Everywhere I look lately..... I either see bowls....or the mess I have made from making my Bowls with Borders If you've been following this blog hop then I'm sure you know where the pattern came from and who's idea this all was (who got me into this  If not, I'll put all the wonderful credits at the close of this post.

Suffice to say,  it has been years since I've done any paper piecing.   With my state of mind lately (menopause)  I'm surprised that I  remembered what foundation paper piecing is much less that I once knew how to do it.    What's a woman to do?  Call Waldo* of course!!!   One phone call and she was here within 30 minutes.  After Waldo*  refreshed her memory....she then refreshed mine...LOL.  

The ideas for this Blog Hop came fast and furious.  I thought about doing several in very different patters and calling it "Something for Everyone".  Then I thought about doing one where the bowls curled around and did a loop and I would call that one  "Time to do the Dishes."  Of course I thought about kids bowls...that would be fun...or ethnic bowls....and on and on and on.  Then lightening struck.....I need to have this done by Friday...Yikes!!! 

Here are a few of of the Bowls with Borders that I created .....

Although I liked both of the one's pictured above.......this is the one I decided to go with......
 (the photos below show the colors more accurately)

It was the first one I made and it was the one I liked the best.  It is not quilted or bound (yet) but what is a gal to do when she is finishing another quilt, making a table runner, running kids all over tarnation and packing for a trip?

Do you want to see some close ups? ya go:
Took the idea for these flowers from the book Blooming Possibilities by Abbey Lane Quilts.  I added some beads and buttons to the centers of the flowers.

To give the bowls some pizazz I added a few stitches, silk ribbon and some beads.
 My favorite were the iridescent beads on the purple fabric. 

A few more beads....and I was finished.  I have to say I was very surprised by how much fun I had making this piece.   I'm sure glad I chose to participate!!!

There are so many participants .....take a few minutes and click around and see the other Bowls with Borders ....I think you'll see some very fun ideas and meet some potential new friends.

Today's participants are :

Thanks Carol....Madame Samm and the pattern designer, Regina Grewe takes a great team to get this many bowls all stacked up.

To see all the Bowls with Borders...check out Madam Samm's Pinterest page HERE.
If you leave a comment on today's post and you are a follower of the IHAN ® blog,  you may be the lucky winner of a package of Carol Doak's foundation Paper for Paper Piecing.

The winner will be drawn by the random number generator and announced on the IHAN ® blogI at the end of the Blog Hop on Aug. 29th.  (The Bowls with Borders Blog Hop ends Aug.28th). 

Thanks for visiting !


 *Waldo is my girlfriend Rosemary.  She turns up in photos all the time so I call her Waldo...after the Waldo Book Series.

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