Monday, July 12, 2010

Win Blooming Possibilities - Another Giveaway

I'm sorry I was not parting with my Blooming Possibilities that I blogged about on July 9th....I know there were lots of comments on how cool the flowers, hat and bag was/is.

So I thought I would tip you off to a big Giveaway on the Abbey Lane Blog for a chance to win  Blooming Possibilities, the hat pictured below and a flower!!! 

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Click here to hop over to their blog for an opportunity to win :)



  1. I am not entering! LOL. Not my style.

  2. they must not have posted about it yet?? I clicked over and no contest yet....they mentioned it's coming though.

  3. Thanks for the tip!

    Today's a kitchen prep day here at the Grebowski household. Getting in touch with my Toledo middle eastern roots. Making tabouleh. I miss the good greek/lebanese food up there... sigh...

    I might need to come up for a refresher...LOL!

  4. Very cute!



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