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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lego Camp & Mayhem

It is summer vacation for the co-workers and with that brings their first camp this summer: Lego Robotics Camp at their school.

Lego has some mind blowing educational programs available that I did not even know about.  The kids build from kits and the things they build can be given movement and sounds using a computer. 
You can just guess the first sound the robot made...keep in mind it was 7-10 year old boys making them...LOL

Doesn't that just look like an absolute ball?  I learned you can build a robot that can tell what color the blocks are so it can sort them back into their bins.  I'm all for that.  I just wish someone would build one that puts dishes in the dishwasher, flushes toilets and picks up clothes and toys off the floor!

Where's the Mayhem you ask?  Let me start by saying I stopped at an Estate Sale late Saturday afternoon and everything was 1/2 off.  I saw a desk and thought it might be nice to have that desk downstairs for my sewing machine than the large table I have it on now.  The 15.00 desk has cost me hundreds of dollars of labor (my own labor and I set the fee...LOL) just to re-organize the space.  These are unedited pix....I'm warning you...if you get queezy by seeing a real mess...ya better look away now.

See...I told you it was Mayhem!!!  Scary isn't it?  Well...a bit of time and a miracle it will be put back together :)



  1. Am I missing something? I can't find the post for 'Lego.'

  2. My youngest son was really into Legos. He was part of the Lego classes and built the little robotics. He is really into computers so this was right up his alley. He has just finished his second year in college studying computers ;-) Guess all those little Legos paid off in the end.

  3. A mess? looks like home to me!

  4. Wow. I wish I had a sewing room the size of yours. Love the racks on the wall to hold your thread. Looks like a productive sewing room to me, especially one for such a busy lady. Enjoy!


  5. When I have a small space it often looks more like your current mess. When I have a larger space.... less so.... I am so looking forward to a larger space!!!!

  6. Holy krap! you werent' kidding!!!!! LOL!!!
    I'm a piker, dear messy one... I bend to you....
    (bows in subservience)
    "I'm not worthy!"

    Glad the boys had fun. I'd make the robot belch or fart, too! LOL! Guess I have the maturity of a 7-10 year old.

  7. Lego camp! my boys would have loved that when they were little. I still have all their legos.
    Yeah, it is a little messy. lol
    I got my little giveaway package in the mail. Thanks.

  8. Kelly--I'm always looking for such a "miracle," too!
    Marjory Wilkin (Liberata)

  9. Gosh, if they can sort lego according to colour, maybe there is a robot in the works that can sort fabric and thread too. How about rulers by size?
    You have a great creative space. We all want to come over and rummage away to see what treasures are hiding.

  10. Nice room and nice to find a great piece of furniture to add to it!

  11. We have Lego fans here too! I'm even getting better at rebuilding things with my little man :)

    I love your space, and imagine it functions beautifully!


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