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Saturday, June 30, 2012


It has been 100 and over for a few days and I'm telling you I feel just like this bacon when I go outside.  My co-workers....well they are having a different experience all together.

After being at camp all day in the 100+ weather, they wanted to go back and run the obsitcal course a few more times.   I was just standing watching them and I was puring sweat.  I had to leave so I took them to an indoor play area at a locak McDonald.  Can you believe they played for another hour and a half?  I couldn't believe it.  I want to be a kid again...LOL.

The flamingos don't seem to mind the heat either.

They seem mesmerized by the green glass globe.

On the subject of sizziling....I think the outfit my girlfriend Christine made for her daughter's birthday is just hot, hot, hot for a 1 year old. She even made the hari bow and the tutu...isn't she beautiful :)

Happy First  Birthday Lauren!

It is almost the 4th of July and you know what that means? 
yep....I'm going finshin'.  If I'm fishin' then you know I'm not shipping orders.  I'll be on vacation in PA  and I"m hoping and praying to be coming home with an embroidery machine....hooray!!!  Orders at IHAN will resume shipping on Monday July 9th.  I will be available by phone and e-mail if you need to reach me (I can always put the fishing pole down).

Keep your eyes open for a 4th of July Sale at IHAN as well ....more on that soon.



  1. Too hot to be outside this week, but good time to stay in and quilt;)
    I hope you have a wonderful vacation and share photos of your adventures.


  2. Kids just don't notice the heat the way adults do or the cold for that matter. Enjoy the fishing Kelly, you deserve it and I wish good weather and cool breezes!

  3. the kids are so cute.
    enjoy your fishing trip.

  4. Enjoy your trip and get that machine. Btw, today is a perfect day to phone me.... I have no voice! Laryngitis, my dear. Yuk. Have fun! Tell the kids I say hi!

  5. Good luck on bringing home an Embroidery Machine (one with multiple sized hoops!)

  6. Have fun on your fishing trip and I hope you reel in a really good embroidery machine.

    I think those silly flamingos think they are staring at an ice berg!

    Maybe you need to get a block party going where everyone brings a BIG block of ice and tosses it in a pool. Hopefully everyone will get a bit of relief from this darn heat.


  7. Have a wonderful time!!!!

  8. The 1st birthday outfit is so precious. Enjoy the fishing. I hope you catch what you want.

  9. Kids are amazing. I love that outfit, such a cute little girl. Enjoy the fishing and relaxing.


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