Sunday, August 12, 2012

IHAN® Trademark is Now Official

Has anyone noticed the IHAN®  banner has changed on the I Have A Notion  ® website.

Yes, IHAN ® is now a Registered Trademark :)
(for anyone wishing to have the exact numbers I am more than willing to send you a copy of the registration)

We are now in the process of having all of the buttons changed for those of you who have them on your websites (I shutter to think where I would be today without all of my friends...hugs to all of you...big hugs too :)

Nothing else has changed and for those with inquiring minds....I did not stamp the Elves foreheads with the ® symbol...LOL



  1. This is wonderful news....I HAVE A NOTION Registered Trademark..I like how that sounds lol

  2. Maybe you should get a ® symbol tatoo! LOL


  3. Yipee ki yi yaaay!!!! congratulations!

  4. Congrats this achievement! I know that building a business and branding it is hard work (former marketing professional)!

    I stand in awe... Kudos to you!!!!!!!

  5. Very cool!!! You are big time now!!


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