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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Winners of the " Where in the World" Giveaways

All of those who took the time to guess Where in the World the IHAN ® Clan had gone a week ago were entered into a drawing to win this:
 Spirit of the Bear Snap Sack

And the winner's comment was.....
Congratulations Donna! 
 Please e-mail me your full name and address to and I'll ship your Spirit of the Bear Snap Sack to you. You only have a week to e-mail me or I'll choose another winner.

Do you remember the Where in the World ....Day 3 blog post?

Yes....when I took a nap with some beautiful Batiks at Island Batik Fabrics.  I promised to give away some of the sample rolls to those who left comments on that post and an additional chance for "Liking" the Island Batik Facebook Page. 
I feel just terrible telling everyone that I actually lost those sample rolls.  I've looked high and low and still can't find them....boooo hoooooooo

Today on my way to town I was shocked to see this:
Apparently those sneaky Flamingos have stolen the Island Batik Sample's!!!  I headed right to the Sherrif's Office and found this guy to get my Sample Rolls back...
Yep...Barnie Fife headed directly over there and the Island Batik Sample Rolls are back safe and sound at IHAN® headquarters :)

Congratulations Gene!
Congratulations Linda!
Congratulations Patty D from NC!
Congratulations Dana Gaffney!

Please e-mail me your full name and address to and I'll ship your Island Batik Samples to you.  You have to e-mail me within a week or I'll choose another hop right on it :)

Thank you to all who were so kind to leave comments!   You know me....there is always more to be given stay tuned.

PS...Portions of this blog post may have been embellished a wee bit :)


Susan said...

Here I always thought flamingos where a sincere and honest bird! They certainly went down in my estimation today.

SewCalGal said...

Congratulations to all the winners. Too funny that those darn flamingos were caught stealing fabric. I guess they want to make a pretty nest and cute little baby flamingo quilts. Hmm...they could be on to something fun.


Mia's Cottage said...

I was so excited there for a minute.... I'm Donna and I too guessed Hawaii... But it's not me! :(

Dana Gaffney said...

I'm sure the flamingos just borrowed the fabric but, I'm pretty excited that Barney Fife was involved he's such a wonderful detective. Thanks Kelly, I'm sending you my address now.

Jean(ie) said...

bwahahaahahahhaha... I'm laughing my hiney off (figuratively, of course). Congrats to the winners!

Happy last day of August! Where has time gone?

kc said...

See how smart those birds are? They know a good thing when they see one - or in this case, FOUR! What fun for all! Congratulations to all the lucky winners! But, hey, we're all lucky that you shared your trip with us!

Gill said...

So the flamingoes aren't as innocent as they look!!
Congratulations to all the lucky winners and thanks to you Kelly!

Carrie P. said...

bad flamingos! lol
congrats to all the winners.

Joanne Lendaro said...


Janet said...

I'm almost wondering if those flamingos are in your yard. I mean what are the odds that you would have neighbours with as good a sense of humour as yours....
Congrats to the winners.

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