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Showing posts with label 6 inch Large Ring Comfort Handle Razor Edge Scissors. Show all posts
Showing posts with label 6 inch Large Ring Comfort Handle Razor Edge Scissors. Show all posts

Monday, November 18, 2013

Redesigning Perfect? Famore Cutlery Has

Just because I think all Famore Scissors are PERFECT doesn't mean the company isn't going to go and change something on me.
When I tried to re-order the Famore 6 inch Large Ring Comfort Handle Razor Edge Scissors I noticed they were out of stock.  WHAT?  Out of stock?  These scissors are a great seller and I really like the pair I have.

I called up Mr. Scissor Man, aka Brint, and asked him personally, "what have you done with my scissors?"
I learned the handles were re-designed to be slightly larger and a wee bit flexible for comfort.  Hmmmm...and I thought the previous design was GREAT!  (Personally, I never do understand why people update things.  After all, what is wrong with my 1970's hair do?)
The "re-designed" Famore 6 inch Large Ring Comfort Handle Razor Edge Scissors arrived in the mail yesterday and I had to give them some exercise.
Just as I suspected!  They still have the same sharp edges, cut excellently and have the same blue handles.  Did the handles have a scosche more room?  Yup they did.  OK, well....I guess the nuances of new handles have escaped me...OR... I've always been focused on the clean cuts I get with these scissors. 
Conveniently enough I just so happen to have an opinion on these redesigned handles.   Imagine that!

The scissors are still razor sharp and give excellent crisp cut edges and the handles are and were comfortable for my hand....and since they went to all that trouble....why didn't they make them with screaming red handles instead?  After all, I like the color red better than blue :)

I'm finished now...zipped lips on this subject.

On to posting a few pix I have taken recently:
 My girlfriend, Nancy, wore the cutest jeans...check out the mylar machine embroidery she put on the outside leg of her pants.  So stinkin' fun!  I need some fun pants.

Speaking of fun...another friend, Diane, took a class with Patsy Thompson and look what she made:
a lovely and cheerful tote
the back view and I just love it.
Lovely interior with lots of pockets....I'm jealous!

It's not like I can just hop up and go to classes and stitch with my buddies these days....AND.... I have been taking a few minutes to attempt some holiday gifts.
The girl who hates puckers....made a tea towel that has puckers :(

See what happens when I get the itch to make something and don't have access to all my supplies?  I knew better but just yearned to hear that machine hum along. 

I know someone else who developed the itch and I'll publish her post tomorrow.

Until then.....keep smiling and I will too!


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