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Showing posts with label Famore Cutlery. Show all posts

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tuesday Tool

Before I get into the next tool, I want to say that I am pretty straight forward and of course my opinions are my own. I am not paid or endorsed by any company (and if I was it would start with that information right up front). So, when I share, I am sharing from my perspective... and what I found to be true or not. I also think that you do not need the latest and greatest of everything to be creative or create. We do need to eat, right? But sometimes we need to consider changing our tools especially if it makes creating and playing easier or more comfortable or in some cases, even possible! So with that said, on with the show.

I have recently discovered (for myself) some new scissors!!! I have been a dyed in the wool Ginger and Fiskars user. Why? Well I have several pairs of Ginger scissors in 3 different sizes that I bought way back when, (in the latter half of the 80's) and I rarely every use them. I have a pair of 8 inch dressmaking shears, a pair of 5 inch scissors and a pair of embroidery scissors.  I let a local sharpener sharpen them. Big MISTAKE!!! They are sharp, but the points are now too pointy so they catch on everything. I haven’t really missed any them... except on the 2 or 3 occasions I needed to actually cut out a pattern.

I also have a bevy of Fiskars and Fiskar-like (colored handle) scissors. Many I inherited and several I purchased. I use them about as often as I use the Gingers these days. I have discovered some new ones.

In April while at the Spring Paducah Show I picked up 2 new, to me, scissors.

The first one is for cutting batting. I find them very useful when cutting batting from a roll at the longarm. But don't let that fool you, they are great for cutting batting to size for smaller projects as well as regular fabric cutting scissors. So what is the advantage of these over say a pair of Fiskars (what I was using before). The Batting scissor has a blunted end so it does not grab or catch the batting as you advance you scissors to the next cut. And the blades are much longer so you are not advancing as often and that helps create a much smoother cut.

The other pair I picked up are for hand cutting. I often find myself cutting many motifs and bits from fabric for applique and most times I find the traditional shaped scissors bother my hands when I am making lots of careful repetitious cuts. In many of my older model scissors the small openings for my fingers and/or thumb tend to cause discomfort and depressions in the skin from holding and cutting carefully. I found these large handle scissors that are not particular about which side is fingers or thumb and are very comfortable to use for hours at a time. The serrated blade really helps hold and cut at the fabric at the same time is a great help. I think it is a huge asset to be comfortable while creating!!!

I was talked into one other cutting implement. A scalpel for the longarm. Long thin tool at the top in the next photograph. WOW! It really makes unstitching a breeze. Of course it is very sharp... and could cause some additional problems if you are not paying close attention. The longarm I have allows me to lift the roller the top is attached to, to get under the top above the batting. So I can do what is being called "skin the quilt", by breaking the stitches between the batting and the top. Goes really fast!

At the 'new' Fall Paducah Show in September, I decided to check out one more cutting item. I have seen them used by many Machine Embroiderers and since I do so much thread... stuff I thought they might be handy for me too. And guess what, they are! Prior to these I was using a very sharp pointed pair of small Fiskars, (bottom left in the photograph above) and once or twice cut something unintentionally (not a good thing!). With these very sharp, but curved blades and again no holes to stick my fingers in, snipping my project free of the machine is a quick snip away. I also found them very useful at the longarm, when snipping threads, again the curved blade helps to keep from cutting the fabric, when snipping the threads. In addition they are extremely lightweight.

So WHAT are these great scissors? Famore Brand- said Fa-mor-ray. You can find them at I Have A Notion™ Shop has one or two pair and I hope someday to carry the 4 pieces I have mentioned above, especially if there is interest. But if you think you might prefer ... another brand, say for instance Karen K Buckley... I have a couple of those in the shop too. I haven’t used them myself so I can’t tell you which is better.

I hope you day is full of treats, no tricks...and as always More Later! Beth

Monday, November 18, 2013

Redesigning Perfect? Famore Cutlery Has

Just because I think all Famore Scissors are PERFECT doesn't mean the company isn't going to go and change something on me.
When I tried to re-order the Famore 6 inch Large Ring Comfort Handle Razor Edge Scissors I noticed they were out of stock.  WHAT?  Out of stock?  These scissors are a great seller and I really like the pair I have.

I called up Mr. Scissor Man, aka Brint, and asked him personally, "what have you done with my scissors?"
I learned the handles were re-designed to be slightly larger and a wee bit flexible for comfort.  Hmmmm...and I thought the previous design was GREAT!  (Personally, I never do understand why people update things.  After all, what is wrong with my 1970's hair do?)
The "re-designed" Famore 6 inch Large Ring Comfort Handle Razor Edge Scissors arrived in the mail yesterday and I had to give them some exercise.
Just as I suspected!  They still have the same sharp edges, cut excellently and have the same blue handles.  Did the handles have a scosche more room?  Yup they did.  OK, well....I guess the nuances of new handles have escaped me...OR... I've always been focused on the clean cuts I get with these scissors. 
Conveniently enough I just so happen to have an opinion on these redesigned handles.   Imagine that!

The scissors are still razor sharp and give excellent crisp cut edges and the handles are and were comfortable for my hand....and since they went to all that trouble....why didn't they make them with screaming red handles instead?  After all, I like the color red better than blue :)

I'm finished now...zipped lips on this subject.

On to posting a few pix I have taken recently:
 My girlfriend, Nancy, wore the cutest jeans...check out the mylar machine embroidery she put on the outside leg of her pants.  So stinkin' fun!  I need some fun pants.

Speaking of fun...another friend, Diane, took a class with Patsy Thompson and look what she made:
a lovely and cheerful tote
the back view and I just love it.
Lovely interior with lots of pockets....I'm jealous!

It's not like I can just hop up and go to classes and stitch with my buddies these days....AND.... I have been taking a few minutes to attempt some holiday gifts.
The girl who hates puckers....made a tea towel that has puckers :(

See what happens when I get the itch to make something and don't have access to all my supplies?  I knew better but just yearned to hear that machine hum along. 

I know someone else who developed the itch and I'll publish her post tomorrow.

Until then.....keep smiling and I will too!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Guess Who I Saw At the American Sewing Expo?

This post comes with a Music or No Music Option-
If you would like to hear the music I have for this post, go to the bottom of the post first and start the you tube video I embedded....then scroll back up and read.  You can control the volume on your own computer.
 The Post Starts Here :) guessed it, I found Brint Fanizza, AKA, "The Scissor Man." 

Everyone knows I'm crazy about scissors right?  If you are new to the IHAN® blog be forewarned.....I am truely nuts about scissors and I honestly don't even know how many pair I own....but lets just say....many more pair than one person could use in a lifetime.  Why?  There is absolutely nothing like the right tool for the job.  I don't like being frustrated and I want to be able to accomplish my task with the best pair of scissors for the job.  So you know the first time I laid eyes on Brint and saw that apron, I was like gum on his shoe....I just wasn't about to walk away until I learned all I could about scissors.

Typically I only see Brint at wholesale events so I figured this being a retail event he may have his scissor sharpening tools with him.  Hooray for me....he had them :)   I think I brought over 12 pair...of every size, age and brand.   Every pair now has sharp clean cutting edges :)

 Did you know Famore Cutlery will sharpen all of your Famore Cutlery FREE!'t ask how long that is....we all know the answer to  They will also sharpen all others for just $1 an inch. 
I'm almost...just almost...embarrassed to say I have no idea where I got these scissors....I think they came free in a box lot at a sale....but I can't be sure.  Brint is showing me how well they cut now.  Like he really needed to demonstrate how well he had sharpened them?  I trust him 100% and if he says their sharp....I don't need any proof....but....I guess this comes with the

Brint blushing?  But why ever would that be? 

 It could be that I mentioned  he should bring mens boxer shorts to show us ladies how nicely the scissors cut.  Is there anyone out there that would agree with me?  Now, I never once mentioned bringing anyone in particular's boxer shorts.....brand new ones would be would just be more fun and folks would probably get a good laugh too. 
Apparently the new hire at Famore, Tibur,  thought I wanted his boxers to cut up.  I just wish all of you would behave and quite thinking the worst of me!

I guess Tibur could tell that I'm harmless and even offered to take a photo with me. 

For all of you who are thinking...that Famore Cutlery is trying to keep up with Alex Veronelli of  Aurifil Threads in the "male face department" .....I was thinking the same thing. 
Alex from Aurifil

I hope all of you played the ZZTop song, "Sharp Dressed Man" while reading this post.  Why did I want you to listen to it?  What else would you call a man who wears scissors....a sharp dressed man!  LOL

Wonder what all the fuss is about Famore Cutlery?   Check them out HERE at  IHAN®.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Famore Cutlery Blog Hop All This Week :)

You can see for yourself, I am "Kelly Scissor Fiend, Queen of the IHAN Nation" (self appointed of course) and this is Brint from Famore Cutlery, formerly known as "The Scissor Man." 

Brint was stripped of his Scissor Man Apron in Houston...hence his tears in the photo above.  I wore my "Queen of the IHAN Nation" apron and  THE Scissor Man apron too....reigning supreme over the Land Of Sharps...LOL
While my reign was short sure was fun.  It isn't to hard having fun with the folks from Famore Cutlery....that's just what we do!

Join us for some more fun....the Famore Cutlery Blog Hop

I have invited 4 other bloggers to review a Famore Cutlery product this week.  They were able to choose any Famore product for their review and they'll be giving an identical item away on their blog.  How they decide who the winner is ....well, that's completely up to them.  Rest assured the giveaways are not rigged...cuz I already have what they are reviewing...I'm so, so, so, so bad!

Monday Jan. 9th 
Visit Patsy  at  Patsy is reviewing the Batting and Fabric EZ Glide Scissors.

Tuesday Jan. 10th
Visit  Judi at  Judi is reviewing Famore's  4" Curved Scissors.

Wednesday Jan. 11th

Visit the "Queen of the IHAN Nation" at
I hear she will be reviewing the Famore Seam Ripper and the Metal Safety Stilletto.

Thursday Jan 12th
 Visit Jocelyn  at Joceyln is reviewing the Famore 8" Bent Trimmer Fabric Shears

Friday Jan. 13th
Visit Darlene at  Darlene is reviewing Famore's Micro Fine Tweezers.

Have a wonderful week and be sure to visit each of the blogs listed above.  I can't wait to hear what other people have to say about the Famore Cutlery products they are reviewing.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quilt Market 2011 - 4 Famore Cutlery

I'm guessing no one has ever seen anyone use a hula hoop while at Quilt Market....until now :)

Oh yes, that would be me....using a hula hoop for the first time in my adult life.  I bet you are wondering why in the world I was hula hooping ...right?

It is all Mikki's fault!  Yes....completely true :)  Mikki has taken up belly dancing and hula hooping and when she was telling me about it I asked her to bring one to Houston with her.  I really wanted to see what she was talking about.

Mikki gave me a quick lesson and I was off and hooping.  It took me a minute or two to get the hang of it....but then....I was rocking that hoop.  Mikki was a little frustrated ...she said it took her two lessons to keep the hoop up for as long as I had kept it up.  All I can say is....I don't seem to be a natural with Free Motion Quilting so it's a darn good thing I am a natural at somethin'!!

You all know the story of my meeting Brint, the Scissor Man.  I lusted after his apron...but not anymore.  I had hatched a plan to TOP the Scissor Man's Apron.  If I wasn't going to have his, I was going to have one of my own...and it was going to be even better.  (There Brint...take that...Bat Man Pow sound effect ..listen'll hear it.)
 I made my own and when Brint was not looking I stood at a distance with my finger pointed directly at him and waited until he looked my way.  When he looked my way, in a loud voice I said, "I soooo Own You!" 
That got his attention and fast. 
Here is proof Brint was de-throaned....and I have to say...he took it well.
Not only did I get to wear my apron on the front....I got to wear his on the back.  Now, I'm one bad mamma jamma!!!

Below is a better pix of the front of my apron....yes, I was in the bathroom ( if Superman has his telephone booth....IHAN has her bathroom...LOL).
"Kelly Scissor Fiend
Queen of the IHAN Nation
(self appointed of course!)"

I used Artist Transfer Paper to make the label.  I put the ATC through my printer then ironed it to a piece of white Kona cotton.  I made several button holes and tabs to hold my scissor extenders with scissors attached.  The biggest reason Brint was de-throaned was because "MY" apron has all the bells and whistles that his doesn't have.  If you look closely, the top right of my apron has a metal name tag I covered with my business card. Then I used earth magnets to hold my Stiletto and my Famore Seam Rip.  I bet you are wondering how I managed to not cut myself or poke myself with all those scissors, right?  I put clear tubing over the tips of all the sharps so I couldn't get poked.  (ohhhh eeee I'm a smarteeee pantssss...giggles).  Brints don't have a protector on his...nor does he have his fine tip tweezers on his apron.  I re purposed my Bernina Bobbin holder and attached that to a zip line do-hickey (it is the tube to the right of tweezers are in there).  I had more scissors than are shown here....but you get the idea.

I found some new scissors made by Famore while I was there...I'll be adding them to my website later today.

I really liked these small scissors and they were darn sharp too.

Brint kept his sense of humor through out his de-throaning process....I just had to leave him with his "simple" Scissor Man apron.  I'm just so darn nice aren't I?   (evil grins)

Fiendly Smiles,

Friday, October 14, 2011

Quick Follow Up on Scissor Post

I'm running out the I gotta make this quick.  The reason so many people had not heard of Famore Cutlery is because they have been making scissors for other companies and stamping those company names on them.  One quick example, the Jackpot Scissors by Simplitity were made by Famore.

Famore Cutlery's website has been down for a few days because they are changing servers...their site is back up and running....phew...I was getting worried.

Ok...I'll be back soon to post Part II of the Quilt Show by the Co-Founders of the Mountain Laural Quilt won't want to miss seeing Madalene's quilts.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Interesting Stuff in Five Short Chapters

Today's post is a collection of things I've been wanting to share so I'm putting them all in one post with 5 Chapters.
Chapter One

Do you remember when I blogged about this book, Happy Villages?
Happy Villages by Karen Eckmeier

Rosemary, my girlfriend, bought Happy Villages and I bought the Accidental Landscapes and Layered Waves books by Karen Eckmeier.  Rosemary is much faster than me....check out Rosemary's Haunted Village below.

This was still on the design wall and the threads were not clipped when I snapped the photo.  Isn't this a fun Halloween wall hanging?  I just love it.  I don't have any Halloween fabrics but I'm going to start getting some so I can make one too.  Of course, I want on for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Presidents Day, Valentines Day, Columbus Day...oh yeah....and my birthday too!!! 

Chapter Two
I recently needed to make my own design wall.  So I laid the insulated foam board on the floor with the batting under it so I could cut just the right length....don't want to waste any!  Check out these Batting and Fabric Shears that I received from Brint (Famore Cutlery) the Scissorman.  When I first saw them I thought they were huge.....I mean they are 11 3/4 inches from tip to top of the handle!!!  Everyone knows I'm almost a giant so typically I would not hesitate....but these really caught my eye.  I was pleasantly surprised how nice they felt in my hand as I cut the batting....the scissors cut the batting smoothly and I did not have to use my fabric shears which was wonderful (I only use those for fabric).  When I find out more about stocking them at I Have A Notion, I'll let everyone know.  They are some mighty fine scissors indeed!!!!  Yet another reason to LOVE the Scissorman!!!

Edited 15minutes later....found the scissors and have link embeded

Chapter Three
A year ago I learned about "Wrapagain" when a friend e-mailed me thinking I would be interested.  After reading more about Wrapagain I was very excited and thrilled for Susan Frantz, owner/designer.  She has designed her own re-usable gift wrap made from our favorite ingredients : FABRIC!!!!  I was tickled when I ran into her in town at a festival and asked if I could blog about her product and take some photos.  I'm so glad she said yes because I think her invention is genius.  It is green as green can be....nothing to throw away ever....and it is beautiful.  You can't get better than that for wrapping gifts.  Click here if you want to see how to wrap a gift using a Wrapagain.
(the little boy in the stripe shirt is none other than my co-worker Zachary :)
I bought the large red Wrapagain that Susan is holding above.  I have not used it yet because I'm having a hard time parting with it...LOL.  Word to the a Wrapagain that you are not crazy about.  That will make it much easier to actually wrap a gift and give it away!!  Another really cool thing is Susan has each Wrapagain numbered and when you register them there is a tracking system.  Isn't that cool?  I think they make neat gifts in and of themselves.

Chapter 4
Check out this beautiful holiday towel I got in the mail.  I was so tickled when I opened the envelope.  Surprises are so much fun.  A blogging friend, Karin, made it for me.  Now to keep it away from the boys!!!
Chapter 5
My traveling friend, Dana, came by to visit and stitch one afternoon and she brought some things for show and tell.  Check out the great skirt she made with Batik fat quarters. 

And of course, she had to make some fun fleece socks for this winter.  I made some last year and I'm telling you if you have not made yourself a pair of fleece might just want to....they feel wonderful and are guaranteed to make you smile.
Dana made a gift for a friend....and of course....her humor is right up my alley!  Check out this cute little shirt:
It is not an I-Pod, but a I Peed....perfect don't you think?  And check out the back:
This just cracked me up.  Mr. McSteamy came home for lunch that day.  Being in the IT field I knew he would appreciate this bit of humor.  He was more than willing to model the shirt for me.....LOL :)
Well, this concludes my interesting things to share in 5 short chapters.  I have been working on adding the GO! Baby Dies to my website for pre-order.  It takes me several hours to add items to my if you don't see me for a few'll know where I am...:)


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