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Thursday, January 9, 2014


 The Flamingo Family is now up to their ears in snow!
This is not the first floor, is a pix from the second floor of our home.
 The drifting snow on our roof...amazing isn't it?
 I had an appointment yesterday and this was the inside of the building....yes...frost on the inside of the building...impressive :)
The snow and freeze has slowed everything down, which I absolutely love :)  The slower life goes the happier I am!!!  I was able to make these several days ago.  Not been able to make anything else because this is the 4th day of no-school for my co-workers.  YIKES....I'm up to my ears in pokemon cards, games, pine wood derby cars and oh yeah....that's right...laundry...double YIKES.

I've heard some say they think this is all due to global warming.....I'm thinking Wal Mart drove down the price of Arctic Freeze and some hoarder let it all go at once.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

I hope everyone who is affected by this Arctic Blast is slowing down and taking time to enjoy the beauty of the white snow and life at a manageable pace.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Are You Hopping?

This is for all of you who were wondering where the music was on THIS post.

Now that I've got that straightened out....I have no idea where that video went after I embedded it.

Moving forward now:
Have you been hopping around checking out all the Machine Embroidery samples completed for the SewCalGal Fall Machine Embroidery Blog Hop?  If your answer is not a resounding YES, then I might suggest you get to hopping because there will be a winner chosen from each blog.  

Mr. McSteamy brought up my embroidery machine and I was finally able to complete my project.  Here it is:
 I made the Owl Scissor Keep using Floriani Stabilizer and Floriani Embroidery Thread.  I also used National Nonwoven Wool Felt and I think it came out pretty cute.  Next I'd like to make the Ice Cream Cone Scissor Keep. 
Look how nicely my Dovo Embroidery Scissors fit into my Owl Scissor Keep.  Doesn't that Owl look very smart?  LOL  If you are just joining the hop then you'll want to know that the designer is Zandra Shaw from Embroider Shoppe.  In order to qualify to win a design of your choice you must leave a comment on THE OTHER POST - not here. 

When I was looking for coordinating fabrics to go on the back of the Owl Scissor Keep I noticed I don't have many really fun and bright dots or stripes.....sooooo when I found the Michael Miller Happy Tones Fat Quarter Bundle I wanted to jump for joy!  But I didn't because I was not about to take any risks with my broken ankle.  In place of jumping for joy....I added them to IHAN®.  Check out these fun fabrics:

If these fabrics don't make you smile....then I suggest that you get a "rainbow enema" and call me in the morning...giggles.  You are looking at 30 reasons to smile right here in this one box. 

Since breaking my ankle I have received several flower arrangements from family and friends.  I'm not saying I'm not deeply appreciative....I truly am.  At the same time...can I still say this Happy Tones Fat Quarter Bundle would have lasted longer and continued to bring joy for years to come.  If there is someone in your life that you would like to bring some joy and happiness to....think about sending them a Happy Tones Fat Quarter Bundle and I'd be happy to write the personalized note and ship it for you :)  I even put them on sale....and the holidays are right around the corner :)

I know the Flamingo lovers are wanting their updates. 
The Flamingo Family celebrated Halloween in style this year.

They are also enjoying the Fall leaves.

Time to get to is a reminder to leave a comment on each of these gal's blogs for your chance to win your choice of designs from the Embroider Shoppe.  Best of  luck to all of you!

Monday, Nov 4th
Tuesday, November 5th
Wednesday, November 6th
Thursday, November 7th
Friday, November 8th

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bet ya didn't know....

Along with cooler weather here in Ohio, we also have Flamingo Football Season! is true....those are Flamingo Fans watching the Flamingo Football Game.

My crochet is coming along...sort of.  I keep practicing.  Last night I tried 3 different tutorials on the WWW and I could not get any of them to work for me.  Guess I must really need a true lesson so I can make more progress.

For those of you who may not follow Judi and Clint's blog, Green Fairy Quilts, they are leaving for Romania soon.   Please, please, please stop by their blog to wish them safe travels.  Unfortunately I've not had the opportunity to meet Judi or Clint face to face, but they are a young couple I greatly admire for so many different reasons.  Hop over and give them a visit.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trimming Threads and Ripping Seams Who Wants To Do It?

Let me be the first to say that I hate mindless detail work even when it is necessary.  Trimming those little threads and ripping out seams can cut my creative energy short and has on many of occasions.

Yesterday I was finishing up some pillow cases (a birthday gift to a girlfriend who's birthday was Jan 24th...yikes), the sausage style  know the one.  If not, you can find it here.   Apparently I didn't line up the fabric evenly and I needed to tear out the threads.  My favorite seam rip is the Famore "grim ripper"...LOL but I didn't want to take the time to pick at the edge of the threads to start the ripping.  Thankfully Aaron, my oldest "co-worker" was home from school and he assisted me in the following video.
 In the photo above, you can see I made the "sausage" and later noticed I had not caught all the fabric layers.  That's when I took out the Quick Ripper and went to work.  You can see the video below.  Keep in mind, my videographer is not well paid and he was only armed with an I-Phone...LOL.

I was so impressed with the speed of the Quick Ripper that it has become a "must have" for mindless threads and ripping.

When I went to roll and press my seams I noticed all those annoying little threads.  I know I have a ton of scissors and really nice ones too....but the speed at which I trimmed those little threads was amazing.  I held the Quick Ripper parallel to the fabric and raced along the edge and it took every single little thread off.  And those thread tails too!!
 I made three sets of pillow cases in the last week....
This "wild" set of pillow cases went to Jean because she left all her Westminster fabrics with me and I had to make sure I made excellent use of some of it :)  I'm not sure it is even possible to sleep on such electric pillowcases.
This set of pillow cases were sent to my girlfriend who's birthday was last January....better late than never ay!
I made this set because it coordinates with "Momma's Quilt" and I wanted to use up the left over fabric.  I bet you can't see any little dangling threads on any of these pillow case sets thanks to my new favorite tool, the Quick Ripper.

The Quick Ripper uses a single AA battery that is included.  Everyone who knows me knows that I don't like to spend money or acquire tools that I don't think are worth the money or that I won't use frequently.  The Quick Ripper is high on my list because of the value and speed. 

You may have noticed I used a sewing bird to hold the end of my "sausage" so I could use both hands to rip the seams.  You could also lower your needle and presser foot into one end and use your sewing machine to hold the end. 

Flamingo Update:
The flamingos are doing well....and apparently all well behaved as they return to school.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flamingo Update & More : )

 Yes, the Flamingos are alive and well.  They are there every day but I have not been in a mental space to stop and take any photos....until yesterday!

Apparently momma flamingo is taking care to watch over her baby flamingos as they swim :)

I'm up to my ears!!!   I'm preparing to vend at the Kaleidoscope of Quilts this weekend (see this blog post) and typically the IHAN® store does not put prices on everything so I'm writing as fast as I can.  If you are local...I sure hope you will come to visit : ) 

Please forgive me if you have seen this already.  This is the very first time I've ever copied a e-mail and posted it to my blog....but I just could not help myself!

 When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

I loved this and I hope you enjoyed it too.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mandala Wall Hanging

Christmas, yes it is still up here at IHAN headquarters.  Last Sunday we finally wrapped up celebrating with family and hopefully by the weekend we'll have our decorations taken down.  Notice I say hopefully.  Something always comes up and last Friday was no different.   A group of gals were meeting to make a Mandala Wall Hanging and my girlfriend, Diane, was demonstrating and teaching.  How could I pass that up? 

Diane has made 5 of the Mandala Wall Hangings and here are photos of two of hers:
I figured if she could make 5, I could at least make one and as it turns out, I'll be making two...LOL.

Here is the pattern we used by Nanette's Quilts.

Mandala Wall Hanging by Nanette's Quilts

Choosing fabric became quite the adventure for me.  I wanted to use Aboriginal Fabrics by M & S Textiles but I couldn't find more to go with what I had.  Then I thought about using Patternista by  Paula Nadelstern and I could not find enough coordinating fabrics locally. 
Then I found Love Lives Here"by P. Carter Carpin for P & B Textiles and that's what I went with.  You need a 10 degree wedge ruler to make a Mandala.
The neat thing about Cheryl's ruler is that it comes with a free pattern on the back...can you say BONUS :)
This is how far I got in a 4 hour class.  I thought I did pretty well considering that included cutting out my fabrics.  Once I put the Mandala in the frame I realized the stripe section that I used emphasized the orange.  Sort of clashing with my border.  When I got home I took my stripe fabric and color copied a variety of sections so I could preview the combinations before making another Mandala.
Believe it or not, each of those sections are different and bring out different colors.  I decided to go with a smaller bird for the center as well.
I believe I have settled on the dark red spiral in the center.  Now I just need to re-cut my fabric and make another Mandala.  No worries, I will find another fun fabric to use the Mandala with the orange emphasis.  Unless of course someone says that it is just perfect for something they already have and I'm likely to pass it along :)

It has been awhile since I posted a Flamingo Family here you go :)

Hope you are having a wonderful week!


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