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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House - Electric Quilt 7

Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House

Final Chapter
The Electric Quilt Company - EQ 7
Presented by Gail Wadley


The very first Schoolhouse presentation was by Gail Wadley for The Electric Quilt Company.  I was very excited because I've been working on Linda Poole's Quilt Challenge and I had a few questions for Gail about my EQ 7 Software.  If I have not mentioned this before, I LOVE the EQ7 Software.  I have not had any problems uploading photos and scanning my fabrics to load into the program.  I can make design quilts using the fabrics I have here at home and see what they will look like before I ever cut my fabric.  How cool is that? 
Those who attended the presentation brought our computers and Gail also had her computer screen showing on an overhead projector as well.  (I'm sure there is more technical terms for what she was doing....but I don't know   This made it wonderful for the students to not only follow along on our computers but for those without computers, they could see what was happening too.

Gail was an excellent teacher.  It was very clear from the beginning that she really knows this program and she shared some good information with the class.  The next time I can go to an EQ class being given by any of the EQ Instructors, I'm going....honestly it was not only fun but exciting to learn more about Electric Quilt Software.
These are some of the topics she covered:
There were many over suggested reading topics included in her handout as well.
I really enjoyed this class and was very grateful that Checker Distributors provided those in attendance with the opportunity to further our knowledge about EQ 7 Software.
This concludes the IHAN coverage of the Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House.  I know I have left out other companies that were present.  I could not possibly cover everything and everyone.  I specifically did not cover the Sizzix Quilting By Design Fabric Cutting System because I plan to do a product review in the very near future and I want to do that separately.
Thank you Checker Distributors for hosting this event and giving all of those who attended an opportunity to learn more about the great products available.  The IHAN Bloggifers have been great!!!  Thank you for reading these posts and leaving your comments.  I will do the drawing for the Giveaways tomorrow and post the winners tomorrow evening.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House - Double Diamond Ruler and MorningGlory Designs

Kim Templin is the designer of the Double Diamond Ruler.  She brought some new patterns (new to me) to the Open House and the one below was really fun for Christmas. 
There was also a really beautiful wall hanging of a guitar but my photo did not come out so I'll let you check it out here.  It is really a great idea for anyone who plays the different and fun.
This is actually a purse....I know the photo does not completely show all the details.  The Double Diamond's make this purse unique don't you think?  It really catches your eye.  

Betsy Meyers & Margaret Winder are MorninGlory Designs and they had lots of new patterns to share.
These cozy jackets look great for Fall.  I love a fun jacket to wear when I'm out and about. 

IHAN has added a few MorninGlory Patterns to the shop and will be adding more soon.  If there is one in particular you are interested in and it is not listed, please e-mail and I'll get it for you. 
I'm almost finished with the Open House posts and I will be giving away some fun Prizes....if you did not know there was a giveaway going here to see what fun things are being given away very soon.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House - Creative Grids Rulers

Chapter 11

I'd like to introduce you to "Hyper-Post Blogging" by IHAN.  In order to finish the Checker Distributors Open House Posts I have to Hyper-Post.  So strap on your seat belts, get a beverage or go to the bathroom now, turn off the telephones and close all windows and doors....we must stay focused!! :)
Pat Barry, By Design Quilting, gave Long Arm Quilting demonstrations throughout the day.  I have posted about Pat here.
Pat has designed several.  Long Arm Quilting Templates and I wrote about them in the post referenced above.
Rita Fishel, Creations Sew Clever, has designed the Creative Grids Charming Strip Stashbuster Ruler 23in x 5in.  Rita demonstrated her ruler during the Open House. 


 Penny Haren writes the  Checker Distributors Newsletter and she wrote a great description for the Stashbuster Ruler:
Rita Fishel, our favorite Creative Grid demonstrator and guru, has created a ruler that is 5? wide and 23? long. A line is drawn the length of the ruler at 2 1/2?. One end even includes the markings necessary to square-up the half-square triangles made from them!
The math just works. If you trim half-square triangles made from 5? squares to 4 1/2?, they can be sewn with the 2 1/2? strips and incorporated into the same quilt! Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together!    (copied from the Checker Newsletter with previous permission of Penny Haren)
Karen Montgomery, The Quilt Company, PA., gave a presentation and demonstrations at the Checker Open House. I really enjoyed Karen's presentation and her practical approach to business and designing.  She has a new Creative Grids Ruler coming out soon.  Karen said she did not want a "one hit wonder" when she was designing her ruler.  I'm with her, I want to be able to use a ruler for a multitude of things so I'm not storing a huge range of rulers in my sewing area.  (I like the way she things....frugal like me). 

Karen gave several demonstrations of the Quick Trim Ruler throughout the day.

Posted by Picasa

All of these blocks above can be made using Karen's ruler.    But wait, there's more!!! also makes circles

IHAN has some of The Quilt Company's Patterns and there are more being added.  We will have the Quick Trim Ruler just as soon as it is available.

Karla Alexander, Saginaw Street Quilts, is also a Creative Grids Ruler designer.  Karla also spent the day demonstrating her rulers. 

This is Karla's Peace Quilt Pattern.  I just loved it.
Below are the rulers Karla has designed and some of here Quilt Patterns for Saginaw St. Quilt Company are here and more are being added.

Creative Grids Curves For Rectangles 6in x 24in Ruler
Creative Grids Curved Slotted 11in x 15in Ruler

 Penny Haren worked tirelessly during the Checker Open House.  I don't think I saw her sit down once.  She demonstrated her Pieced Applique Technique using  Square It Up and Fussy Cut rulers.  Penny's technique eliminates the need to inset points and curves for very challenging quilt blocks.  If you have steered away from applique in the past, you must check out Penny's books that teach her techniques.  If you can get to one of her classes, don't miss it.  I did and I'm looking forward to taking it another time.  I heard it was great.

The Creative Grids website has the best videos demonstrating all of their rulers.  Just Click Here and you can see these rulers demonstrated. 

I'm sorry for leaving out so many details....but I'd be a very long time posting everything.  I put plenty of links in the post so if you have more questions or want more information you can find it easily.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Quilted Lizard at Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Celebration

Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House

Chapter 10

The Quilted Lizard - Karen Eckmeier
Talk about a fun surprise at Checker's Open House.  I got to meet Karen Eckmeier and learn about her books and patterns.  I was only vaguely familiar with Karen's work prior to meeting her.  I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed seeing her quilts and watching her demo.  What a talented woman
The two wall hangings on the bottom of her demo table are examples from her book, Happy Villages.   

I wish this photo was clearer but you can see this is definitely a Happy Village.  My girlfriend Rosemary is in the middle of working on this project from Karen's book.  I can't wait to see how it turns out. 

This book, Happy Villages , is so cool.  They pages are full of great photos and instructions of how to create the village of your dreams.  Although Karen gives the reader guidance on  12 variations (seasonal, international, whimsical, etc) after you begin to learn the process your imagination is the only limit.  Definitely a fun project when you don't want to sew since it is all fusible applique.

Accidental Landscapes is another one of Karen's books. 
Discover the secrets of creating a fabric landscape accidentally using Karen's layering and topstitching technique.

  • You'll find out how to capture the feeling of a scene in simple layers
  • create a landscape based on a favorite photo, postcard, color palette, memory or vacation
  • surprise yourself with lively, exciting compositions
  • adopt the same easy techniques for gorgeous curved borders
My eyes kept going back to this quilt that is featured in Layered Waves.   I really like the free form lines in this "Layered Log Cabin."  First I like colors and that always grabs my eye. I also really like the non-traditional way of doing a traditional pattern. 

Isn't this close up so much fun....see that little guy in the center of the that is fun :) 

 Karen also has a new pattern series that is now available too!

Aren't these patterns just plain fun?  And interesting? And colorful? 

As you can see, my eyes were completely full after leaving Checker's Open House.  I still have more photos but I think I'm going to make a photo album of the photos with descriptions so we can get to the giveaways!!  Everyone loves a fun giveaway, right?


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