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Showing posts with label Clearly Perfect Angles Template. Show all posts

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's All "Just Around the Corner"

Back to the "real" calendar is Friday and yes I am aware of  Now tomorrow...all bets are off! :)

Today I get to tell you about visiting with Kari Carr at the Checker Distributor Open House last Sunday.  You know I was thrilled to be able to take photos of the quilts Kari has made for her new book, Just Around The Corner.  I had just received the book for review from Martingale & Co., perfect timing!

The fans were going and hair was flying on Sunday at Checker's Open House.  No complaints at all....we were all thrilled to have the cool air :)   
I had just read Kari's latest book, Just Around The Corner, Quilts with Easy Mitered Borders, so I was excited to see her pillow and purse with my own eyes.  What really grabs me about Kari's mitered borders is the variation of fabric colors in the mitering.  Can you see what I'm talking about?  Look at the bottom of the pillow above.  See the fabric that is pulled back?  It has the brown paisley and on the see the pink solid over the brown paisley.  The design in the center is fun enough....but with that mitered border...I think this pillow goes from "nice pillow" to "an eye grabber."  Very zippy indeed!
I find it very difficult to find a purse pattern that I will actually carry.  I'm very conservative when it comes to handbags...I don't want them screaming from the roof tops (quilts are another story all together).  This bag is actually a bag I would carry....choosing my own conservative fabrics of course.  The pattern and directions are in Just Around The Corner....along with the pillow pattern and 7 other projects.

Everyone knows the directions have to be VERY clear and have lots of pictures if I'm going to be able to make something from a book.  Kari used to be a school teacher and she is very good at explaining the process and steps to make the projects in her book.  Even I understood completely what she was saying...and that my impressive :)

 Kari also is the inventor of the Clearly Perfect Angles template you see here in the photo.  She uses it in her book but you don't have to have it to make the projects in Just Around The Corner. 
The Clearly Perfect Angles Template is a soft flexible template that clings to acrylic sewing tables. It is easy to peal back and reposition if you are taking your sewing machine for a walk (just checking to see if you are still reading...:). There is a 1/4 inch and 5/8 inch seam guide along with the angles for be able to sew accurate 45 degree angles for triangles, flying geese, snow balls and mitering bindings etc.

Since Kari was demonstrating at Checker's Open House....I took advantage of taking a few photos even though my main focus was on her new book.

So what do you think?  Do you like what you see?  I want to know what all of you are thinking about Cari's new book, Just Around The Corner.  If you are kind enough to leave me a comment....I'll choose one very lucky IHAN blog follower on Wednesday August 31st to receive my copy of Just Around The Corner.  If you can't can order the book now at IHAN and save money....until the end of Aug. only.

FYI....lots of folks have left comments to win Susan Brubaker Knapp's latest book, Point, Click, Quilt....but they are no-reply bloggers or anonymous and there is no way to reach those folks to tell them if they they loose and I draw another name.  That drawing is open until 9PM if you were one of those...better get back there and leave an e-mail addy and if you didn't know about better get over there and leave a comment.  Like how bossy I'm feeling this morning?  LOL


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