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Showing posts with label David Butler. Show all posts

Monday, November 7, 2011

David Butler's Parson Gray and Amy Butler Design

I know Ladies come first...I wasn't raised under a bridge ya know.  However, today...I'm starting with the Gentleman'll just have to forgive me :)

David Butler (yes, Amy Butler's husband) has a new line of fabric, Parson Gray Curious Nature.  If you have not heard of it is certainly time you did.     
I took this first photo in David's School House lecture at Quilt Market. 

Because the lights were dim the fabrics didn't show up very well.  Soooo...I just so happened to trip into David's Face Book Page and I copied this photo so you can see the colors better.  I'd click on the link and look around...definitely.
David was so busy talking to folks it was hard to snap of good pix of him. I did get some photos of his easy task that is for sure.

There is absolutely no question that David is an extremely talented and a multifaceted artist. Weather he is designing graphics, labels, logos, fabrics or singing (his band...Black Owls) ...."he's got it all goin' on."

I was able to get a photo of Amy and David together in front of the Parson Gray booth :)
These two people have wonderful energy, individually and  together.   
It was no easier to get a photo of Amy in her booth.  However, I did get lots of pix of the booth....and it was glorious.

I know, lighting is not that great for my pix...but David was too busy to inquire about photography tips.
Just look...gaze upon the beauty that is Lark.  Just click on the word "Lark" and it will take you to a Amy's description of her inspiration for this new fabric line.  (I'm thinking Audrey Hepburn would have had a sincere appreciation for Lark.  It has modern depth and speaks of the deep inner beauty, grace and style that brings Audrey Hepburn to mind.) 
Clearly the wall in Amy's booth really captured my attention.  I think I stood looking at the wall for quite some time.

There was/is an energy about Amy and David Butler...I feel it every time I've been in their presence.  I'll make an attempt to describe what I feel...I'm not sure how well it will translate into words:
A true inner grace...a respect for one another and for the creative process...I see it as a translucent golden light emanating from them (together and separately).  They have a receptiveness that is warm, curious, passionate, sensitive with  quiet exuberance.  There is a purity of purpose and modesty I feel in Amy.  David seems to have a boundless curiosity for exploring and expressing his inner voice.  I think they are both gentle and bold beings with the curage to follow their inner voices.  
I think that just about covers it....ya get the feeling I like them?

Appreciative Smiles,

Friday, July 30, 2010

Amy Butler Designs in Minneapolis for Spring Quilt Market 2010

I am no where near finished with reporting on Spring Quilt Market and I'm already having to book my trip for Fall Quilt Market.  Oh, and did I mention Checker Distributor's Open House coming in late August?  Let me just say that if I don't buckle down, I'll never ever ever get to the bottom of these photos.  And today's won't want to miss!!!

Amy's school house was so full people were standing in the hallway trying to look over other people's heads to see what was happening.  I was one of those with my zoom lens on my camera trying to get a tiny glimpse of what Amy and her incredible team had for all of us at Spring Quilt Market. 
Mallory is on the far left and she is a wonderful gal who works on Amy's team.  Then you might notice the fella on his knees behind the slide show....that would be none other than David Butler, Amy's just as wonderful other half.  I took so many photos but I'm not going to post them because all you can really see is how packed that room was. 

This is Amy Butler Designs booth inside the Market.  I tell you there was so much energy there I could have skipped several meals and still had plenty of energy left over (I only wished I had missed all those meals....and many others too....but who wants to talk about that right? Not us :)
Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa
I just love this jacket Diane Capaci was wearing.  When I see Amy Butler Designs I typically think of young people (I don't consider myself part of that group) and when I saw Diane (not that she is as old as me but surely she is not 20) wearing this jacket, I was surprised and excited by how nice it looked on her.  I think it is time I break out of my old way of thinking....get a bit hipper (not hippier)!
Did you know Amy Butler has thread now?  Westminster/Rowan offers Amy Butler threads that are just as beautiful as her designs. 
Oh yes, and wallpaper....did you know her wallpaper line is coming out soon?  Here is the list of all of Amy's current lines....

Impressive isn't it?  I think an excellent addition to this list would be  Amy Butler Design Band Aids!!!  I even suggested it to Amy that she needs the Band Aide line too.  I can only hope she jumps on the idea because what woman would not buy them?  I know I would ...sales would boom and up would go the price of Band Aide stock.  Perhaps we should all buy the stock now before she decides to go with my idea and we'll all make a fortune.  Then I'll have my farm property in PA.  See, I keep dreaming :)
Here Amy is hard at work on the market floor.  She was hopping the entire time.  I bet she must sleep well to be able to do all that she does.  Did I say she?  I did....I should have said they.  Amy, like many other very successful people has a great team of people working with her.  Remember this post?  If you scroll down and read the entire post you'll she just how much of Amy Butler Designs is really Amy and David Butler Designs. 
David's website, Art of the Midwest, really says it all.  He is one amazingly talented man as well.  I think that Patrick Demsey of Grey's Anatomy Fame needs to move on over and sit on the bench next to Brad Pitt because David Butler is "movin on in"!!

Check out what the IHAN secret photographers caught David doing while at Spring Market......Kissing Mrs. IHAN, can you believe it? 
I didn't think you would believe me....guess I deserved that...LOL!
David's description of "Middle-American Art & Design-Creative Endeavors designed to elevate presence  and give rise to the voice of excitement, honesty & reason."  My defense is that I had a creative endeavor that eleveated my presence and gave rise to the voice of excitement without any honesty or reason.  You know I searched high and low for a photo of the IHAN lunnie that was facing to the left but I could not find one.  So I had to settle for this....too bad I have no idea how to doctor up photos to make them look real.
This was the "real kiss" and it was shared with the beautiful and talented Mrs. Amy Butler.  Amy please forgive me for my insanity.  However you must have expected that when you married such an attractive man some lunnie would attempt to steal a little smooch anyway they could :)
IHAN blog readers know I always bring home treats to share and here they autographed Amy Butler Designs tote and the 2010 Spring Catalogs from Amy Butler Designs that includes a beautiful pattern of a Laminated Picnic Blanket with Carrying Case and Tumbler Roses Flannel Quilt Pattern (both autographed) AND a Pattern for the Betty Shopper!!! 

All you have to do to win this great collection is to leave a comment on this post telling me you can't blame me one bit for doctoring the photo AND which Amy Butler Designs product line you like the best.  Comments will close next Wed night. 

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