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Showing posts with label Spring Quilt Market 2010. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Spring Quilt Market 2010. Show all posts

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spring Quilt Market 2010 - Dovo Solingen

If you have never heard of Dovo Solingen you are not alone.  Until my first Quilt Market I had never heard of Dovo Solingen Scissors either.  It was the end of market and I was walking up an isle and saw a line of ladies waiting at the Dovo Booth.  I happened to have known one of the gals so I asked what they were waiting for.  I was expecting to hear something like....Elvis will be right out or John Alison is giving away free fresh chocolate chip cookies.  Nope!  They were waiting to pick up the scissors they wanted to purchase from John.  So, I asked why?  She let out a small gasp and walked me over to the scissors and showed me why.  Holey smokes.....these are like Heirloom Quality Scissors.  They are imported from Germany, Solingen Germany, and they are definitely some spanky scissors. 

This is John Allison's Dovo Booth.  Now I'm not saying he does not work.....but can I say....he is the most relaxed guy at Market.  His booth is easy to set up, just unfold the boards and he is sweating and rushing.....just up and done.  Ya gotta love that.  I so badly want his job.....but I'm thinking he would not give it up for all the steel in Germany!

There are also Gift Sets like this one and others too.
This little brief case is too cute.  What a lovely way to disguise your "business!"
These are folding scissors and they come in a little leather pouch.  I was fortunate enough to get a pair of these in Minneapolis (I treat myself to a pair at every Market) and I walked around the entire time rubbing my pocket.  I absolutely love these scissors.  I know what you are thinking.  What about the Scissorman? Was I right?  Yes....I knew that is what you were thinking.  Brint understands I have a "thing" for scissors and he accepts me just the way I am.  The Dovo are significantly more expensive and some girls just like to have some of everything :)
These are Hardanger Scissors.  Oh they are soooo nice.
Close up of their blunt tip Machine Embroidery scissors.
Oh yes, and I also have a pair of these, Embroidery Scissors.  These are the ones that have such a sharp fine point that you can cut a single check out of a piece of small gingham check fabric without over cutting.  I was amazed the first time I saw that. 

IHAN currently has three pair of the Embroidery Scissors in stock.  I order direct from Germany so I don't keep many pair in stock because I pay import tax and shipping.  I will be placing an order in the beginning of November for the Holidays.  So if there is a pair of Dovo Scissors you would like, please e-mail me at and inquire.  All of the scissors you see on the Dovo Solingen website I can get so just write down the part number and let me know. 


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Leaves Galore Applique Templates by Sue Pelland at Spring Quilt Market 2010

Nope, not done yet!!!  Still more and more and more about Spring Quilt Market 2010.
I remember all the buzz the first time a friend had discovered Sue Pelland's Leaves Galore Applique Templates.  I went over to Sue's site to look at them.....and then thought to myself....who makes that many leaves?  LOL....I can be very simple sometimes as you probably already have picked up :) So I continued to look  and I learned these templates make more than leaves.

These are the three templates: Leaves Galore Petite Applique Template 15in, Leaves Galore Norme Applique Template 18in, Leaves Galore Grande Applique Template 24in by Sue Pelland and the come as the set of three as well.

These are the quilts Sue had in her booth in Minneapolis. The templates were used to make the flowers, leaves and the ribbon around the quilt.
I'm not one for holiday quilts....but this one is absolutely beautiful.  Red and Green get preferential treatment around favorite color combination.
I think the border on this quilt really makes the quilt stand out. 
See, some folks do use a lot of leaves!!!  I know my girlfriend Mary Jane would certainly use that many if not more and she does needle turn applique.  I'm just not to that point yet.  A few more years practice and then I'll be ready.
Lots of movement in this piece which is a great example of the many uses of the Leaves Galore Templates.
This is Sue demonstrating the Leaves Galore Templates:

Posted by Picasa

If you like video like I is the video:

Well, I know it is almost Fall Quilt Market and I'm just posting now....but you know what?  I think I would need a team of folks covering all the great stuff at market.  I need a IHAN Posse don't you think? 


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cheryl Phillips at Spring Quilt Market 2010

Chapter 2, The GOOD

If you did not read the previous post, you really need to at least read the first part about Cheryl and Gary Phillips.  

Mrs. Rosemary had returned from the Hospital and was sitting at a table when she met Cheryl and Gary Phillips.  As I mentioned previously, they had just flown in for Market.  The three of them were talking when I arrived at the table with Mrs. Rosemary's wheelchair. 

Have you ever been in the right place at the right time with all the right people?  This was one of those times.  Cheryl and Gary were tired from their travels and Mrs. Rosemary was exhausted (and on pain meds) and I was exhilarated and exhausted.  Cheryl and Gary had offered to meet Mrs. Rosemary at the door the following morning and accompany her -push her wheelchair so she could experience Quilt Market. They spent at least 2 days with Mrs. Rosemary while IHAN sprinted around Market getting the skinny on the latest and greatest to share with you.  (See how long it has taken me to get all of this written?  Yes, there is lots more....super duper karooper-looper speed rocket postings are needed to finish before Houston.)

Later in the weekend I had some time to sit and talk with Cheryl and Gary.  They are very interesting and outgoing people.  Cheryl was telling me that her rulers are based on Fibonacci Numbers.  Fib-In Whoski Numbers?  I had never heard this term and I studied lots of math in my college years.  She had my attention for sure.

Here are some of Cheryl's patterns:


Of course I was fascinated by Cheryl's patterns and her tools.  To see more click here.    I think Cheryl's designs are interesting and would be so much fun to do as a group project.  Wouldn't it be great to get together with a group of quilting friends and everyone make The Swirl out of different fabrics?  Especially since there is a group at one of my guilds who have been doing quite a bit of their own fabric dying. 

Cheryl's website is definitely worth the visit.  She also has some pattern updates to check out.

Not only did Cheryl and Gary share their experiences, energy-pushing Rosemary around for more than 2 days but they also shared several patterns for IHAN to give away here on the blog!!!!  Three cheers for Phillips Designs :)

If you would like to be one of the lucky ones, just leave a comment here on this post.  IHAN will be giving away one of each of the patterns above and an Autographed copy of Quilts Without Corners Encore!!!

Thank you Cheryl and Gary for being so kind and loving to Mrs. Rosemary.  Your kindness allowed me to run like a crazy person and keep working.  Mrs. Rosemary had such a wonderful time she is almost packed and ready to hit Houston on both feet....walking not running :)

PS.  I will draw for winners on Monday Sept. 27, 2010....and if you don't see them posted....e-mail me please and remind me...LOL.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Amy Butler Designs in Minneapolis for Spring Quilt Market 2010

I am no where near finished with reporting on Spring Quilt Market and I'm already having to book my trip for Fall Quilt Market.  Oh, and did I mention Checker Distributor's Open House coming in late August?  Let me just say that if I don't buckle down, I'll never ever ever get to the bottom of these photos.  And today's won't want to miss!!!

Amy's school house was so full people were standing in the hallway trying to look over other people's heads to see what was happening.  I was one of those with my zoom lens on my camera trying to get a tiny glimpse of what Amy and her incredible team had for all of us at Spring Quilt Market. 
Mallory is on the far left and she is a wonderful gal who works on Amy's team.  Then you might notice the fella on his knees behind the slide show....that would be none other than David Butler, Amy's just as wonderful other half.  I took so many photos but I'm not going to post them because all you can really see is how packed that room was. 

This is Amy Butler Designs booth inside the Market.  I tell you there was so much energy there I could have skipped several meals and still had plenty of energy left over (I only wished I had missed all those meals....and many others too....but who wants to talk about that right? Not us :)
Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa
I just love this jacket Diane Capaci was wearing.  When I see Amy Butler Designs I typically think of young people (I don't consider myself part of that group) and when I saw Diane (not that she is as old as me but surely she is not 20) wearing this jacket, I was surprised and excited by how nice it looked on her.  I think it is time I break out of my old way of thinking....get a bit hipper (not hippier)!
Did you know Amy Butler has thread now?  Westminster/Rowan offers Amy Butler threads that are just as beautiful as her designs. 
Oh yes, and wallpaper....did you know her wallpaper line is coming out soon?  Here is the list of all of Amy's current lines....

Impressive isn't it?  I think an excellent addition to this list would be  Amy Butler Design Band Aids!!!  I even suggested it to Amy that she needs the Band Aide line too.  I can only hope she jumps on the idea because what woman would not buy them?  I know I would ...sales would boom and up would go the price of Band Aide stock.  Perhaps we should all buy the stock now before she decides to go with my idea and we'll all make a fortune.  Then I'll have my farm property in PA.  See, I keep dreaming :)
Here Amy is hard at work on the market floor.  She was hopping the entire time.  I bet she must sleep well to be able to do all that she does.  Did I say she?  I did....I should have said they.  Amy, like many other very successful people has a great team of people working with her.  Remember this post?  If you scroll down and read the entire post you'll she just how much of Amy Butler Designs is really Amy and David Butler Designs. 
David's website, Art of the Midwest, really says it all.  He is one amazingly talented man as well.  I think that Patrick Demsey of Grey's Anatomy Fame needs to move on over and sit on the bench next to Brad Pitt because David Butler is "movin on in"!!

Check out what the IHAN secret photographers caught David doing while at Spring Market......Kissing Mrs. IHAN, can you believe it? 
I didn't think you would believe me....guess I deserved that...LOL!
David's description of "Middle-American Art & Design-Creative Endeavors designed to elevate presence  and give rise to the voice of excitement, honesty & reason."  My defense is that I had a creative endeavor that eleveated my presence and gave rise to the voice of excitement without any honesty or reason.  You know I searched high and low for a photo of the IHAN lunnie that was facing to the left but I could not find one.  So I had to settle for this....too bad I have no idea how to doctor up photos to make them look real.
This was the "real kiss" and it was shared with the beautiful and talented Mrs. Amy Butler.  Amy please forgive me for my insanity.  However you must have expected that when you married such an attractive man some lunnie would attempt to steal a little smooch anyway they could :)
IHAN blog readers know I always bring home treats to share and here they autographed Amy Butler Designs tote and the 2010 Spring Catalogs from Amy Butler Designs that includes a beautiful pattern of a Laminated Picnic Blanket with Carrying Case and Tumbler Roses Flannel Quilt Pattern (both autographed) AND a Pattern for the Betty Shopper!!! 

All you have to do to win this great collection is to leave a comment on this post telling me you can't blame me one bit for doctoring the photo AND which Amy Butler Designs product line you like the best.  Comments will close next Wed night. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Double Diamond Ruler Demo at Spring Quilt Market 2010

This is a photo of Kim Templin the designer of the Double Diamond Ruler and the CEO of IHAN .  Don't we look spanky in our Double Diamonds?  : )

I had some amends to make to Kim for a oversight during the IHAN Anniversary Celebration.  Kim was so kind to send me a Double Diamond Ruler and all three of her patterns to giveaway during the 32 Days of Giveaways.  Can you believe I missed giving them away?  When I saw them I was mortified beyond words.  Thankfully Kim was busy traveling during that time and did not have time to notice....phew!!  I e-mailed her and told her what happened and she said no worries.  Thank you Kim for your understanding.  still can't believe I did that. 

When I caught up with Kim at Quilt Market in Minneapolis she smiled when she saw my camera strap.  I was proud as punch that I used her Double Diamond Ruler (one I bought not the donated to make my camera strap. 

I thought I would share some photos of Kim demonstrating how to use the Double Diamond Ruler.
You need a background fabric, contrast fabric and a main fabric.
You fuse the contrast and the main fabric together.  I used Mistyfuse on my camera strap.  You can see she folded it in half and used the Double Diamond Ruler to cut the fabric (pictured on the left).
If you are a visual person and prefer a video , just click here and you can see Kim's video demonstration.
The Double Diamond Ruler comes with two rulers.  One is 1.5" and the other is 3.5".  It also includes a free pattern for making an eye glass case.  Kim has other free patterns on her website, Bright-Quilting-Notions dot com.  One very lucky IHAN blog reader will win the Double Diamond Ruler (autographed of course) and all three of Kim's patterns.

If you would like the opportunity to win all of these incredible gifts, please leave a comment on this post answering any one of the following :

Why would you like to win?
Share something cute a child has said or done lately
Share a great joke
Share a quilting tip
Or anything you find interesting recently
How is that for a change up?  The comments will close Thursday July 15th at the end of the day. 
Thank you Kim for giving me this great set to share with my blog readers!!


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