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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Better Hurry...Last Chance to Win Grip & Stitch Free Motion Quilting Disks

The Giveaway is HERE....last chance notice :)

Link was fixed...THANK YOU to everyone who e-mailed to let me know it didn't work the first time!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Reveal-My Patt Blair Class Project Including Grip & Stitch™ for Free Motion Quilting Giveaway

I could not help but hold my piece for this post because I also wanted to share with you a new tool I've learned about that I really like... the Grip & Stitch™ Quilting Disks for Free Motion Quilting.  I knew Free Motion Quilting would come into play while taking my class at Alisomar so it was the first opportunity I had to give them a test drive.  The ole two birds with one stone trick :)  On with the post.....

You may recall this post, when I shared my project inspiration....

I immediately fell in love with Corina's art and wrote to ask her permission to use her piece for my class.  Much to my delight she granted me permission and included words of encouragement as I embarked on my first art project.  Keep in mind I had great trepidation and came close to backing out of the class because I can only draw stick figures and have no other art training since kindergarten. 

With the assistance of a great teacher, Patt Blair, this is what my piece looks like......

For my very first time, I think it looks pretty good.  Thankfully Patt was there to keep encouraging me...Thank You Patt!  The dribbles next to my piece were stains on the mat board my piece was pinned to...not on my design.  (I didn't scribble....just needed to clarify...giggles.)

While on the subject of artists, all of their work, including what you see here on my blog is copy written and you can not copy it...that includes using your snipping tool...without Corina or Patt's permission.  It is so very important to get permission before use.

 I was contacted by Ellen Holder from Clever Craft Tools and she asked if I would be willing to review the Grip & Stitch™ Free Motion Quilting Disks.  I agreed and asked if she would also include a  set to be given away on my blog....I'm so tickled she said yes.  Those of you who follow my blog will have extra opportunities to win a set of the Grip &Stitch™ Free Motion Quilting Disks so keep reading :)
I was practicing on a scrap, shown above, that I used for ink blotting before I went to quilting on my elephant.  I used the Grip & Stitch™  was surprised that using the disks were so much easier on my hands and wrists.  Typically I grip the fabric with my hands and they will cramp and my wrists get a bit sore.  I know many people use their hands flat, but I'm not comfortable unless I can hold on to the fabric.  The disks do the "holding" so my hands don't have to.
As you can see here,  I'm holding the disks and keeping the fabric taunt so there are no ripples.  Since I'm not hanging on to the fabric my hands are much more relaxed and my wrists are straight, not bent.  Sometimes it takes encouragement to try something new and teach this gal a new trick!

I don't know about you but I can get a bit tense when "trying" to do a good job when Free Motion quilting.  My shoulders can get tight too.  With the Grip & Stitch Disks I was not pulling or pushing the fabric through because the Disks were holding the fabric for me and I could glide the fabric instead of pushing and pulling.  It was an overall very positive experience and I would highly recommend you give them a try if you have not already tired them.
I hope you take the time to look at this you tube video showing how the Grip & Stitch Disks are used.  I didn't have a video camera with me so I could show you myself.  You'll get the idea.

One very lucky IHAN® blog reader will have the opportunity to win a set of the Grip & Stitch™ Disks compliments of   Ellen at Clever Craft Tools.   All of the details are below in the Rafflecopter widget.  Best of luck to everyone!!!


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