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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and IHAN White Friday Sale

This is my way of saying "Happy Thanksgiving" to all of you.   You certainly did not expect anything traditional from me did you?

Being a non-traditionalist....I'm not going to have a Black Friday Sale.....instead....I'm going to have a White Friday Sale!

Here are the details....starting Friday at 12:00 AM CMT through Friday 12:00 PM CMT (November 27th) Sale prices are only valid during those hours.   Some things are "while supplies last" because I only have a limited number and there are no re-orders.  I'm sorry about that....but I have no other choice here.  The prices will only be good during that period and will only show up on the site during those times.  I will take the prices down at Midnight on Friday.  Basically I'll be getting no rest...LOL...what is new ay?

Here is the link to where the sale items will be posted: CLICK HERE 

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Gobble Gobble (me eating pumpkin pie:)

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