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Showing posts with label Lazy Girl Designs. Show all posts

Monday, July 30, 2012

More about the Candice Purse (Lazy Girl Designs)

This morning I transferred all my necessaries to my new purse and I discovered something I didn't realize until I used it.....keep reading :)

If you have not read my post from here...and you'll be caught up to speed.

Now everyone knows what I'm referring to :)  Yes, I made this purse using the Candice Purse Pattern and I was able to make the purse without frustrations because of the excellently written instructions and photos.  The pattern had no errors and it was written for those who like written instructions as well as those who prefer photos.

Today I left the house to take the boys to Legos Camp and that is when I became aware of a very important feature ....the angled front pocket.

No more fishing around for my keys.  I have made many purses and they've all had pockets...inside and out....but none of them made it so easy to find my keys.  I carry my purse on my left arm so I easily slide my right hand into the pocket and yep....keys without frustration.  The pocket is actually large enough to put my I-Phone in as well.  I made a pocket inside my purse for my I-Phone so I probably won't make a habit of putting it in the pocket....but I could :)

See how tidy the inside of my purse huge mess....and lots of nice pockets.  The pattern provides choices for your pocket construction so you can put an e-reader or i-pad in your purse if you like.

You know I'm in love with this purse!!  I could even make an angled pocket on the back if I wanted to....oh just think of the possibilities :)  That is another thing I really like about the Lazy Girl Designs Patterns....Joan writes her patterns so you can use them as a jumping off point.  You can individualize your purse using your own creativity.  I can now use the purse pattern and change things around ....add a zipper (instructions included in the pattern), make pleated pockets, pre-quilt my fabric or add embellishments.  

I gave this pattern a 4 star rating and Joan asked me what the scale was for the rating.  Good question Joan.  Honestly, I had not really thought about me it was a top rating.  Since giving it some thought, I'm changing my rating to a 5 STAR and I'm going to be adding that system to the IHAN website.  That way I can put my ratings right next to products and you can later read more about how I came to that rating.  Thanks Joan for the inspiration!

5 STARS....why?  Clearly written instructions.   Excellent photos for visual learners.  No errors in the pattern.  Several options provided: pocket variations, zipper or no zipper options and rectangle ring options as well.  

Now I'm working on getting someone to make a graphic for me so I can add the 5 star rating system to my website....look for it soon.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Candice Purse Pattern Review and Reveal

I have had the Candice Purse Pattern by Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs for quite some time and I've been meaning to make a purse for myself.  My problem was...every time I pulled out my fabric to cut it out,  I didn't like the fabric I had chosen or purchased for the project.  So...I just figured the timing wasn't right and I'd wait for the right fabric.  I don't want to carry a purse around that I don't love....that is no fun.

I wanted to use everything Joan uses for her patterns so I used the Nancy Zieman Rectangle Rings by Clover and I also used a Bag-E-Bottoms by Lazy Girl Designs.  The reason I had chosen a Lazy Girl Design is because I wanted to see if I could follow her pattern instructions.  Most of you know that I can't understand patterns and I get so frustrated that frequently all I can think of is either:
A: I want my money back or
B: Why didn't they ask me to test the darn thing first....I know I'll make every possible mistake and I could save them tons of wasted paper
(I don't have time to test everyone's patterns by the way)

Suffice to say....I give the Candice Purse Pattern  4 stars for clarity of  written instructions and photos to help guide visual learners in being successful with a pattern.

Selecting fabric was a bit of a challenge for me.  I had purchased some Kaffe Fasset fabric that I loved but every time I got it out to make this purse I ended up putting it away.  It just didn't "feel" like a Kelly purse....know what I mean?

Then it hit me....the fabric that was left over from the Marketplace India Quilt that I made.  You can read about that by clicking HERE.  I was able to keep the left over fabrics and there wasn't a lot left that I could choose from so I had to be very careful....there would be no going to get more fabric later if I made a mistake.

Lazy Girl Design patterns are really more of an instruction booklet with step by step directions and photos to coordinate.  I labeled each piece of fabric so it would coordinate with the instructions.

I was not comfortable photographing full pages of Joan's patterns so I used just this one to show you how clear the instructions are organized. I was able to follow along to achieve great results.

(I used Wonder Clips by Clover throughout this project and they were really wonderful :)

Before I go any further, I think it is really important to tell you that if you were to follow the exact  directions in the Candice Purse Pattern you would be successful in completing a lovely purse.  That is not to say that I followed the directions exactly.  Surprise anyone?  Probably not ay?   And I had  success with one deviation and the other deviation was a disaster.

The successful deviation?  The pattern recommends using fusible interfacing and batting in the purse handles.  I choose to use RocLon Multi-Purpose Cloth because I like the way it wears.  I used the Multi-Purpose Cloth in my camera strap and I wanted to achieve the same wearable results.  That is not to say my variation is is only to say I wanted to achieve similar results as a previous project.
The Multi-purpose Cloth is easy to stitch through and I just cut a 1" strip the same length and width  as the finished strap.

No where in the pattern did it say to label your fabrics...I just decided I might be more successful so I didn't get confused.  Most people would remember to remove the label before ironing on their fusible batting...not me....I had to go back and remove it afterwards.....sheepish smiles.

I was careful to lay out all my pattern pieces just like the photos in the Candice Purse Pattern.  Here you can see that I noticed another "small" error I had made.  The first step in the pattern is to make the back of the bag.  The directions are very clear and well written.  That didn't stop me from goofing up....I'm sorry to say.  What I didn't notice was that I cut the small squares from the side of the back of the bag instead of the bottom....oops!

Now, remember I didn't have lots of fabric so I had a decision to make.  I decided to cut off that section and add another piece of fabric there. is yet another example of operator error.  I still can't believe I did this.  By now you may be wondering why on earth I would be telling everyone about all the mistakes I made....right?  I'm sharing my mistakes because I want to make it clear these were "MY" errors....not the errors in the pattern.  I have frequently found that the pattern has the errors and no matter how I execute the instructions....the pattern doesn't make sense.  Everything in the Candice Pattern made perfect sense and was very clear.  The other reason I'm sharing my mistakes is let others know they aren't alone in silly mistakes...we all do it....even my friends who have 50 plus years of sewing experience :)  

TA DAH!!!!  Even with all my own mis-steps...I still ended up with a beautiful new Candice Purse and I absolutely love it.  Without the suggestion to use Nancy Zieman's Rectangle Rings and the Bag-E-Bottoms (bottom of purse support) I don't think I would have even thought to use them.  Thanks Joan for the suggestion because I think the Rectangle Rings are a lovely addition to my purse and the Bag-E-Bottom template has provided a sturdy bottom that gives my purse a professional finish. 

You may be interested to know that Joan Hawley has a blog and you can find it HERE.  She also provides free tutorials and those can be found HERE.  Like video demos as much as I do?  Joan also provides those and you can find them HERE.

I give this pattern 4 was a breath of fresh air to have excellent photos to illuminate the very well  written instructions.  Excellent job Joan! 


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raise Your E-Notion IQ - Lazy Angle Ruler by Creative Grids

It's Wednesday and this week....I actually know it is Wednesday....that is such a great thing!!!  It just so happens I was able to combine my visit with Joan Hawley, Lazy Girl Designs, and Julie Herman, Jaybird Quilts, with the ruler I want to review.  All thanks to Checker Distributor Open House.

This sweet friendly face belongs to none other than that Lazy Girl herself, Joan Hawley.    She is holding the Lazy Angle Ruler she designed for Creative Grids.  The reason I wanted to review this ruler is because I'm one who does not like to have a "one wheel wonda" ruler (what I call a one purpose notion) they seem to be a waste of space.  The Lazy Angle Ruler is definitely no "one wheel wonda" and thanks to Joan's demo blocks....I don't even have to make these up for my post....she did all my work for me.  Now who is the Lazy one?
This is the Lazy Angle Ruler and I've been using it for my Hugs and Kisses Quilt (Julie Herman's Pattern).

This is Julie's version of Hugs and Kisses above and mine is below.  I am using a Bali Pop and joining the strips for mine.
So....this is how you use the Lazy Angle Ruler:
You saw the templates Joan used in the video.  Below you can see other templates that show how you can join any side seamed block (of the same size) making a huge variety of quilt patterns.
If you have some charm squares and you don't know what to do with you go:
Strips left over?  Here you go!
You can even use the Lazy Angle Ruler to cut the blocks you just made again to get really interesting designs.  So interesting in fact, Joan and Julie have tons of new patters that use the Lazy Angle Ruler :)
I think the designs you can make with this ruler are only limited by your willingness to play ...or if you are like me and want to buy the pattern....between Joan and Julie there are at least 14 patterns you can choose from.

I love the angles in some of these quilts.  Typically a quilter would either be darn good at piecing or use paper piecing to get those sharp points......but not if you use the Lazy Angle Ruler :)

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it!


Monday, May 9, 2011

JAYBIRD QUILTS Goes to Market....This is so exciting :)

It is so much fun to watch your blog buddies take off.  I had the great fortune of meeting Julie Herman, JAYBIRD QUILTS, over a year ago.  I had noticed I was getting quite a few orders and they were originating from Julie's blog.  I e-mailed her to thank her for her kindness in mentioning my little shop and she was just so sweet.  I admired the quilt-a- longs that Julie was doing and found her patterns to be fun and energetic.  (Side Note: when I first visited Julies' blog I was struck by her photo.  Here was a young earthy looking woman with a creative light emanating from make-up or pretense...just this is me and this is what I do kind of energy.  When I see that in a young person, it always gets my attention.)  We kept in touch and I had the good fortune of meeting her in person while at Market in Houston last Fall.   

I walked into a Robert Kaufman sponsored Schoolhouse presentation and who was operating the camera?  None other than the this beautiful young earthy woman, Julie Herman.  I walked over and hugged her....I was so happy to be able to meet her in person and thank her for her kindness.  While Julie was taking photographs and videotaping I was taking photos of her.  One of the attendees asked me if she was my daughter.  My first thought was....Oh geez....I guess I am old....and my second, but I sure would be proud if she were. 

During the Schoolhouse presentation Julie had an opportunity to show one of her quilts.  This is Julie showing her quilt pattern, Dot Party.
Oh I wish this photo had come out better....but you can see how happy I was to be able to visit with Julie....she was lots of fun too.

This week, Julie will be heading to Salt Lake City for the Spring Quilt Market.  Not only will she be there....she is also having her own booth.  Isn't that so exciting?  I am so happy for her....I could just squeal.  Not only does Julie have a full time day job, she also works full time in the evenings designing and making quilts.  I know so many young people who complain there are no jobs and talk about how nothing is working out....then here is Julie working her booty off and making a name for herself.....Way2GO ROCK BIG IHAN SOCKS :)

I'm sad that I won't be in Salt Lake to take photos and watch her have a grand time.....but I'll be thinking of her and knowing that others will see her great energy and fun spirit and enjoy her designs.  I thought I would do a little Pre-Spring Market review of the quilts that will be hanging in Julies booth.


Chopsticks is one of Julie's latest patterns that is not available just yet.  When I saw it on her blog I immediately sent the link to Waldo because she has been looking for a great pattern for all the aboriginal fabrics she has been collecting.  Guess what?  The fabric looks great....I'll have to wait until the pattern is available and Waldo gets is going....I'll beg her for photos :)

When I first saw Hugs & Kisses, I instantly thought about the Hoffman Bali Pops I have in my stash.  I have no idea why I bought them other than they were so beautiful I knew I'd find something....and now I have found the perfect pattern for my Bali Pops :)

I've been playing with my blocks on my design wall looking for the perfect background fabric for the diamond centers.  I've not completely decided yet....but don't those Bali Pops look great in Julie's Hugs & Kisses Pattern?

 Creative Grids Lazy Angle Ruler by Joan Hawley, Lazy Girl Designs,  is used for making the blocks for Hugs & Kisses.    

You know if Joan Hawley designed it....then I can use it.  Everything Joan does is done the "Lazy Way" and that is just how I like it!  The other thing is, I can use my new Lazy Angle Ruler for so many other blocks too....I don't feel like I've wasted my money on a one time whirley (you know I'm frugal!!).  I think I spied some "Littles"  Joan has ready for Spring Market and the patterns use the same beans. 

You know you can't loose when Joan and Julie collaborate....both wonderful women and I wish them nothing but success in Salt Lake City....Go Get-em' Girls!!! ( and send along plenty of photos of all your fun...pretty please :)


Monday, August 30, 2010

Lazy Girl Designs at Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House

Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House
Chapter 5
Lazy Girl Designs

This is Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs.  Joan is a fabulous purse designer and she has a bag suited for everyone's taste and needs.  I only wish I could come up with that many designs all different, interesting and functional.  I'm thinking she might consider changing her business name from Lazy Girl Designs to "The Hard Working Gal Formerly Known as The Lazy Girl Designer." 
The purse at the top of this photo is the Margo Handbag.  The small wallet up front is the Wonder Wallet and the taller one in the back to the left of the photo is the Maggie Pattern.  The wallet I carry is the Wonder Wallet pattern and I'm telling you I need to make a new one and fast.  (Mine is very dirty...that's why I never mentioned it to Joan when I saw her....imagine my embarrassment if she had seen that filthy wallet....yikes....she doesn't know lazy!)
Joan's latest pattern is the Lily Pocket Purse and it is only available for pre-order.  The patterns are expected to be released early October.   There is an excellent photo of the inside of this purse on Joan's blog....just click here to see what I'm talking about :)
I love the fun print on this Margo Handbag.  Just change the fabric and you have a great purse for the fall and winter too.    That is what I love about carrying a handmade purse....being able to make another one in a different fabric for myself or as a gift. 
I love the name of this bag, the Whimsy Bag.  I just like the word....Whimsy....Whimsy....Whimsy....
You may have known Joan has designed all of these incredible patterns and so many many more....but did you know she wrote a quilting book too?  I didn't until recently...check this out:

Joan makes 24 different Lazy Angle Blocks and uses them to make more than 230 block combinations....and she still keeps calling it Lazy.    So if you are truly lazy, like me, then you can use the Lazy Angle Ruler to make your cutting so much faster and accurate....she has again done all the work for us. you think the Lazy refers to me? Us?  Yikes....I can speak for myself....indeed I am lazy and I don't want or need to re-create the wheel, television, Internet or anything else....I'm so lazy there would be none of those inventions if it were left up to me!!!

Don't forget about the Giveaways....don't know about them?  They are posted in Chapter 3.


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