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Showing posts with label Linda M. Poole. Show all posts

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mail Treasures

Lauren, the mail carrier,  has been good to me, really good to me this weekend!!!  Look at this amazing hand dyed batik table runner that was made by Abigale in Kenya.  Rosemary sent it to me as a thank you for helping her raise the money necessary to take the Nolting Mid-Arm quilting machine to Africa several weeks ago. 

Look at these batiks.  They are absolutely lovely and I am so awed that I can't stop touching the table runner.  I'm afraid my co-workers would not have the same reverence for this gift so I'm going to ask Mr. McSteamy to make a special wall hanger so I can hang it on the wall.

It is 5 feet 10 inches long too.  Every time I touch it....I think about it being made in Kenya and know I'm a little closer to Africa and my dream of visiting.  I am so moved by the gift, Thank You Rosemary!!! I am also  moved by the process by which this treasure has arrived here in my home.  The "chance" meeting and the "chance" phone exhaustion and hesitation at doing "one more thing" and then at night thinking about the women who have learned to sew so they can feed their families and care for themselves. 

The gift of sharing a skill, the gift of friendship, connection to those near and far......extending the human chain of kindness, compassion and willingness.....a Quilters Dream.....and the grace by which all of these amazing events have given me a gift.....I live for experiences just like this one....this is what nourishes my soul and gives me hope and joy.  (the entire process....not the material gift itself)

I thank everyone who contributed and you all know who you is only because of your care, concern and generosity that I was able to be a link in the chain....we all made the chain and I hope your lives are touched by what we were all able to accomplish together!!

Two packages arrived......this one was full of some fun fabric from Linda Poole.  

I know I'm busy and I don't know weather to wind my butt or scratch my watch ....however, I had to  squeeze in this one little project because I believe it will help keep me centered in doing what I love and also allow me to nourish myself by accomplishing one of my goals.  You may have noticed the button on the right sidebar of my blog that says, "My Plan For Self Care."  I'm making a quilt for me!!!  I have wanted something to put in my screened in porch that is colorful and bright that enhances the feeling of being outdoors.  What better challenge than to make one with Linda's new "Iridescence" fabric line.  If you have not joined in the challenge.....I'm inviting you to join me....together we can encourage one another to finish our projects and take better care of ourselves :)
I have to get off of this bot and get over to my serger to serge the edges of this fabric so I can wash it.  Before I go, I want to know if anyone is considering the Electric Quilt Cruise?  I can't make plans to go unless I know I'll have some cronies with if you are even thinking of going please e-mail me, 
Joyful Smiles,

Friday, August 6, 2010

Quilt Day at the Wood County Fair Update

When I was asked to do a Notions presentation at the County Fair I had no idea what that really meant. I agreed to do it to help out. Afterwards I learned there would be a stage and a microphone. Oh geez, I'm not a professional speaker and I thought I had made a mistake. Then I figured I'd just be myself and fly by the seat of my pants they could only ask me to leave right?

It was very hot and they only had fans going in the Annex Building.  I was dripping as I stood and spoke to the ladies who had gathered.
This is me setting up.  I was just getting my supplies out and on the table here.  I was nervous and my hands were shaking a bit.

This was my table after I got it set up.  I demonstrated the products I use most often and really like.
This was the audience before I started.  I figured I'd better get a photo since it was the first time I'd given a Notions lecture.  Just as I was introduced I looked up and this is what I saw:
I don't know who was behind the signs, but I can tell you for sure my heart was deeply touched.  This experience will stand out in my memory for the rest of my life.  I only have a few experiences that I hold near and dear to my heart, peak experiences with people, and this was sure one of them.  Thank you so very much to all of you who supported me.  I still can't believe it. 
Ok, it was so exciting I put in two photos, I had to have the gals do another showing of the signs.  Wow, what a gift.
Afterwards people asked me how it went.  My reply: No one left and no one said booooo so I guess it went well.  Not everything went smoothly and that is OK.  I didn't wet my pants but I suppose if I had it would not be the end of the world.  Thank You Janette Willman for inviting me and all the wonderful women from the Extension Office who unloaded my van with lightening speed and helped me set up my displays.  Thank you Joan Edwards for your help and for taking some photos for me.  Of course special Thanks and Hugs to all of you who held up the "Kelly" rock big IHAN socks!!!

After I spoke then Jenny Morlock, QuiltCrazyGalJennaLouise blog)  spoke about Artist Trading Cards and Post Cards.  She is the Youth Development Director for the 4-H program.  Many of the quilts displayed at Quilt Day were quilts that the 4-H Quilters were donating to charity. 

I just love the Artist Trading Cards and the Post Cards.  I have one ATC and three Post Cards.  I guess if I want more I better make more.

By the way, I heard about a fun contest that I decided to do and I thought I'd invite anyone interested to join me.  I loved Linda Poole's class on Bended Bias Applique so when I heard she was doing a contest I knew it was something I could manage.....if you know what I mean :)  Join me, it will be fun.  Just click on the link on the left sidebar of the IHAN blog. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

PA Projects.....Ahhhhh :)

These are some of the other UFO's I worked on while in PA. I won this pattern and a Jelly Roll from Green Fairy Quilts last year.

This is what the the quilt top looks like now. It is not finished yet but my goal is to finish it and ship it to Judi and Clint for their Romania Trip (Green Fairy Charity). Clint will be going to Romania again this year to take quilts to homeless children and those who live in orphanages. They are still collecting donations for their trip as well. Click here for more information. Did you know that 100% of the funds go directly to the children in Romania? They pay for their own travel expenses so that every penny they raise goes to those in need. I applaud Judi and Clint and look forward to sending this quilt for them to take along.

The Snap Backpack pattern by Lacy Hill of Golden Thyme Designs. I am embarrassed to say that I started this backpack last November while in PA for Thanksgiving.

This is the front of the backpack. As you might be able to see, I had done a chalk drawing of a Celtic knot and I had intended to applique it to the back of the backpack. I decided it needed something much more "wonderful." But exactly what that wonderful is I don't know. Do you have any ideas? I'd sure like to hear your thoughts. I now know why Lacey used colorful fabrics for her backpack. I love batiks and I really like how my bag turned out....but it is too plain.

Here are the pockets inside. I love all the pockets the pattern calls for. I will have a place for everything!

This is a photo of the back and the straps. I just love the bag, I just need some ideas for embellishing the back.
Last night I finished hand stitching around all of the bended bias for my table runner (Linda Poole's class).   So I'm making progress and I'm enjoying all the hand stitching.  I think that is my favorite.

On a personal note, I'm finding it very difficult to re-acclimate back into my routine here in OH.  All I can think of most days is what my friends are doing in PA.   Anyone have an extra 450,000 to buy the farm across from MJ's house?  I'll send you the proper spelling of my name so you can have it put on the deed correctly.  I'd even send a thank you card....LOL.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild Meeting

I had an incredible time last week and I have had some delays in getting back into the swing of things here.  Without further ado.....
Last Monday night was the Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild Meeting in Wellsboro, PA.  I had learned just before I left that Linda Poole was going to be their speaker.  Back in March,  Linda Poole had come to The Gathering of Quilters here in OH.  I loved her presentation and was so thrilled when I got to take her Bended Bias Class held at the Sonflower Quilt Store in Sylvania, OH.  I loved the class and promised not to let my table runner become a UFO.
When I got to the Guild Meeting last Monday night I was so excited I could not stop telling my girlfriends how much they were going to enjoy the program.  I snuck up on Linda and surprised her.  I was glad she remembered me.  Of course she was surprised to see me there and I told her I was "stalking" her....LOL.

Here Linda is peaking out from behind her beautiful fairy quilt.  I was so busy enjoying her lecture I did not take any pictures of her speaking so I posted this one below. 
This is the table runner I started when I took her class back in March.  Below are some of her absolutely gorgeous quilts she shared with us.  Many of these are from her book, Turkish Delights, that is no longer available except through Linda's website.  Bended Bias Applique is also a great book Linda has written.
Linda  shares the influences that all of her travels have had on her quilting.  You will never look at your travel experiences the same after you hear Linda's excellent lecture. 

Posted by Picasa

This quilt is from Linda's book, Quilted Fairie Tales.  Not only is Linda a Quilt Designer, she is also a a gifted Writer as well.   Every fairy in her book has it's own poem. 
Below is a photo of my table topper still in progress.  I really enjoyed Linda's class and think she is an top notch instructor.  Don't miss taking her classes if you get the will be thrilled you did.
Oh, did I mention Linda also designs fabrics?  Some people are just so talented!!  Check out her Iridescence line with Avlyn Fabrics.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 29 of 30 Days of Giveaways - Bendedbias Applique by Linda M. Poole

IHAN's 30 Days of Giveaways
Anniversary Celebration
Day 29

Believe it or not, I actually snuck away a few weeks ago and went to a class taught by Linda Poole.  When I saw her Bendedbias Applique book and samples at our guild meeting I knew I just had to sign up for her class.  I was prepared to move major mountains to be able to attend....then I found out it was being given from 10AM-1:00PM and I did not have to move a thing....except for my bootie to get it out the door!!! 

I will post about Linda's lecture and give all the great details of the class at anther time it was WONDERFUL!!

I really liked this piece and thought the beautiful stitching really made the dragon fly pop out.  The applique can be hand or machine stitched.
I have no idea who the person on the left is (a lie), but the person on the right is Linda Poole.  She is from PA..where some of my wonderful quilting buddies live.  Linda has a great sense of humor and her teaching style was refreshing. She never once hit me even though I had to ask a zillion questions and had my camera in her face and over her shoulder the entire time. 
This is a very cool design Linda brought and she said she had had this particular project un-sewn for over a year and it still kept its shape.  So, being sneaky, my friend and I pulled back a little bit and put it up against the back of a shirt to see what it would look like as an embellishment for a jacket or blouse.

Tell me you would not look twice if you saw this on someones jacket or blouse.  I know I would have to be introducing myself to see how they had done it and tell them how pretty it is.  (Yes I do that....I'm one of those :)

This is a photo of my Bendedbias table runner.  Of course it is not finished yet but I promised Linda it would not end up in the UFO pile.  Just as soon as this giveaway ends, I'm taking all the time I spend writing posts and finishing my much loved table runner.
During the class I told Linda about the 30 Days of Giveaways and she gave me an autographed copy of Bendedbias Applique!!!  How wonderful is that?  Very wonderful especially for one very lucky IHAN blog reader!!!

If you would like to win an autographed copy of Bendedbias Applique by Linda Poole you need to leave us a comment on this post telling us what creative ideas you have for using Bendedbias the actual bending of bias not the book...LOL.  No cheating....your comment must include your ideas for using Bendedbias.....or the bloggie monster will eat your entry :)

Twisted oh I mean Bended Smiles,

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