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Friday, August 20, 2010

Golden Thyme Designs at Spring Quilt Market 2010

Edited 8/20/10 2:00*
Lacey Hill, Golden Thyme Designs, has been one incredibly busy woman this past year.  Below are photos of quilts and bags that Lacey made for Spring Quilt Market using Northcott Fabrics

Rocky Mountain Forget-Me-Not by Lacey Hill*
The fabric in this quilt is Stonehenge by Northcott Fabrics. I really like the design in this quilt.  I'd also love to see it in batiks.   Needleturn applique is something I enjoy (especially on a large scale like this one) and this would be so much fun.  Guess I need the pressure of shows to make me work faster....or not!!
I just made a backpack using Lacey's pattern, Snap Backpack.  Mine does not look near as great as Lacey's does, but then again, I did not design the pattern either!!  :)
This is her Snap Bag pattern
 "Sunset in the Sierras"  by Lacey Hill, Golden Thyme Designs
Day at the Fair by Lacey Hill, Golden Thyme Designs

As if that were not enough, Lacey just co-authored two books with Ro Gregg.  
  Easy Sew With Lacey & Ro provides the answers to your designing questions with the help of easy to follow instructions, stunning colors, and perfectly proportioned large scale prints. Included are designs for quilts, headboards, draperies and matching accessories.

2 Easy to Sew With Lacey & Ro presents you with easy appliqué and up-sized blocks that provide the classic elements you need for creating dazzling designer home fashions.


This is a great photo I took of Ro and Lacey.  Can you believe they just finished all that work and still look alert and energetic?  I wonder if they eat Wheaties for breakfast? 
These are photos I took during the School House presentation for   (See Nancy, you can teach an old dog a new
These Hydrangeas are so beautiful and stunning in this quilt.

Don't you just love the pillow cases on the bed?  I want some of those to greet me at night too!

Between Spring and Fall Markets all of the designers and authors work endless hours creating all of these amazing and beautiful treasures to inspire the rest of us.  Thank you Lacey and Ro for all your hard work and for continuing to inspire so many of us to continue to create wonderful treasures that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

PA Projects.....Ahhhhh :)

These are some of the other UFO's I worked on while in PA. I won this pattern and a Jelly Roll from Green Fairy Quilts last year.

This is what the the quilt top looks like now. It is not finished yet but my goal is to finish it and ship it to Judi and Clint for their Romania Trip (Green Fairy Charity). Clint will be going to Romania again this year to take quilts to homeless children and those who live in orphanages. They are still collecting donations for their trip as well. Click here for more information. Did you know that 100% of the funds go directly to the children in Romania? They pay for their own travel expenses so that every penny they raise goes to those in need. I applaud Judi and Clint and look forward to sending this quilt for them to take along.

The Snap Backpack pattern by Lacy Hill of Golden Thyme Designs. I am embarrassed to say that I started this backpack last November while in PA for Thanksgiving.

This is the front of the backpack. As you might be able to see, I had done a chalk drawing of a Celtic knot and I had intended to applique it to the back of the backpack. I decided it needed something much more "wonderful." But exactly what that wonderful is I don't know. Do you have any ideas? I'd sure like to hear your thoughts. I now know why Lacey used colorful fabrics for her backpack. I love batiks and I really like how my bag turned out....but it is too plain.

Here are the pockets inside. I love all the pockets the pattern calls for. I will have a place for everything!

This is a photo of the back and the straps. I just love the bag, I just need some ideas for embellishing the back.
Last night I finished hand stitching around all of the bended bias for my table runner (Linda Poole's class).   So I'm making progress and I'm enjoying all the hand stitching.  I think that is my favorite.

On a personal note, I'm finding it very difficult to re-acclimate back into my routine here in OH.  All I can think of most days is what my friends are doing in PA.   Anyone have an extra 450,000 to buy the farm across from MJ's house?  I'll send you the proper spelling of my name so you can have it put on the deed correctly.  I'd even send a thank you card....LOL.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Golden Thyme Blog by Lacey Hill

Three of these beautiful gold butterflies were given to bloggers by Designer Lacey Hill on her Golden Thyme Blog.
Golden Butterfly Award

An award given for generosity of time, sharing of knowledge, inspiration, encouragement and charitable contribution to Quilting & Fiber Art.

Kim's Quilting Adventure  
I Have A Notion 

I must say I was completely shocked and thrilled that this award was for me.  I don't know who Kim is.....but you know I'll be reading her blog now (already subscribed to the feeds) and to be mentioned in the same sentence as Darlene from SewCalGal was really something for me.  I admire Darlene, so this is a real thrill for me.

I know....this is starting to sound like the academy awards or something....or you might be thinking....who cares, right?  But when someone takes the time to recognize what you have given your time and energy to in an authentic a true gift and I'm appreciative of the gift.

On another but similar note.....if you want to feel like you are part of the "Members of the Academy" you need to head on over to Darlene's blog because she is doing The Golden Quilter Awards
The really cool thing about being part of "this" Awards don't need to buy a dress that costs as much as feeding a family of 10 for a need to wear those cumbersome 10 carat diamonds on your does not matter that your husband does not look like Brad won't go blind from all those flash bulbs going off in your need to wear a girdle to suck in your size four puffiness......there won't be anyone hiding in your bushes and scaring you half to death when the jump out and snap your one will publish a photo of your worst stitching work and  act like "how could you" don't even need to get out of your ugliest house can just be who ever you are and feel pretty darn good about yourself because our blogging community values your spirit not your perky mammary glands :)

Spanky Smiles,
They were given to:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sizzling Circles by Lacey J. Hill

Wow, talk about a great gift package. I just got home from taking the boys to the park I found a package on my front porch. It was from Lacey Hill.

You might remember her from my story of the Quilt Market in Pittsburgh. She and her friends are the gals who saved my life. I was wandering around the streets of Pittsburgh looking for my car. I saw these three gals and asked if they could help me. They not only helped me they drove me to my van and waited until I drove away. So, she saves my life and now sends me a gift. (she must not read my blog....she probably wants my first born....boy is she in for a surprise..rofl.) Lacey is in the middle of the picture below.

Look at what is in the package!!!

"Sizzling Circles", the Circle and More Ruler, Snap Backpack pattern, Snap Bag pattern and purse handles!!!!

Look at this cool Snap Backpack pattern. I can't wait to make one. I like the "filled with pockets" because I'm always finding army men or legos in my purse. I need special designated pockets for that special stuff.

Not only did I get this pattern but the handles too!!! Do you think it is my husband she wants? All I have to say is it better not be :)

She wrote this inside her book.

"Sizzling Circle Baltimore Basket" is the title of this pattern. Isn't it beautiful?
Sizzling Circles "Simple Quilt-as-you-go Technique. No Quilting or Binding Required!" I imagine these would make wonderful gifts....not only the book but one of the Baltimore Baskets!!!
I am so thrilled. I can't wait to try these out. How exciting. I have no idea what I have ever done in my lifetime to deserve such generosity.....but I ain't turnin it down!!!
If you want a copy of "Sizzling Circles" for yourself or a gift click here.
If you want a Snap Bag Pattern, Snap Backpack Pattern or The Circles and More Ruler click here.
Thank you Lacey for the lovely gift. You know I'll be getting my Mom down here to watch the boys so I can sew this weekend :)
Huge Smiles,

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